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  1. When does Amber let you combine the SoR with her bracelet?
  2. Lichemage

    Tyris Bug

    I did a complete re-install. The bugs are gone. I think it was in either the BG2 tweak pack or the BG2 Fixpack since I did not reinstall either of those. Sorry if I listed the mods wrong earlier.
  3. Lichemage

    Tyris Bug

    No it was a fresh install, well I installed the mods then played the game.
  4. Lichemage

    Tyris Bug

    Hello, About a month ago I found a bug in the TF mod. Now I have found another. The Thumb at the Sea's Bounty has several lines of dialogue from Tyris. I'll insert it into my photobucket account. http://i1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee436/.../tyrisbug-1.jpg I am baffled myself.
  5. Question, is there a code in the CLUA console to reset her speech (Tyris) because I am not getting any.
  6. In another interesting development I also got a quest labeled "Some bloke I met down the pub" (elf Drini) from the same character. So I am lost on whats up... maybe a cross mod issue here? Just an FYI. If you want a list of installed mods ask.
  7. Haha. LOL I hear that. Btw here is a copy of the save game. Well the contents of the folder so you can look at it rather than starting off blindly. I had to use fileserve but it should be easy to get. I'll check back later. Hope this helps. http://www.fileserve.com/file/FZ5hgRN/-tyris-sav.7z
  8. Looks like this is in response to her talking to the bard Salvana's but if you choose different options in the dialogue it mentions him saying "I have no need of you now since you do not have your magic" or something like that. I'll try to take a screenshot of that dialogue also. Sorry I do not mean to be over posting.
  9. I have just added 5 new screen shots to the photobucket account. Hope that helps.
  10. To answer your first question that is a conversation I initiated (as Tyris Flare) in the Copper Cornet with Tyris Flair!. Then I get some really badly bugged script from the TF that is not in my party.
  11. If you zoom on the pic you can see Tyris is selected, then another Tyris in Red in next to her. O_O. I could also post the save if that would help you.
  12. When is this? What is this? Is it supposed to be a banter? A lovetalk? A flirt that she started or are you flirting with her? Actually I have Tyris in my party. This is a separate sprite that I found at the Copper Cornet. I got her in Umar Hills but this one had showed up even before that. Its kinda hard to see but Tyris is in my party and next to table at the CC too. Unfortunately for some reason I am also not getting any banter from her whatsoever.
  13. Hello, I was playing through BG2:SOA and I added Tyris Flare (newest) and I found an interesting bug (attached). I am also not getting any banter from her. Pls see photobucket account for img. >>> http://s1227.photobucket.com/albums/ee436/Lichemage/ Feel free to email me with ?'s or whatnot.
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