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  1. Haha, something like that Thanks for yet another mod for me to install, jastey, it's not like I haven't already been running about three different playthroughts anyway All jokes aside, I've found out about this mod when I had been googling a bit about how to install mods to the GOG version of EE, and the only thing that stopped me from installing had been the lack of complete English version, since I do not believe my knowledge of German all that much Can't wait to play this; I've read through the files, but nothing is quite as good as playing through the mod itself.
  2. Glad to see you around, Bri Have to pass through my own finals and it has been pure hell Hope you will have the time and the mood for working on D/D more now
  3. That's okay, Bri At least I have been waiting for awhile, so few days? weeks? moths? won't kill me
  4. Can't wait to see more of what you can share about this mod
  5. If I'm not mistaken, the mod has been (and probably still is) hosted somewhere over at Pocket Plane Group, hasn't it?
  6. *relieved sigh* Huh, thanks you both - glad that someone liked it I tried to draw one flirt with Jaemal - but now I can't find the sketch of it Anyone saw it?
  7. Well, just today I thought "Well, it's time to install IWD 2 and try the NPC project..." Huh, it was pretty unpleasant surprise when I couldn't find them and after 5 minutes of desperate searching for the game I finally realized I've borrowed it to my cousin So no playing for some time But when I can't play some mod, I at least read the dialog files. And in one I found scene with Diriel which reminded me very strongly of one ilustration of one of my mom's romance books. It's called Maiden of Inverness, written by Arnette Lamb. I tried to draw the pose by hand - and after 3rd attempt I've just gave up and tried to draw in in PhotoFiltre. It's still absolutely awfull quick sketch (well, quick, I've spent last hour while doing it) - but as soon as I manage to draw it with my pencils, I'l upload (hopefully) better version. EDIT: Several moments after sending it and immidiately I've found several mistakes I've made on it That's what happen when you are on local non-stop Sigil meeting and when you finally return home, you won't go to bed and instead of sleeping you are working on school projects. Being more than 24 hours without sleep is really evil
  8. Yea, I keep on thinking something similar - "If I had four weeks full time translating time..." But before completing that damned semminary project and before the counsel of it I guess I won't just have time for it (now I feel like Scrat from one video of Ice Age - No time for nuts, in my case "no time for translating". To hell with that damned school projects ) However - fingers crossed about Ajantis' progress May he goes into the game soon edit: typos
  9. Hooray! at least one of the authors is back!
  10. Glad to see you're still alive, Bri (and Delayiny/Durlyle, too, of course ). Hope there will be more progress
  11. Yup, I agree with Kelenthial - faster with it! I'm already watching the box with my IWD2 copy like a hungry dog would watch "forgotten" piece of beefsteak May he won't end like poor Anomen from BG2 From what I've heard... is said that on Internet are whole clubs of Anomen-haters Poor Ano
  12. Will Jelina have some limits in romance? I mean, will she romance with human/half-elf/elf man with every confidence or only with good/neutral ones?
  13. I like Xan's romance best. Yes, it's sad but I like melancholik characters It's quite sad that NPCProject isn't in .tra I know of several people from Sigil who would like to play BG1 with Project but they can't, because they don't understand what somebody is telling and translations are far away.
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