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  1. Gavin sometimes fires off breakfast talks at the wrong time of day after resting. It has happened a couple of times but I actually noted it specifically this time around: the breakfast talk fired right after resting, and the game time was 1am in the morning. The environment had the "total darkness of night" lighting as well. (btw, great mod so far )
  2. No problem, but just so you know I didn't check all the english files. I haven't finished with Gavin yet so i only checked through dialogue already seen in my game. oh, and the Valeria quest battle cry and Gavin's short banditry exclaimation files, those were all ok though. FYI!
  3. Ah, why the hell not do more b!addtalks.tra, @83 Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing at it. What sujbects do you prefer? > subjects b!addtalks.tra, @85 Uusally > usually, mentioned in previous post b!addtalks.tra, @227 You mean you aren't talking about my sauve self-assurance and celestial good looks? > suave b!addtalks.tra, @269 The inclination to travel is too hard to supress, I suppose. > suppress
  4. So I noticed a misspelling in the Valeria quest, but I had exited the dialogue screen and lost it. While looking for it in the english .tra files for the line, I found a couple of other things too. These may have been mentioned before, I didn't trawl this thread first... b!quest.tra, @47 Gavin, we haven't time for any side-trips, and I cannot excuse your absense right now. > absence b!quest.tra, @101 As for <CHARNAME> and the rest of the party, you have performed a most valuable service for this town, and it is my pleasure and priviledge to reward you accordingly. > privilege b!bertra.tra, @0 You have to talk to the buttler if you want any help. > butler b!gustav.tra, @34 You speak of the lower classes as if you were born to priviledge, but I am quite sure that if that were the case, you would not be answering the door for a rich woman who thinks far too highly of herself for her own good. > privilege b!gustav.tra, @35 In fact, I beleive that you know a great deal about them. > believe b!valer.tra, @51 By combining these in correct proportions, it should be possible to distill the essence of happiness into an elixer. > elixir b!valer.tra, @74 That does present some interesting possiblities. > possibilities bb!gavin.tra, @26 Adherance to the discipline of Helm has carried many of the faithful through difficult times. > Adherence bb!gavin.tra, @175 Allow me to respond in kind: how goes your search for a woman who finds your endless plattitudes remotely attractive? > platitudes bb!gaving.tra, @247 In fact, I believe I am required by my faith to oppose some of thier more radical teachings. > their bb!gavin.tra, @350 You still really believe in the inherrent goodness of people, don't you? > inherent bb!gavin.tra, @377 After hearing lie upon lie and eduring disappointment after disappointment, I could bear it no longer. > enduring bb!gavin.tra, @383 I spoke in anger, and I appologize. > apologize bb!gavin.tra, @387 But now that you know the most painful part of my past, I hope you can fogive my reluctance to announce it right away. > forgive bb!gaving.tra, @407 Ah, I'll not troble meself o'er a few less nobs, but how's a dwarf ta get by when he can't guarantee safe delivery o' goods? > trouble bb!gavin.tra, @413 *geturing at Gavin's helmet* > gesturing bb!gavin.tra, @422 But you and she have very different temperments. > temperaments bb!gavin.tra, @424 I do not queston *why* you adventure. > question bb!gavin.tra, @518 But not everyone can be born with a nicely bulbous olefactory organ. > olfactory bb!gavin.tra, @562 but I can get one in forest green__slubbed silk (double space) bb!gavin.tra, @573 You lack wisdom, cleric, if you fail to see the magnificance of Tiax! But today, Tiax is feeling benevolent. He will forgive this trangression. Fall on your knees before the mercy of Tiax! > magnificence > transgression bb!gavin.tra, @591 When Tiax rules, slaves shall fight over the priviledge of cooking his meals! > privilege bb!gavin.tra, @600 Would *you* ever forsee possible peace between humans and the drow? > foresee bb!gavin.tra, @619 I do appologize, Viconia. > apologize bb!gavin.tra, @639 Reconcilliation between elves and men is unlikely. > reconciliation bb!gavin.tra, @646 Smile, Gavin! It surpresses the gag reflex. > suppresses bb!gavin.tra, @669 An' I must say, 'tis good to be travelin' > British or American english? (one or two L's in "traveling" or "travelling" > until now all instances are with two L's
  5. On dialogue duplication: It's not Gavin's fault there. PiD with Safana resulted in the same type of dialogue duplication problems that Gavin was having. One thing that did happen which is *probably* not Gavin's fault: He began a flirt with the PC, and the only thing that popped up was a "NO VALID STRING RESPONSE" choice, which exited out of the flirt. He then began another flirt right afterwards that was fine. Again, I think this is probably my mega install, not Gavin, just FYI.
  6. Yeah, technically there's nothing wrong with "in between", but years of living in Germany may have skewed my language perspective. It was more of a "huh, that doesn't sound like Gavin's 'accent' to me" kind of reaction than a spelling or grammar error. Nothing needing a "fix" though. Also get well soon. :-)
  7. This one is really a typo. Gavin says "My parents names are Darlos and Evie." Parents is possessive to names though, so "My parents' names are Darlos and Evie." Later in that conversation he says, "Once, when I was home for a visit in between assignments," It reads oddly to me, but I think "in between" is an actual adverb. Usually as an adjective it is written as a hyphenated word : "in-between". But in this sentence it would not read so oddly to me if it just lost the "in" completely : "a visit between assignments" which meaningwise works just as well. Not really a typo at all, though, technically... again later describing one of his siblings in the same dialogue chain Gavin says "temperment" which is not a word, I think you meant "temperament"
  8. EDIT: you know what, I think this is my install and not Gavin. details below... Now, this bug may entirely be generated my own megamod install. So if you want to see a Weidu log or consider this to not even be a real problem, that's fine by me, just say ;-) In the case that it's not, however, here's the report: in one of the early romance talks, Gavin asks about your childhood. You can give him a slew of answers, one of which is: "There isn't much to tell. I grew up in Candlekeep. I cannot imagine a more boring place. Nothing but dusty books and boring old men." (@133) The dialogue is duplicated in my answer choices as both option #4 and option #5. I didn't bother taking either one so I can't report further than that, though. Actually, on further testing, I did PiD Gaving about 10 times in a row to see if anything weird happened. It did; at one time, the choice to ask Gavin how he was doing duplicated. The next couple of times, no problem and no duplication at all. I guess something in the overall install is causing his dialogue choices to get duplicated every once in a while. That means you can probably just ignore this whole report unless someone else was having similar issues in a non-mega-modded game.
  9. Another miniscule typo... Jaheira digs up Gavin's past, then at the end of it asks the pc: "I can. [CHARNAME]..."" The huge quotation mark actually shows up in the dialogue. Another one, to "I share you enthusiasm for drawing." and Gavin replies with "Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing at it. [...]" I think there's a "you" missing in there? "Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing you at it. [...]" And you can answer "Uusally, it's landscapes" which should be "Usually"
  10. Not a bug, just a tiny, tiny, miniscule typo. olaying neutral female, PID you want to start a relationship with hom, his answer is "Sorry, but you're a little to... dangerous... for me." "to dangerous" should be "too dangerous"
  11. Hey, this may be outside of the bugixing scope since it's not a gameplay bug, but I thought to mention it here anyway. I own a US (American) version of the cd set of BG1 + TotSC. But I run it on a German OS. When applying the official 5521 patch, I end up needing to use the international version because the American patch borks the vanilla install. I guess it is checking against the native settings of your OS and not the game itself? Anyway just noting it it case anyone runs into the same problem.
  12. AvengingExile @ DeviantArt asked for permission to alter the portrait I did, to give Kivan black hair and slant his eyes more elvishly. She did a pretty good job, so here it is: All of this will be included in v2 of my (Enkida's) portrait pack, for the record. This is still one of the best romance mods ever, when you look at all the fanart Kivan *still* generates today. :-)
  13. Huh, I can't find the edit button in the new forums. ^^; Anyway I resized slightly because his head was very, very big. The lastest picture can always be found here:
  14. Hey, I was trying to break through some artist block for something unrelated and I ended up making a Kivan portrait on the side. I didn't think he needed another portrait, and I never intended to finish this one, but I got sorta dared to anyway, so here it is. It is totally based off of Herd's face model, because I really, really love Herd's portrait. :-) Enjoy!
  15. Oh, I disagree there. One of the biggest beefs I have with mods (and the reason I do portraits at all) is the inconsistency between artwork in mods, particularly in portraiture. Even if two different mod portraits are both "good works of art" if they are in two completely different styles, or one has the wrong perspective or size or something, or worse yet, Jude Law *again*, it drives me up the wall! Using the DAO character editor is a clever way to overcome that, and the style will be guaranteed to match no matter what. I am pretty sure there are more people just like me out there who like this idea. The only critique I would have given if the project were not already complete would be to download a hairdye and/or style mod for DAO to give more portrait options for when the NPC mods pile up, and they always seem to But even without that, it's a great idea.
  16. This may be completely random, but while I was doing some image searchi g on my hard drives, I accidentally included my entire game directory instead of just my BG2 directory, I found out, quite by accident, that for ecery save game in Dragon Age, two .png files are created: one transparent png with the main character's head icon, without the background and frame, and one full body shot in armour from the inventory screen. I am only mentioning this here because I read you used screenshots to make your pack? I'm not sure of the size of the png files, but at least for the transparent ones - it is a potential way you could finagle putting in custom (non-DAO) backgrounds in DAO portraits, as well as freezing the faces in a particular expression, such as a smile or a scowl, as well as tightly controlling the view angle and level of zoom those faces have. What I'm not sure of is how scalable they are since they are for the DAO icons, which I seem to remember are not too big. If all of this is not interesting or helpful at all, just ignore me. :-)
  17. Just another quick question: are tenft1s.bmp and tenft2s.bmp also part of the Angelo mod? Because if so, I made a replacement for him as well. ^^; (He may be from the Xan mod though, I'm not entirely sure)
  18. These are not exactly portraits of Angelo, but I was doing some minor NPC redos as well, and I got Sawa (Sawara? I haven't played that far yet...) and Suu in my update. I think these two cats come from the Angelo mod so I'm sharing them here in case anyone wants to replace minor NPCs as well. :-) suu: sawa(sawara?): cheers!
  19. Thanks! I don't think you guys need to rank portraits, everyone has different tastes after all. It would be nice if all of them were available on the same G3 page, though. The links in the readmes go sometimes to defunct sites, and there are only 3 (I think) portraits available on G3, 2 of which are almost copies of each other. I'm kinda not kidding in that I wouldn't have bothered at all to make mine if I had seen some of the really great later contributions in this thread first! But to that end a quick question - do you guys want me to provide the appropriate 3 gamesizes here or do you do that yourselves? cheers! :-)
  20. I feel kind of dumb because I just noticed this thread and could have saved myself some effort by reading it first, LOL. Anyway I wasn't happy with the default portrait the mod loaded because it didn't blend stylistically with the other bg art so I made my own. The base is a photomontage of a few Takashei Kaneshiro pictures. thanks for a great mod! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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