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    No audio on Win7/0.6.6?

    Interesting. I installed the binaries from here (didn't compile myself): http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/GemRB%20Win32%20Binaries/GemRB%20v0.6.6/GemRB-win32-v0.6.6.zip/download You are right, the 0.6.6 binaries release for windows is missing OpenALAudio.dll. Rolling back to 0.6.5 works perfectly, audio plays correctly. Can someone update the windows binaries for 0.6.6 to include OpenALAudio.dll? That would fix the missing plugin problem...
  2. I'm just starting out with GemRB. Everything seems to work properly (game starts, can create character), but it simply won't play sound. Here is my config file: GameType=bg2 GameName=Baldur's Gate 2 AudioDriver=openal Width=1024 Height=768 Bpp=32 Fullscreen=0 TooltipDelay=500 GUIEnhancements = 1 GamePath=E:\games\bg2 CD1=E:\games\bg2 CD2=E:\games\bg2\cd2 CD3=E:\games\bg2\cd3 CD4=E:\games\bg2\cd4 CD5=E:\games\bg2\cd5 CachePath=Cache GemRBPath=. PluginsPath=plugins GUIEnhancements = 1 SkipIntroVideos=1 As you can see, I've specified "openal". However, no sound is played. (Similarly, sdlaudio doesn't work) I noticed that it loads the null sound driver: [PluginMgr]: Loading: plugins\NullSound.dll... Null Sound Driver... [OK] However, disabling this sound driver with "SkipPlugin=NullSound.dll", ends up hitting this error: [Core]: Starting up the Sound Driver...[ERROR] I assume that's because there's simply no other "sound" plugin in the plugins folder. Was there another dependency or file I'm missing? There doesn't seem to be an OpenAL/SDL sound plugin in the plugins folder? (I see the SDL/OpenAL dlls in the gemrb folder.) For reference, here is the full output of running gemrb: http://pastebin.com/LcsJcbF8 Is there any other logging or diagnostics which would help me troubleshoot the lack of audio? Edit: One last note, I installed OpenAL as specified on the site from here: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx It completed without error.
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