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  1. I'm trying to use this guide, but it's a broken link. :/
  2. I think everyone should have a reaction to it. Everyone. It's hard to stay silent when you find out you're traveling with the son/daughter of a dead God. Imoen especially, because after all she's your childhood friend and practically family (ahem).
  3. I can't play BG without this. I got about as far into the area where I picked a letter off Gorian's dead body before I realized I wasn't burying him. Everyone's so quiet and they all seem to have so little to say. A geniune lack of mods compatable with BG is essentially a downgraded game. I know we'll get something glorius when you make it compatable, it's just I can't find it in myself to play the game without this.
  4. When dealing with Raelis Shai, you can tell her: "I want to know how much you'll give me for it" [the gem] She will give you 300 gold up front and tell you not to barter with her. Then she'll tell you she has 1200 gold for it. I think it's a bug that she'll grant you 300 gold before negotiating.
  5. Is Anne nothing more than a miniature rape scene? I think she actually talked about Janton the gnome at one point, but I don't know the rest. How do you romance her?
  6. Within the druid grove, (the druid stronghold,) unless otherwise challenged, the Great Druid is supposed to be indestructible. However, the main character, if attacked by his companions or console command creatures, will die if his hp drops below 0. I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum, it says "bug reports," and I think this should be added to the fixpack.
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