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  1. There's one more thing I remembered: I did EEKeep Imoen because she for some reason started with 220 000 exp in Mage class. And I read that she's supposed to start with a total of 1,250,000 exp if your party is high enough. And mine certainly was (2,500,000 exp at that point). So maybe some of those bugs are a byproduct of EEkeeping the chars, maybe it messes up something. At least the XP reduction may be tied to this. Plus, the Imoen Romance mod may alter/conflict Imoen in particular. I can't recall doing anything for Jansen through EEkeeper. He's also not modded otherwise. I'll record a short demo of what happens "in my game" but it will obviously not solve anything. There are other weird bugs I'm having, anyway. Chars which changed class (by SCS component) cannot die. They don't go below 1 HP.
  2. here you go. if you need some additional proof, I could also upload a video or something, but it will obviously not show any mechanics, just numbers shifting around. IMOEN2.bcs
  3. One last thing you can test is whether it will remain the same after: 1. you've changed the class/kit through the SCS component 2. you've used eekeeper to change something? Unless it's neither of those. In that case I guess I should eventually re-install and check whether this issue persists. Probably after I'm done with my current playthrough, though.
  4. There's also the case of Jan getting abnormal amount of exp - way beyond charname's XP.
  5. Improved NPC customisation and managementv32.5 " seems bugged and produces abnormal levelup behavior. More in here:
  6. Hexxat.bcs included below. The list of mods is as follows: Mods affecting HEXXAT.BCS: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~EET/EET.TP2~ 0 0 // EET core (resource importation)1.0 RC12 00001: ~STRATAGEMS/SETUP-STRATAGEMS.TP2~ 0 4100 // Improved NPC customisation and managementv32.5 I guess this means SCS is responsible. HEXXAT.bcs
  7. here you go: I believe I uninstalled NPC project since I half-expected it to conflict with Imoen mod eventually.
  8. Okay, here's some test subjects for you @K4thos. https://ufile.io/ib86pbzs I couldn't find a proper savegame with Mazzy so I picked more interesting (I guess?) examples: 1. Jan. Gets overleveled instantly above my party. Keeps leveling up for no reason. 2. Imoen. If you try to level her up, she will get a levelup & a nuke to 220 000 exp. 3. Hexxat. She levels just like Mazzy (ignoring limits) but also seems to NOT get profficiencies at level 0. This is most likely SCS bug because the component to customize NPC profficiencies and stuff is from SCS, but I'm including it either way. Even if you don't care for SCS bugs, you'll still see Hexxat leveling up till 4,000,000 exp or something while the cap should prevent her that. CRE files included for the above NPCs. All of them, since I didn't know which one to pick. Mods used: SCS Unfinished business 1&2 NPC project Imoen Romance ATweaks SOME ascension files (couldn't install all since they clash with Imoen Romance) EETweaks Banterpack Note: I did install Imoen Romance despite warnings (lol, love that mod) that it would potentially bug up. I guessed that it would relate to new (EE) chars so I didn't advance the plot with them in party. I would normally use Neera so I modded Aerie to replace her by kit/stats. So far, so good. No bugs to be seen.
  9. also: wasn't he supposed to be protected from "slay"? that was anticlimatic - took 1 blow (mace of disruption), died instantly.
  10. Special offer from Ribald (after you return from Underdark) includes a Freedom scroll. It's limitless and for a bit of gold you can get 9000 exp just by re-learning it ad infinitum. I'd suggest to limit this similarly to how other Freedom scroll supplies are limited from other sources because this invites the player to trade some (mostly useless at this point) gold for ridiculous amounts of experience.
  11. I will, do you need a list of all mods installed, just in case?
  12. Further playthrough reveals the following: - returning (or recruited) NPCs will have uncapped growth, past even the ToB 2,500,000 experience. This happens in SoA. BG1 and SoD seem to have proper cap implementation. I got Mazzy to HLAs upon recruitment, so I had to reload and EE-keep her back to the intended 1,250,000... - Imoen is bugged until she hits 2 mil exp; I got her with just 220 000 exp in mage class and whenever I leveled her up, she'd go back to 220 000 exp in mage class instantly, forcing me to EE-keep her experience back. Once she hit 2,000,000, this ceased to happen.
  13. this happens to my Aerie for some reason. Though I did change her class/kit with eekeeprer so something may be interfering.
  14. Very helpful, thank you. This effectively means that in SCS environment, the spell will NOT work on the more dangerous foes (Mind Flayers, Undead, Drow, Demons) because it does NOT bypass magic resistance, and will NOT work on many casters on "Insane" difficulty because they precast (minor) globe of invulnerability. Not that great. I expected a lot more, TBH. This means Dorn isn't really that great as a party member. His abilities will not work on the hardest foes. Beats Minsc (but what doesn't?), but loses to casters and to Keldorn. Even if you're using dispel magic nerf (from the optional component), you'll still enjoy a 0-cast time True Sight very much.
  15. Makes sense - the very idea behind the original demilich was to make it a semi-invulnerable one trick pony. Which I always found lame. @NiziNizi what about the Blackguard's "Aura of Fear" ? does the fear effect work as intended (it's a bit hard because the descriptions in wiki and ingame are conflicted; is it really like this: - fear with no save for 1 turn, works on HD8 creatures or less (level 15 char) - fear with no save for 1 turn, works on HD18 creatures or less (level 20 char) ? It takes 3,600,000 exp to reach level 20 for a Blackguard but HD18 means basically (almost) everything. Is this fear stopped by magic resistance though? what spell level is this? It would be a great counter for Drow and Mind Flayers if it did. Sadly, with the exp requirement you can only get the level 15 variant by Underdark with a typical 6-man team.
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