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  1. Apparently i was using SRv3. And what we have today is SRv4.
  2. Why do i get two diffirent spell revision versions? The last time i installed, Flesh to Stone had -5 save. Now it has -4 and it slows for three rounds beforehand. I have no idea which one is up to date.
  3. Is it possible to introduce a fix that forces spell-like items and scrolls to follow improved invisibility targeting rules, similar to those whuich apply to the spells? For example, in Spell revisions you can only target improved invisible creatures if you have true seeing active. Would be ideal if all spell like items and scrolls were fixed to work just like that.
  4. Sectet word. Hmmmmmm interesting. It is completely undocumented. So the new rules mean that you need to have true seeing to attack improved invisible targets? And similar mechanic with any other single target spell? Ill have to try that when i reinstall.
  5. Ok i ve got a problem with SR v4beta14. Antimagic attacks DO NOT penetrate invisibility. When i install SCS, it automatically skips this component as well because it says that "you have SR v3 or later installed" .
  6. My flesh to stone (SPWI604), disintegrate and finger of death all have this flag which allows them to attack improved invis. It is undocumented. I have no idea why is that. Maybe it is intended but not documented. But maybe it is an actual bug with the "make antimagic attacks penetrate improved invisibility" component. Maybe it thinks that FoD, FtS, disint and contagion are antimagic attacks similar to secret word, pierce magic etc. Sometimes it feels overpowered with -5 and -6 save penalties. You use it right through invisibility. Ok my install is actually bugged and i dont have the m
  7. My flesh to stone and contagion spells do ignore improved invisibility targeting rules and go through no problems. Is this a bug?
  8. Im having a bug. Flesh to stone and wizard/cleric contagion spells do not respect improved invisibility. I can cast these spells right through improved invis even though they are single target with no AOE. I installed bg2 fixes widescreen tobex spell revisions item revisions scs (v30 compatible with spell rev) Tweaks anthalogy item randomizer I then ran tweaks again because to uninstall two components: -multi/dual classed clerics get bladed weapons -remove locks and traps On a side note i also got two rings of earth control (some error with item randomization mod). My
  9. My god pls.. do something with holy word. Look it was a completely fair and fun fight before this happened now noone can cast and all i have left is potions. You know the timestop in this fight was child's games and completely ignorable compared to this BS spell. Also, chaos sphere is too good as well. Whats the counter spell? i dont think gust of wind helps? permanent party disable otherwise however my party has not so high saves at this point. Does the AOE spell deflection help vs the chaos sphere?
  10. Yeah SCS Improved vampires make that fight ridiculous. On the upside, once you defeat them the rest of the dungeon is going to be a joke (assuming you are not crazy enough to attack Firkraag himself ). i did that fight after i buffed myself with chaotic commands you need +3 weapons to kill ancient/elder vampires thats the trouble. There are also those super annoying genies in this dungeon.
  11. Can anyone explain why does this happen. I have a cavalier (immune to charm) and two cleric rangers one of which has harmonic shield and the other has a helmet of charm protection. I m doing that elder vampires + greater mummies fight in the Firkraag's dungeon. All three of above characters get charmed all the time and they just stand there looking stupid until i cast a remove enchantment on them. which helps only for 3 sec after which they get mesmerised again. This ability is called mesmerism. What is that? Shouldnt they be immune? I cant get past that fight.
  12. I was away from the game for some time. Could anyone give me information about what (if anything )has been changed recently concerning spells like: -dispel magic -spell shield and dispelling screen -all sorts of insects -holy/unholy word and is it download ready?
  13. Does Freedom protect from stun?
  14. I cannot replicate it. Can you give me your weidu.log or a change.log? Can anyone confirm the issue?
  15. How does it work? I have just cast spell deflection (level 5 one). the rakshasa cast fireballs at me which were properly ineffective because the spell deflection protects from AOE. But then he cast confusion and it worked through the deflection and my dude got confused. In the end, he cast emotion: despair and it depleted the deflection but it was also ineffective like the fireball.
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