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  1. So I actually went ahead and reinstalled the whole game with mods because why not, right. Apart from changing up the load order a bit, it seems the crashing has stopped. I can access the second floor without any shenanigans and everything just.... works. Even with the IA content, Moinesse Ninjas, Duergars etc... a faulty install in the past maybe? In any case, thank you to everyone involved. I guess this is solved for now.
  2. Alright, when I get home I am gonna take a peek and report back. Also like I said earlier in the thread, those are me trying to combine some 1PP stuff. Basically, the newest 1ppv4 requires the Core Paperdoll module (which I don't want) for almost everything and I just want the flaming short/swords and colourable staffs. So I basically first installed the older 2.70 version that allowed me to install just those, and then the rest of 1ppv4 (which did not require the said paperdolls, like magic effects etc.). The reason it shows question marks is because I guess the tp2 files are named the same? It's actually all on the very first page in the WeiDu I enclosed. I've been doing this for a lot of playthroughs and years now, and it always worked.
  3. From my Weidu: ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #0 // Infinity Animations: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #25 // Humanoid Animation Fixes: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #50 // Distinctive Genies: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #100 // Distinctive Fiends: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #175 // Pit Fiends -> Some get the NWN animation: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #230 // Cambion/Isair Animation -> Some cambions: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #280 // Alu-Fiend/Madae Animation -> Some alu-fiends: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #400 // Distinctive Undead: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #410 // Skeleton Warriors -> Barrow Wight animation: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #450 // Seer Animation -> Some beggars and slaves: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #490 // Svirfneblin Animations -> Animations and sounds: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #500 // More Base Animations: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #550 // More Icewind Dale Animations: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #600 // More Icewind Dale II Animations: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #650 // More Neverwinter Nights Animations: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #7010 // Moinesse's Avatars for IA -> 50% of relevant non-joinables: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #9000 // Fix Areas -> Creature References: v5 ~INFINITYANIMATIONS/SETUP-INFINITYANIMATIONS.TP2~ #0 #9910 // Saved Game Animation Fixer -> Correct all animations IA has changed: v5
  4. Interesting. I did install Infinity Animation last after all the big mods (as seen in WeiDu), and don't use BGT or Bigger World stuff. I even let it install the "Fix Creature References in all Areas part". Only thing I can think of that could affect it is biffing since it was after that, but that doesn't sound right. Doesn't usually the last mod in the load order take priority over anything else that was before it?
  5. Yeah I did use it a few times, although mostly just for extracting/checking various soundset variables, since I modded Mark Meer's soundbytes (Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc.) into the game and needed some point of reference xD It's a very useful tool, which I'll probably start using a bit more now.
  6. Alright, I just tried to teleport to the Copper coronet and the game immediately gave out the same symptons of crashing upon loading. Which leads me to believe the whole "Ninja" or "Duergar" thing might be spread all over the game. I think I'll just reinstall the game and either avoid IA or do some adjustments this time around. Ah well. Thanks again, folks.
  7. Ah, damn you are right. Now I am wondering if my game might go haywire while I go to the Underdark where bunch of Duergars reside. Or the Copper Coronet. If that's the case, I assume I just need to find out what file is the culprit again and edit the animation section to the non-LOW one in NearInfinity?
  8. In any case, thank you so much guys for solving this little headache, guys! You've been incredibly helpful and saved me from another reinstallation spree. Now just to figure out what is wrong with Moinesse...
  9. Wow, talk about a perfect timing here. I was actually deleting/replacing the files one by one and narrowed it exactly to this one. Was about to send it too! Turns out that was the mysterious cause of the second crash. I do not understand tho, I remember playing with Moinesse's Ninja avatar many times before (even had Mae'Var and other NPCs utilize it)... what could possibly cause the game to suddenly dislike it? No problem! You've been very helpful and actually helped solve through your combined powers the Duergar problem. It was something completely different as seen above.
  10. Ooof, just tried it and it still crashes (with the modded batch). It also crashes when I just use the 3 files alone. However, using them with the vanilla files by ABlake, seems to work. .... which probably means one of those 21 files is at fault or a completely different issue altogether.
  11. Gotcha. I hope you don't mind but I actually enclosed the entire batch of all 24 CRE files regarding that particular area. It seems there's just 3 files regarding the Duergars (DUEARC01, DUEMAG02 and DUERGAR1) You are right, even with this file, it still crashes no matter what combination (original BG2 or the modded ones) I use. I am enclosing the rest. Backup.rar
  12. Hmm... the only mod I can think of would be Infinity Animations, but I did not install the BG1 anims from that pack. Only the IWD, Moinesse and NWN ones. Are you also checking the second Duergar file that I re-posted?
  13. Okay just to clear some confusion: Modded - Crashes. Original BG2 files provided by ABlake - Crashes unless Duemag02.CRE is removed Removing *all* CRE files associated with that level - Crashes
  14. Whops, I uploaded the wrong one. Here's the correct/original/modded one. Also enclosing the BCS as well. DUEMAG02.CRE duemag01.bcs
  15. Here you go. Gotcha. Will report back with results I should probably mention that while playing the level with your vanilla files, it seems to still hard crash but at random times, not straight away after the loading. Only thing that seems to be going on the entire time from the very beginning(according to the combat log) is a Mephit battling an Assassin in the hall right after the Mephit Cages/Dead Khalid. Also I realized I got you two guys mixed up regarding the vanilla files, oops. Fixed.
  16. Ok wow. With the Vanilla files provided by ABlake, I actually narrrowed it down to one single .CRE file. The Duergar Mage (DUEMAGG02.CRE). If I remove it, not only the level loads but I am allowed to play past the fade out as well. Unfortunately, this seems to work only with the said Vanilla files. With the modded .CREs that were there before from other mods, removing the Duergar Mage is still not enough and the level fails to load.
  17. Alright, will report back ASAP to let you know what file stops me from getting to that black fade out with the sound effect. Just tried it. Still the same crash. Sometimes the bar fills in, sometimes it stays empty before it happens, but in both cases the level does not even manage to load in.
  18. Alright, reporting back that this allowed me to load the level sucesfully. Yoshimo even talked to me and all. I guess it must be a faulty NPC. Just tried it, and even though the loading bar fills up and the screen seemingly goes black and you can hear the "magic" sound effect, the game then immediately crashes still. EDIT: Oh and forgot to mention that nearly all of these files were already included in Override, so I backed then up before using yours. Just for the kicks, I then deleted all those files corresponding to that area .... and it still crashes. Really no idea what's going on here.
  19. Just tried it, and unfortunately it still crashes. I assume it must be probably whatever script is firing up right at the beginning?
  20. Sure thing, here you are. However, the ARE0603.BCS file seems to be not in the biffed folder. Or in the entire BG2 directory in general. AR0603.ARE BALDUR.BCS
  21. Hmm, I think you are right. The first loading screen is indeed the auto save, since it keeps sucesfully creating them right before the I click on the portal. The crash then comes from loading the level itself. Regarding TobEx: TobEx seems to terminate itself immediately after the game crashes. And the TobEx text file just shows the times the game was launched, nothing else. Also this is very weird - but I searched the Override folder and there is absolutely no signs of the AR0603.ARE file. BUT upon searching the entire BG2 folder, it seems a bunch of mods (Infinity Animations, ATweaks, BG2Fixpack, Generalized Biffing) made a backup of it anyway. EDIT: even after trying to load the level with all those 4 .ARE backups, the game still crashes. Damn.
  22. Yep, even when CLUA'ing my way in, the loading screen bar does not even fill itself halfway, and it already crashes. Ahem... well, this is actually a load order I've been using since like 2010? Back then i wasn't aware of any automated load orders, so I painstakingly followed all the readmes, forum guides etc. and created my own. I read a bunch of times somewhere that Ascension should be first too... I guess something has changed? Also thanks for the heads up about the updates. If it comes to that and all fails, I might as well just reinstall BG2.
  23. Hey there, (First off I want to say this is the Non Enhanced Edition.) Wanted to replay BG2 after some years with all my favourite mods, but this time I ran into a weird crash that I really have no idea what could be causing it. It's basically right at beginning of the Irenicus Dungeon segment. I clear Floor 1 and then travel to Floor 2( AR0603.ARE). However, after the initial level loading screen finishing, I get another one (maybe a cutscene?) which doesn't even finish and the game crashes, with no error whatsoever. It's actually word by word similiar to this issue that someone had almost 12 years ago, but I am not using the Region of Terror mod like OP did. http://www.shsforums.net/topic/25891-crash-to-desktop-start-of-2nd-level-irenicus-dungeon/ Any idea what could be causing this? I tried everything, from reloading the game, using the CRE Area checker, making sure it's played with admin privileges, not installing it in Program Files etc. but nothing helped I am also enclosing my WeiDu Log (ignore the question marks, it's basically me sticking together two different 1PP mods, which always worked for me in the past with no problems whatsoever). Thanks in advance! WeiDU.log
  24. Thanks for the heads up! I truly did not expect anyone to update this mod after all these years. Specialization descriptions and Mazzy seem to be working as intended, however Edwin is still having "Conjurer" instead of Red Wizard as his class, forcing me to set his class to RW via Level 1 NPC mod. Or maybe I am missing something here?
  25. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. Please delete.
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