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  1. Hi, I read that there used to be a PnP THAC0 table that let the base THAC0 go into negative values, but that there were problems with it [here] ; however, with the current tweak, THAC0 only decreases up to 1, whereas in the unmodded 2DA table provided with BG2:EE, it does go down to 0. This means that the tweak is actually a slight nerf for fighters and monks after level 20 ! Anyway, the tweak description, “THAC0 can now progress until it reaches zero instead of no longer improving once you hit level 20”, is wrong. (“once you hit level 20” is also inaccurate because in the original THAC0.2DA file, fighters get their THAC0 of 0 at level 21, and mages and shamans still get a decrease when they reach level 22.) In the linked post above, Miloch had written he believed that a THAC0 value of 0 was still valid for the engine even though IESDP says 1-25, and I also think that’s true. Some creatures, like fire giants, have a base THAC0 of 0, too So, shouldn’t this be changed ?
  2. I was thinking of the Helm of Opposite Alignment, but you only find in BG 1 (edit : no, it seems that this helm also switches your alignment between Chaotic/Lawful, so that wouldn’t work.) Or, as Angel suggested on Discord, it might be a leftover of a time when the developers had planned to include an alignment change for Korgan too, like Sarevok ?
  3. Hi, I started a new Throne of Bhaal game (EE), and I noticed that I couldn’t properly drop Korgan from my party and recruit him again later : he won’t say anything. Nice people on the Discord server have figured out that this is because of the tweak “Change Korgan to Neutral Evil Alignment” : the kick out dialogue in KORGA25P.DLG contains conditions for Korgan to be either Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Good. I’ve checked that changing his alignment back to CE with EEKeeper makes the leave/join process work again
  4. I agree that recursion is nice Your function works ! I just had a little trouble passing the arguments at first, and another problem is that the items are numbered starting with 01, not 1, so I had to add an extra step : DEFINE_ACTION_FUNCTION find_unique_name INT_VAR try_next=1 STR_VAR prefix="" ext="" RET name BEGIN PRINT "find_unique_name arguments : %prefix%, %try_next%, %ext%" // Items are actually numbered starting with 01 and not 1 : ACTION_IF try_next < 10 THEN BEGIN OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT s_try_next "0%try_next%" // OUTER_SET s_try_next = "0%try_next%" does not work here : « ERROR: cannot convert 0%try_next% or %0%try_next%% to an integer » (why?) END ELSE BEGIN OUTER_SET s_try_next = try_next END ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME "%prefix%%s_try_next%.%ext%" BEGIN OUTER_SET try_next +=1 LAF find_unique_name INT_VAR try_next STR_VAR prefix ext RET name END END ELSE BEGIN OUTER_TEXT_SPRINT name "%prefix%%try_next%.%ext%" END END LAUNCH_ACTION_FUNCTION find_unique_name STR_VAR prefix = "chan" ext = "itm" RET name END PRINT "returned value : %name%" I realise now that it’s a little silly and brittle to do it like this, especially when uninstalling, but I just wanted to train a little with the syntax and see if I could make it work. I will use unique names with a prefix like you advised me Now, I’ll try to make an install script for a spell. And after that, I have another item where I needed to add a projectile. I didn’t know how to do that with DLTCEP and I stopped at that point three years ago… I might have to ask another question then Thank you all for your answers !
  5. Ah, thank you, I had only seen FOR and missed OUTER_FOR ! Ok, so SAY first gets a new string reference if we need one, and then writes the strref inside the itm file (the documentation only says "The string-ref associated with String is written at offset.") ? That makes more sense
  6. Thank you so much ! Yes, I have some programming experience and I understand the general idea of your function, although if we do it this way, I would rather have expected a FOR loop instead of a recursive function, but after a look at the documentation, I get the impression that loops in WeiDU are different than in other programming languages I’d like to ask a question about the COPY action to make sure my understanding is correct. I understood what the SAY do, but is it COPY itself that automatically gets a new strref at the end of the dialog.tlk file if we give a new string as the second argument of SAY ? It seems that the documentation doesn’t tell this explicitly, or I have missed it
  7. Thanks a lot for the answers ! Okay, so, I can actually choose any name for my file, and only the item type and stats matter ? I will test it tomorrow ! I wasn’t really planning to share those little mods (except perhaps an item that could be interesting ?) Nevertheless, it’s good to know that this “modder prefix” system was set up I’d still be interested to know how to do that, out of curiosity. If it’s not too complicated. I already had a look at some parts of the documentation for WeiDU, but I started with a simple tutorial because the doc is a little overwhelming. It’s nice to see that you are still here, Jarno. I remember you
  8. Hi I’m back to play Baldur’s Gate after a very long break, and I started learning WeiDU to create installers for a couple of items and spells I created or modified with DLTCEP a few years ago. My first installer worked, but I have a question : the new item I created is chan22.itm. I simply had a look at what chan__ items already existed, and picked the next available number, 22. But if I installed my mod after another one that also added this item, it would override it… so I was wondering whether WeiDU can be made to choose the next available number automatically ? This the COPY part of my improved_white_dragon_scale.tp2 file : // Add the item to the game COPY ~improved_white_dragon_scale/chan22.itm~ ~override/chan22.itm~ SAY NAME1 #6677 // unidentified name SAY NAME2 @1 // identified name SAY UNIDENTIFIED_DESC #6679 SAY DESC @2 Is there a way to tell WeiDU to check what chan__.itm files already exist, and choose the (biggest number already in use + 1) for the file name that it copies inside the override folder, instead of hardcoding 22 ? Thank you
  9. Ok, I did not know about projectile files. I created a new one, but I cannot find it in the "Projectile animation" drop-down list in the image above, where "159-Instant Area (Not Party)" is currently selected I created the projectile with DLTCEP too, and saved it into the override folder. If I choose Edit projectiles, I see it in the list. What am I missing ? Thank you And how do you name a projectile ? Are the names hardcoded in DLTCEP for the known projectiles, or can you add a name ?
  10. For parameter 1 (Target in this case), I used "1" (Last attacker). I had had a look at Keldorn's sword before you suggested Fire Shield, but it is actually the same. I think it must be something in the Slow spell that makes it affect all enemies nearby the target, but I have no idea what. As you can see in the image below, I changed the field circled in green from 4-Area to 1-Creature, but that changed nothing And how did you figure out how the saving throws details work, then ? You really piqued my curiosity If you don't have the time to explain, please could you link to the relevant part in GemRB's code ? C++ is not at all the language I like and know the best, but I might be able to understand. Or I'll ask on the Beamdog forums The next things I would like to learn are the formats of the images for item icons, images in item descriptions and for the portraits in inventory, and so on, but that will have to wait because I will be away next week Thanks
  11. Thank you for your answer. I don't think it is that overpowered for the game I am playing now, actually I created it because I was bored with the Robes of the Archmagi, that we already get in BG1. It's a pity that there are not more Robes, more diversity I reduced the range of my Slow spell to the same as Fire Shield damage spell, and now it only affects enemies at close range, but still all enemies nearby I think it's not possible to trigger the spell only on melee attacks, but it would be good to affect only the enemy creature that hit the wearer... Is this not possible ? I would also like to know : - what is the difference between "Casting features" and "Extended effects" ? - do you have a link to a detailed explanation of the complicated things about the saving throws and shared roll ? Thanks
  12. Hi, I am trying to create a new item with DLTCEP and need some help First, here is the description : Desert Rose This robe was the property of Laodia Wrys, a Mage/Thief mercenary who offered her services as a protector to travelling merchants between Calimshan, Amn, Nathlan and Turmish. The Desert Rose was designed as a survival robe that would protect from environmental hazards such as cold and heat, but also from ambushes. While the light fabric does not contribute at all to Armor Class, it has the magical ability to repair itself, and this regenerative effect extends to the wearer. Its many other powerful enchantments make it a highly sought after item. STATISTICS: Equipped abilities: – Regenerate 1 Hit Point every two rounds – Saving Throws: +1 – Fire Resistance: +30% – Cold Resistance: +30% – Immunity to backstab attacks – Immunity to poison – Infravision up to 120 ft. – May memorize one extra 2nd-level spell and one extra 4th-level spell – Ennemies who damage the wearer are slowed unless they succesfully save vs. Spell Charge abilities: – Sanctuary once per day – Farsight once per day Duration: 12 rounds Weight: 4 --------- I found most of the equipped abilities in already existing items, so that part was straightforward, except the Slow effect. It is working, but not quite, and I'm not sure what is the right way of doing this, and whether it is possible to make it work like I would... What I did is that I duplicated the usual Slow spell (SPWI312), and named it SPIN205. Then, I changed the following things : Spell type : 1-Wizard -> 4-Innate In the extended effects : Number & type : 4-Area -> 1-Creature Speed : 3 -> 1 (I actually have 10 extended headers, because I installed the Tweak "Add Save Penalties for Spells Cast by High-Level Casters (BETA) -> Arcane & Divine Magic: Beta 4", so I think that's a problem, but let's not worry about that for now. I performed the changes to all the 10 headers.) And then, I added to my item the effect : Cast Spell on Condition [232] with this SPIN205 spell as Resource My problems are : - I think that the effects of Slow stack, don't they ? Is there a way to make the effect happen only if the creature that hit the wearer of the robe is not already slowed ? - And it affects all nearby ennemies, not just the creature that hit, even though I changed it from 4-Area to 1-Creature... I must be missing something. How do I make it slow only the creature that hit ? - Is it possible to restrict it to melee hits only ? Otherwise I think it is overpowered - How to make it right for the Saving throw ? First, I am puzzled that each effect in a Spell has a separate saving throw. I had always thought that a Spell had one global saving throw (or none), not one for each effect, because... is it possible to save vs part of the effects of a spell ? And what happens if you set different values for different effects ? My other question about Saving throws is what should I use in the Cast Spell on Condition [232] effect ? Should I leave Saving throw: 0-None, or use 1-Spells ? I have other questions too, but I don't want to ask too many questions at the same time, I'll ask them later I attach the files (clck33.itm and spin205.spl) Desert Rose.zip
  13. Hello, I was wondering whether the Improved horns of Valhalla mod does not have a few problems ? It seems that the armor the berserker is wearing is not correct with the Bronze and Iron horns. According to the Readme, it should be a Hide armor +1 (Silver)/+2 (Bronze)/+3 (Iron), but in the game I tried adding the summoned warrior with Ctrl + Q, and he only has a basic non-magical Hide armor with the three horns. The +2 disadvantage to AC stated by the Readme also seems to be -2 bonus in the game. For example, with the Iron horn, the berserker has the following AC : Hide Armor Armor Class : 6 Dexterity : -4 (18 Dex with Iron horn) : -2 (with no left part, I think this was supposed to be the +2 disadvantage) Armor Class Modifiers Missile : +2 Piercing : +2 Total : AC = 0 But I would have expected : 6 - 3 - 4 + 2 = 1 Maybe I'm just completely wrong, tell me Furthermore, the installer still says it's version 1.2 instead of 1.3 : [C:\Program Files (x86)\Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition\Data\00783\setup-ValHorn.exe] WeiDU version 23900 Using Language [AMERICAN ENGLISH] Using .\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk Install Component [improved Horns of Valhalla v1.2]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?
  14. Thank you so much for the new beta CamDawg ! Is it safe to use with BG2:EE v2.1 now ? I'm eager to update from 1.3
  15. I'll wait then I don't know you but I would like to thank you for your continued involvement and all you have done for this game. I had not played in a long time, in fact I have never completed BG2 yet (but completed the 1 many times ), and I feel like I'm at the beginning of a resurgence in my interest in Baldur's Gate What is this "GAME_IS ~sod~ junk" you are referring to ? Are they conditions in the code to apply things to only to Siege of Dragonspear ?
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