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  1. I've seen the NWN2 G3 Romance Mod bits. I can fire it up and see if I can get some screenshots.* Lots of the flirts were the same, the "Daydream about Bishop" "you walk among autumn leaves" and there's even a bit of the Casivir/Bishop bickering, though you can't have both travel with you at the same time. Some of it is kind of reworded to apply to Elder Scrolls lore and some isn't, (ex. Casivir is a paladin though that isn't really a thing in ES). Idk. It was obvious to me where most of the flirts/romance came from. EDIT: *I'm having a mod conflict, so I can either have eitherr Bishop or Interesting NPCs. I'm going with INPC, because it's huge, working peachy and I really like it. I extracted some dlg with Creation Kit though. This "daydream" and the "autumn leaves" I specifically I recall from the G3 mod. I can send the untidy version raw txt if anyone wants it. There's a bit more, just not easy for me to get to in-game right now. (My mod order, you guys! My current working game!) KVMBishop GetIsID == 1 NordRace Bishops_Voice KVMMeetingBishop KVMMeetingBishopFlirtwithBishop Topic PlayerDialogue Custom KVMMeetingBishopdaydream FormID 0203E4A4 1 Data\Sound\Voice\Bishop.esp\Bishops_Voice\KVMMeeting_KVMMeetingBisho_0003DF3C_1.xwm (Daydream about Bishop) (The golden leaves are ankle-deep, and they rustle as you walk. Bishop leans over and throws a handful at you.) (His laughter echoes, the crisp sunlight turns his hair redder than you remember ever seeing it.) (The leaves smell of everything that was in the summer as you roll together, trying to bury one another under them.) (Daydream about Bishop) (Bishop thoughtfully unlaces his shirt and pulls it over his head, venturing into the shiny lake water. His back and shoulders are lean) (set with tight muscles. The auburn hair curl at the nape of his neck. He disappears under the surface, and comes back up in a fountain) (of sparkling water, facing you. The water runs down his face and chest as he beckons you closer, with the all-too-familiar wicked grin on his face.) (Daydream about Bishop) (You wake up in the middle of the night realizing Bishop is watching you. Fighting down the urge to look him in the eyes) (you force yourself to remain still with your breath even. You hear the sound of his voice muffled and strain your ears to try and hear) (what he is saying; but the murmur is too quiet to make out anything except the surprise in his voice and a whine sounding like "can't understand") (and "need you more than I want you.") (Daydream about Bishop) (The ranger emerges from behind the bushes and beckons you to follow him quietly. Being as stealthy as you can, you move behind Bishop) (and soon find yourself on a border of a small, sun-bathed glade. A family of foxes lounges right in the middle; little cubs are happily playing) (around their basking parents. You peek at your companion and see that his face is lit with a small, unguarded smile) (that clearly indicates he is enjoying the sight as much as you do. But the moment Bishop realizes you are looking at him, his smile fades.) (He turns abruptly and leaves without sparing the foxes, or you, another glance.)
  2. I heard about it. Way to go. Skyrim Romance Mod Controversy http://imgur.com/gallery/btIsD
  3. Thanks, Jarno. I think I underestimated how fiddly Steam would be. It doesn't need to have one. You have to have the setup-<modname>.exe updated to the latest weidu.exe (v23700) to install mods to a v1.3. EE games, and you do that update by replacing it with a weidu.exe from the Windows Binary archive from here that's names as the setup-<modname>.exe . Als if you have steam, you should read this, and if you have Windows 8, install all games to the C:\Users\<username>\ -subfolders.
  4. Argh! What did you know brewhewho? What did you learn?! But, srsly. I have the EE from Steam and the folder with the chitin.key doesn't have a dialogue.tlk.
  5. I installed the fix, after I installed the mod before I started the game. Yes, Nya told me about her lover/the priest. He said the LT, via PID, that begins "I was a fool." He referred to a conversation ("Nya is a fool and wrong about that guy") that never happened. I didn't click on him to get the PID since I thought it might happen on it's own, so my guess was he skipped it and after the quest follow-up/receiving the amulet went straight to the next LT without having the first one. They do stack (minus LT6/6a?) and I've gotten caught up I think. Just thought I'd mention it.
  6. Just checking, are the LTs are they supposed to be initiated by Casavir? I'm just starting Crossroad Keep and he has yet to do so. They're there if I click on him, but otherwise he's pretty silent. He did pipe up after the Trial by Combat when Bishop kissed the PC, but other than that none. I've had Bishop's be very delayed (referencing the tunnel we're in long after we're not in a tunnel), but not just absent. Anyway, I've missed a few (I think), but he'll still flirt so I guess he's okay(?). Does it matter if I miss some? Edit: Going by the list on your site, LT8 (responsibility, pt 2), LT11 Daeghun/West Harbor), LT6 (Nya's a fool), so far.
  7. It's kind of been bugging me lately, Angelo's sounds are still significantly louder than the Bioware NPCs. Did they already get adjusted at one point?
  8. Oooh! Yeah, how did I miss that one...Should be corrected somehow, although I'm not sure what would be best...Maybe it could work to just replace those instances of "sister" with "Imoen?" I don't have the original documents anymore due to a hard drive crash, so I'm not sure if doing this might not mess up the grammar somewhere... Well, in those instances or as long as there is a 'your' in front of it, a "your friend" to "your sister" should be fine, I guess? (Reference to "your Imoen," on the other hand would be odd. )
  9. It's been bugging me so... while we all know Imoen is Charnames "sister," why does Angelo? He's been saying "sister" from the get-go where everyone else is still saying "your friend." There is no chance at any time to either tell him she is or that you are a bit tired of her and living in the same town that doesn't make you related. Ex: In adangelj: "... you grew up in that library, didn't you? You and your sister?" This conversation can happen well before Spellhold. Also, in the whole colour thing he'll say something about "oh, [pink] like your sister's hair?" Again, it could work if he's seen her, but her hair was normal in BG1 (if you had her with you) and he really might not have seen her at all. His romance isn't that long, I've finished these dialogues well before I had finished faffing around Amn and decided to go to Spellhold. (A little late to mention this now, I know. At least he doesn't "sense" Yoshimo's betrayal, I guess.)
  10. Hey, this is great! I've been looking forward to this mod. ... I wish I had time to test right now, but I'm eager to add him when he's ready.
  11. Ajnos

    Bugs and typos for V1

    Might want to take a look at Des, I think he just stands there and dies. It took me a while to notice since his group is usually distracting enough and it really (really) could just be my install, but he doesn't seem to do anything once his circle goes red.
  12. I don't know, it took me forever to get the hang of the combos and I didn't die.. all that much. I started to write how much I liked the Imperial City, then I remembered Tien's Landing and... yeah, it's a great game. (Though I crack up every time I have to "open" a vase. *SMASH* The PC must have been frightened terribly by a vase or jar in her youth to react as she does.)
  13. I like in temple better than just roaming around the Promenade or off shopping. Plus, he's talked about divination (sorta) in one of his last BG1 talks so it feels like a nice little nod to that, without being too much of an in-joke.
  14. Realistically, if you slaughtered the gentry he should also be less keen to speak to you. I wasn't sure where it would go though. On one hand, you already have to go through quite an ordeal just to talk to him. On the other, he really really should care that you aren't bloodying the streets in his town. I think I just decided to leave it alone and hope for the best. Edit: Spelling/clarity.
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