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    Will SCS and BG1 NPC Project be compatible? After some though i come to conclusion it's my main concern now. I doubt i can enjoy BG1 again without them or some sort of adaptation.
  2. Then you should point him to UFO Extraterrestials GOLD or other enchanced games which implemented fan made content without having to cope with any legal issues. What Miloch said: just contact the respective authours, obtain their permission and figure out the best way to implement the content in -game or as an optional packs.
  3. Thanks, Domi. I was impatient to try it out so soon after writing the post i did the check by myself. You are right, there're not collides. I've been playing the game for some days with both RP and AI without problems.
  4. I've perused the readme, but there're still certain things i'm clueless about. First, i'm unsure if the mod is compatible with the latest patch uploaded by Obdisian, that is, 1.23.1765. Second, i don't have find any information about Romance Pack compatibility with non english versions of the game, so i wonder.. is it compatible? It seems to me that you don't overwrite dialog.tlk, so i guess it should be, but you know, better safe than worry. Lastly, i understood that theorically, your mod is non compatible with all other NWN2 modifications that change the same files than yours, no matters how. Would you be so kind to tell me if the following files are touched by RP? (they are the ones from Tony's Companion and monster AI hak 2.2)
  5. Indeed. And is nice to see enemies that show some type of iniciative.
  6. Does it means that the third party mods that don't have custom scripts and use original BG2 ones are not benefited from SCS anymore? No, they get their scripts swapped automatically. Great!
  7. Congratulations for the new release. From the readme version history: Does it means that the third party mods that don't have custom scripts and use original BG2 ones are not benefited from SCS anymore?
  8. I would like to see an expanded description of what effects the fatigue causes depending on its severity and how the party NPCs accumulate it. An info table would came in handy, i guess. BTW, do the characters controlled by the CPU suffer from fatigue consequences too? Cheers
  9. Thank you, Erik, i have made another request in the related post.
  10. Do you mean thebiglist.txt works like a library which defines the values set? If so, what a wonderful feature! BTW, the fatigue effects are not described in the readme, and i think it would be very interesting for the player to know that info. Have a good weekend.
  11. Hello, erik. I have noticed that your mod modifies some armours prices to better reflect their new status of usefulness. I see a potential problem here, because if someone plays your mod within a BWP megamod installation, he or she will have probably the mod Store Prices installed to keep balance. (Store Prices is a mod designed to modify the selling and/or buying value of all shops by a percentage) However, as long as your mod just meddles with the items themselves, as it seems, it's ok. But i though you could find useful the information. Another thing that i have seen that FP&PS modifies, are some defensive clerical/druid spells. Is this feature fully compatible with Spell Revisions and Spellpack? Looking at the compatibility post i guess it is, but, you know, better safe than sorry. BTW, i would like to see the aformentioned changes described in the readme. Is it possible? Thank you
  12. Yeah, i know, but it sounds ridiculous.
  13. That's with the moondogs* fear ability, not the spell. *(or somesuch) A dragon fleeing in panic? LOL
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