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  1. Interesting. Hope the changes work out for you, they seemed to do the trick for me.
  2. I have the component 'Remove animation from the Cloak of Mirroring (leave it for other spells and effects that use the same graphic): v30' installed, but having just picked up the cloak in ToB I noticed that the animation was still active. A change log of the .itm file (clck26) shows this: So no mention of the component actually editing the file. Weidu log: Having looked at the mirror_cloak.tpa file in stratagems/ease, it's easy to make the change manually. But maybe someone can figure out why this didn't install?
  3. Interesting, thanks. Frame rate issues aside, it's basically impossible to see what's going on. For reference, the area is AR3010, and the Glabrezus are either teltan1.cre or teltan2.cre. Actually, watching this video of an SCS playthrough, the projectile effects appear much less obtrusive. I suspect that the 1ppv4 component 'softer spell effects' is what is making them more visible in my game. Here's what I see in comparison. I believe that these 1pp effects are also implemented in BG2EE, which may explain why there was that post on the Beamdog forums. critto, do you happen to know ho
  4. In Watcher's Keep 3rd level (Maze) there's a room with a rune-covered pillar that says 'These are runes of warding. They speak of the Imprisoned One and are sealed with helm's symbol.' In this room there are 6 Glabrezus. Each continually summons fire elementals and salamanders, as well as having fire shields up and creating various AoE clouds. Very quickly the frame rate drops to single digits. There seems to be no limit to their summoning abilities. It's such a tiny room that even a fight with 6 Glabrezus (who all have PfMW) would be a challenge, without all the summons and clouds. Is
  5. Ah, that explains it! I do indeed have that component installed. So neither SCS nor fixpack intend to make secret word work on liches, it's just a minor side effect of having both installed together. Cheers.
  6. Pierce magic and higher, I guess. Of course this would make liches more difficult. Does secret word affect liches in vanilla? I was discussing the issue in the general mod forum (http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27340&hl=) because I was trying to work out why spell thrust wasn't working on liches but secret word was. My thoughts are that either both should work, or neither. If secret word working on them is intentional, that's cool. I was just reporting it because it seemed like it might have been an oversight.
  7. I noticed that Secret Word is working on liches, who are normally immune to levels 1-5. This is due to the SCS component that allows Breach to affect liches, which does so by removing the blanket level 5 immunity of liches while individually adding immunities to level 5 spells. Secret word, not being a level 5 spell, is overlooked, which leaves liches vulnerable to its effects (which operate at power level 5). I assume this is an oversight - it's certainly an easy thing to miss.
  8. Did some more detective work. I think this is a SCS bug (or maybe vanilla), and I think it can be easily fixed. Basically the priest is dual-wielding but also has a sling equipped, so when he switches weapon it causes an animation crash. Here's one post I found: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/58010-attacking-priest-of-cyric-in-north-forest-causes-crash/?p=576398 And another: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/57491-ar18priecre-assertion-failed-seems-to-be-an-animation-problem/?p=570676 Here's a changelog on AR18PRIE.cre from my install:
  9. I just had the game crash with the following error: I don't know whether this is actually related to SCS at all, but when googling the error message I found the following post on Beamdog's forums from a few years ago, which references the exact same location and encounter where I had my crash: http://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/438109/#Comment_438109 weidu log:
  10. I can confirm both of the issues above. I was about to report the fire shield thing myself.
  11. I have the component 'Slightly weaken insect plague spells, and let fire shields block them: v30' installed, but insect plague still penetrates fire shield. I've noticed this in a couple of different encounters, once with Tolgerias in the Planar Sphere, and once with Irenicus in Spellhold. Weidu log: edit: I notice that there is a comment in stratagems' insect_plague.tpa file that reads: However, in the .spl files for fire shields (spwi403 and spwi418), opcodes 206 (granting immunity to insect plague and creeping doom) appear to be listed after 232. Maybe a bug?
  12. I think that's likely the culprit. This is, I believe, an old vanilla bug. I haven't played solo myself in BG2, but searching 'bhaal follow dream' in google seems to give good results. For instance this post from 2004: Source. See also here.
  13. I just played this part a few days ago, with no problems (SCS v30). Did you speak to Imoen first? Also, are you playing a solo character?
  14. Not a bug, but it would be cool if Imoen had 'enchanted weapon' memorised when you get her back in Spellhold (assuming you installed the 'party loses items in Spellhold' component). Otherwise, you have to rest - and this doesn't mesh well with Unfinished Business's 'Bodhi hunts you down in Spellhold' component, where you're in a race against time.
  15. The player can, but I think the AI targets a specific character (because the spell 'chases' the target even if you move). Yeah, but in any case he should still go for melee attacks even if he can't use spells. I had a look at the creature files (dw#rrak2.cre and rakruh01.cre) and noticed something interesting. They don't have sequencer, web or stinking cloud in their known or memorised spells, but they do have more memorised spells than known spells. Supposedly they have true sight and death spell memorised, but not 'known'. I did a change-log and nothing other than SCS t
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