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  1. this is a brilliant idea and when i release the new Keldog Firecam mod you will get special credit
  2. i just installed baldur's gate and i'm ready to sex my way across the sword coast
  3. progress is slow because i am having difficulty getting my cat voice actors to convey the right emotions, cats are very temperamental actors, they are always trying to do their own ideas and do not always listen to the director (me).
  4. I saw a cat and I was like "that would be a good mod"
  5. Hi my name is pigeon and I think it is a shame there are no cat NPCs so I am creating a mod that will turn Minsc into a cat but I still have to record new cat dialogue and learn how to mod so it won't be out until Tuesday maybe. what I have finished so far: *made a new portrait what needs still be doing: *everything else
  6. Omg yes, he is sooo hot, I use him not just for NPC mods but for vanilla NPCs too!
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