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  1. Thank you ! With your information I was able to do something ugly but that DOES work for me (NearInfinity is such a tool !). Checked on my PC (EET) and on my mobile (BG1EE & BG2EE) : perfect . I have attached the 3 files for colorblind people that want to test it (copy files to override folder). Just keep in mind it's probably useless if you're not colorblind yourself I wish I had asked before... I you ask me, I think it would be a good component for Tweaks Anthology - Cosmetics. STORTINT.BAM STORTIN3.BAM STORTIN2.BAM
  2. Hi, Is it possible to make a colorblind component for scrolls* ? The purpose of this component would be to show the "state" of each scroll (impossible to cast/learn for the current char, castable, learnable, already learnt) with something else than colors. let's say for example : a little sign in the up-right corner : - a cross (X) : not usable/learnable - a slash (/) : usable but not learnable - an empty circle (o) : learnable - a circle filled : already learnt I hope you get the idea : as long it's not based (only) on colors it would be great. I don't even know if it's doable... Thank you
  3. 1) and/or 2) are great ideas, I hope DavidW take it into account !
  4. As long as you know how to do it (https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/43990/how-to-install-mods-on-android/), it works
  5. I don't know if it's important but I also had the same problem. Oh, by the way, WB !
  6. Thank you, I will use it in my next run (on my mobile). BTW, more than 1 hundred reload later (above the first 100+ relaods) ? I finally got both items... not very fun...
  7. I wish a component (cheat) that allows to win 100% against Aesgareth when playing the card game. I'm fed up with reloading : On my mobile*, about 50 reloads, i can only draw : - Plague, then Aesgareth draws Construct, he wins - Strife, then Aesgareth draws Triumph, he wins * on my computer, I can (sometimes) win, but never on my mobile.
  8. I played it (32.4) through the whole saga (from BG1EE up to ToB) and it works as expected I had only a little bug (already reported by someone else) that duplicate the contingency innate spell when you kick a mage/sorcerer and you take him back in your party.
  9. Personal opinion (of course) : dispelling is not a problem for me (read : I like it as it is). It's just "one more" fight with dispelling I eventually cast/drink after the dispelling. fatigue can be a problem : I know it, so I sleep just before for years All in all, is it worth fixing ? I don't know
  10. What ? it's far better (and more simple) now ! Before : you had to choose everything at install time; and if the game was finally too hard for you (beholder lair? chess area?), you had to reinstall everything. After : you can choose almost everything when playing (increase this, decrease that...) so that you can adjust the difficulty without reinstalling everything (just for a single battle if you want : who said chess area again ?). I prefer new versions a lot !
  11. True ! but like DavidW, I was looking for a workaround... His workaround is obviously the better
  12. Are you REALLY sure ? French is my mother tongue* and, for me, "maitre" or "maître" both fit for a male or for a female (I agree that "maitresse" or "maîtresse" is specifically for female but it doesn't mean that maitre/maître can't be used for female). https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais/maître/48734 says that it's a person, not only a male. * this doesn't mean I am right
  13. I usually do every quest possible in chapter 2-3 (everybody go for Carsomyr at the start of chapter 2, no?). So, just an idea in case charname has already killed every owner of the lenses : Bodhi resurrects them and you have to kill them again (with 150% HP?). Now I have written this idea, I don't find it that cool anymore...
  14. the first edit/link doesn't work anymore, but the 2nd one does work (at least for me )
  15. You can spend your time as you like, but... Now, I recommend using this https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28545-i-wish-a-skip-sod-or-sod-be-gone-component/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-251470 (nothing to install !). Tested and approved The first post of my thread has been updated accordingly last year.
  16. is it this mod ? https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1123601/#Comment_1123601
  17. Ok, I will wait as long as necessary and I will also stop hijacking this thread Edit : I hope you will give us news when it's ready
  18. LOL, I don't remember... Am pretty sure it depends on the way you skip SoD : this way you can go Back to BG, this way you can't. I have no savegame to check ATM.
  19. I have not played NTOTSC since... so long... so I won't say about this particular mod. But, generally speaking, I am REALLY happy when "new" modders do maintain "old" mods and port them to EE(T). For this, I say "Thank you", even if I think it doesn't perfectly stick to "original author point of view". BTW, there is a big difference between "original author point of view" and "what I think original author point of view was" so... pointless debate.
  20. Your Question seems clear to me. I don't know the answer but I can tell you how I (personnaly) do : I install Pre-EET mods in BWP order, then EET, at least I install Post-EET mods in BWP order. And then, I don't know if I have already met your kind of problem All in all, I don't think there can be a "one fit all" rule for this kind of problem : it probably highly depends on why the post-EET mod should go before a pre-EET mod.
  21. It's not an EET bug, people have reported the same behavior with BGT. It's probably a popular mod...
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