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  1. Indeed, now it's IncrementChapter("Chptxt7")
  2. In BG2626, i was expecting reaching Chapter 7. Hey, of course! I remember having the very same bug in one of my runs of EET... Here is the post : http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27796&p=242637 (and below is the solution that still works). But, I've read here that few peoples already did full runs, so my question is : why am I the only one to have this bug ?
  3. Well, your first fix don't work (as expected) : You 2nd fix don't work neither OK... I just read the last sentence of your post But... I can't find AR3600N.TIS in NearInfinity (not in override nor in TIS part)... However, I have found BG3600.TIS and BG3600N.TIS (in TIS part), and they seem strange in the lower part of the map... but some of others TIS files also look strange in the lower part... can I take AR3600.TIS (from vanilla BG1EE) and rename it BG3600.TIS ?
  4. looks like TIS file is too large for weidu to handle. In this case in order to fix it you can use this code: COPY_EXISTING ~AR3600N.MOS~ ~BG3600N.MOS~ COPY_EXISTING ~AR3600N.WED~ ~BG3600N.WED~ WRITE_ASCII 0x24 ~BG3600N~ But AR3600N.TIS should be manually renamed to BG3600N.TIS using Near Infinity Hi, just a simple post to let you know you that installing SirinesCall_v14.zip after EET doesn't fix the bug : I also have graphics glitch in the day time, I also had (2 times) CtD in the night time... I will try your fix.
  5. may be related to DSotSC (well, it almost 100% is). I will check it out, thanks. I just want to tell you that this bug still occurs (just in case you wonder )
  6. change this line in Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy/Baldur.lua (my documents directory) SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','UI Edit Mode','0') RC7 no longer sets it to 1, but if the line was already set than it stays like this. Thank you it works like a charm !
  7. So i have the very same problem... but I don't understand what I am supposed to change/add/remove in baldur.lua for the F5 key behave like before SoD
  8. LOL ! I just finished my V1RC6 install but, according to the changelog, not worth re-installing
  9. Thank you it was exactly what i wanted to do, my explanation was just bad
  10. I am also planning an install "soon" (in few days or weeks). So I am also interested in the answer But I also have one question more : How can I be sure to use a specific version of weidu (example : Weidu 2.40) ? Is it enough to launch weidu.exe (2.40 in this example) once in BG2EE directory before installing the 1st mod ?
  11. well... I don't think that changelog is reliable in an EET environment because some mods changed BG1EE part and others BG2EE (with EET). I have not tried the new EET version (I wish i had time for that ), but changelog first EET (before SoD was out...) was not showing BG1 mods.
  12. I may be wrong, but as far as I remember, BG-BP worldmap comes with 2 maps (something like large and huge... or something like that) . Are you sure you both test with the same map ?
  13. Congratulations (I know... I am late... ) I hope to play it soon... as soon as i have time... that means not now
  14. No need to be sorry, you have already made so much for French players I've not read map labels (cause I know they are already in BP-BGT Worldmap). I have just one observation about setup.tra : en_US/setup.tra is empty fr_FR/setup.tra contain both English and French sentences. Smart strategy I may use it in my next install
  15. Ouch ! so your sentence below was about EET (not about BG2EE) ?
  16. Great news ! I will take a look at it I thought it was a NDA problem...
  17. Hi, Congratulation for all the works (and this forum) ! Given that BG2EE is not available in French , do you still need/want a French translation for EET ? I could take a look at it.
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