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  1. Did you remember to also download the Big World Fixpack, put it in your install folder, and run the included batchfile to update everything mentioned in the pdf as needing updating before you started installing the mods? According to the pdf, Baldurdash is one of those that needs this update prior to being installed, so that it'll play nice with the BG2 Fixpack.
  2. Pretty much the only mods I've seen that are specific to the original NWN's Bioware campaigns are a few bugfixes for HotU and a flirtpack for Valen Shadowbreath, so you may be out of luck there.
  3. You're welcome! I wasn't even going to include the Valygar components in my latest install, but I peeked at the .tras, went "Awwwww!", and had to install it.
  4. RE_Valyg25.tra: @92 = ~And a glowy-looking besides. Still, he fooled me.~ Maybe "a little glowy-looking"? Or just "glowy-looking"? @124 = ~Have our friendship opened your eyes?~ Has. @136 = ~You should probably know that I don't want children. Even if we join in marriage, Corthala line may still die out.~ The Corthala line. @158 = ~But it is a dark choice, hiding a part of myself. I've tried imagining lying in the dark, bound and hidden, and knowing that somewhere far above, under the son, another me lives forever... and I couldn't find any joy in it.~ Under the sun. @193 = ~True. I'm tempted to kill all humans from time to time, myself.~ "Kill everyone" instead? Or perhaps a condition so that it only shows up for non-human PCs? (Wow were my thoughts ever jumbled there, now it properly says what I meant it to say!) @197 = ~I know what you mean. I often felt thus on some posh gathering in Athkatla. Another drink, another 'Lord Corthala, meet my daughter!', and I became seriously tempted.~ At some posh gatherings. @199 = ~If our enemies could love, wouldn't all of this be different? If you cared deeply about someone, could you truly cause pain to the innocents?~ Pain to innocents. @230 = ~I want to ride next to you on the beach. Or in the boat, watching the sunset. Make love to you on cool white sheets. Call you mine. Hear you call me yours. I love you, <CHARNAME>, and my wedding vows will reflect that.~ In a boat. @239 = ~Getting married on the battlefield has certain appeal, too. You think we should ask Solar? But... no. Just no.~ Ask the Solar. @21 = ~Another night by a fireside, I'll wager. With a pot of spicy meat stew. See, I can be a prophet, too, when I need to be.~ "By a fireside" sounds awkward to me. I'm thinking either "by the fireside" or "by a fire", probably the former.
  5. ~BG1NPC.TP2~ #0 #32 // The BG1 NPC Project: Check for TutuFix Walking Speeds: v20 ~BG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1210 // Use BG Walking Speeds (BETA): v11 I'm thinking it's these two causing trouble.
  6. heh, indeed. proper installation is kinda impossible. using my simple brain (which hurts now btw.) the best order is: ashes of embers (without one component) divine remix rogue rebalancing one componet from ashes I spent hours trying to figure out how to get those three to at least work together without borking the entire load order somehow, and I didn't even think of doing that. *facepalms* I installed the main component and Cleric/Druid remixes of Divine Remix, then the main component and shop of Song and Silence, Sword and Fist's Monk Remix, Rogue Rebalancing, Ashes of Embers, then all the kits from the first three. I'm using TobEx too, so the kit number restriction's a thing of the past. Everything seems to be working together with no real issues. Only thing I've noticed is that the Feywarden kit still doesn't have access to ranged weaponry beyond slings, which is odd because every other Divine Remix kit does. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't bother me since I hardly ever play a ranged-oriented PC. Same. While BG2 mod auto-installers tend to offer the default Program Files install folder when they don't auto-detect mine, I've always been able to alter it to whatever I need at the time, whether it's to my actual install folder or off to another folder so that I can manually move everything over later on. WeiDU still runs after extraction, but I've never been required to install anything then. It's easy enough to exit out of. If it runs in a non-game folder, all the dialog.tlk error does is generate a DEBUG file. Once I've got everything where I want it, I just run the setup WeiDU again in my install folder and everything installs just fine.
  7. I know how "last mod wins" works. I'm also not interested in replacing AoE. All I want is to be able to use all of DR except the Jaheira alignment change, everything except the nerfs/kits/Wizard Slayer modification in AoE, and everything except the tactical challenges and AI in RR together without issue. I already know that AoE's changes do not apply to DR's kits unless DR is installed afterward, though I have wondered if I can get away with installing the main portions of DR (the main component and the cleric/druid remixes) before the other two mods and just put the kits after AoE. This is why I was asking about a proper load order for all three. EDIT: Looks like that just might work, actually. Don't know if there'll be any problems further in, but everything seems to be meshing fine for now.
  8. Has anyone been able to use Divine Remix, Rogue Revisions, and Ashes of Embers together successfully, and can provide a working load order for all three? I'm redoing my mod order (AGAIN), and I'd like to use all three together, but the recommended install orders for all three are throwing me off. According to the RR compatibility list, DR must be installed in front of RR and AoE's first component behind RR, while DR's readme states that it has to be installed behind AoE to work properly. All this has led to so far is a very confused player.
  9. Heh, joke went completely over my head.
  10. *sneaks in* I'm gonna wait 'til I can get my hands on that new portrait before I actually start testing, but I'm contributing (cheating ) by reading dialog first. I spotted this over in the tob_night file. He might be low on ideas, but he's also breaking the 4th wall.
  11. Chosen of Mystra has an Alora mod out, I think her tag's CMAlora though I am honestly not sure. "Xan just looks", "A Moonblade wielder", and "quite a few stories". "wanderin' into dangerous territory". "th' more things change th' more things change" doesn't really make any sense to me either.
  12. I think "nearer to reality" sounds a little awkward. How about "closer to reality"? Sparkly! Shouldn't that be "almost like eyes"? Teos?
  13. If I remember right, the basic rule of thumb is that Flirt Pack goes after anything that adds to the J files of Aerie/Anomen/Jaheira/Viconia, or else there's potential errors.
  14. While installing, I chose not to install the portraits, and the installer weirded out on me a little. It decided to try to offer me the portrait options anyway, except since I had chosen not to install the portraits, there were no options other than No.
  15. Hrm. That does sound like bad strings, but on a completely fresh install? That's bizarre. Could you post up the contents of your WeiDU log so we can see which components you've installed of the mods you've listed, please?
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