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  1. Aran and WeiDU v247 do not get along. I get the same fatal error described here when I try to install the mod. Jastey's solution (protecting the setup from auto-updating) does work to get it to install, so it's definitely v247 causing it.
  2. While installing, I chose not to install the portraits, and the installer weirded out on me a little. It decided to try to offer me the portrait options anyway, except since I had chosen not to install the portraits, there were no options other than No.
  3. Quick heads-up: If attempting to use a Heal spell to cure Raevilin Strathi of his insanity in the Underdark, please have a Cleric or a Druid cast it. The GeoSorc version won't cure him. (Side note: Imprison spells suck. ) Also true for the mad Elf in Watcher's Keep.
  4. Diriel! Diriel Diriel Diriel. Plus his soundset's a riot, most of the battle cries make me laugh. Reached chapter 2 with him, expecting to see that wonderful message that he's falling for my CG Moon Elf sorceress...instead, it said that Rizdaer (who wasn't even in the party) was. I figure it must've been a typo or something. Made me laugh. I also like Nikosh's mini-romance.
  5. This might be a compatibility issue between the kit and the PSM, as I don't use the PSM and Lavok recognizes my Geo Sorc just fine.
  6. Quick BTWs on some of the uncredited portraits: fCast15 and fCast16 (which actually is meant to be a sorcerer) are by Phaere (love her work!). fDruid7 is by relsh.
  7. If I remember correctly, if you kick him he's gone for good.
  8. *wanders in after a quick search* It's the Imoen-init banter that starts with "So. You're part of that Order of the Radiant Heart, right, Anomen?". The CN version does need in-party checks at the end, for Keldorn, Jaheira, Mazzy and Korgan.
  9. I wanna beta test too Can never have too many beta testers.
  10. You've got to stop posting things like this... *drools* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Unless you're willing to give us a sample, that is.
  11. When you start testing this bad boy, PLEASE let me know
  12. It's been over 2 weeks since we've had our last update...and since it's officially (as of EST) the day after my birthday... Is there anything new we should know about?
  13. It's the 1st, so...time for... NAGGING! Seriously. Anything we should know about?
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