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  1. I decided to change some things in my install-in-progress and removed scsii per component. But I ran into this problem and now it's probably best to start completely fresh all over again. But fyi I'm posting it here. (After uninstalling main required scsii component) Cannot uninstall following components: Improved fiends, Smarter genies, Smarter celestials, Smarter dragons, Add HLAs to ToB mages. Choosing the uninstall option simply loops back as if I typed an invalid key. Other components inbetween these uninstalled fine. I think there are more uninstallable components after that since there'a bit of a pattern to them, but I quit before trying them all. Thinking it was because of missing main component, I reinstalled it and tried uninstalling everything again, but it acted as if those components were not installed anymore. I'm sure they're still there, just not "on record". Additionally, before doing this I had gone over my installs again and found that choosing "No change" didn't skip already installed components, but rather reinstalled them even though that was not what I selected. This seems to happen with the installers of a lot of other mods too. Not sure if it's a install script thing or a WeiDU thing. Maybe these aren't bugs at all but rather some mistake of mine, or not enough for you to worry about since they don't occur if you plan and execute installation correctly. I'm opting to scrap the whole thing and start over. But thought I'd point it out.
  2. Link for Item Revisions at top of G3 main page leads to page for v2 That page leads to v2 download That page also leads to the v2 readme The v2 readme (of course) is also included in the v2 download That readme leads to this thread. This thread says it is for the current version. No indication along the way that I shouldn't bother with v2. For two weeks I've been cracking my skull on readmes and forums, install orders and compatibilities and what choosing how I want to play and what I want installed. Doing my homework diligently. I didn't know v3 existed until today. Nobody reads forums cover-to-cover; until I get the lay of the land, I use search for what I know I need to know through clear and direct paths. And like anyone else I expect anything that's front and center "here you go, this is the XYZ mod" would be current and supported. I've already installed v2 and too many things besides. Had I found out about the v3 maybe 24hrs earlier I'd be glad to play and test it, but I'm hurting to play and frustrated so moving on. Next time around. I know keeping track of everything and having up-to-date info everywhere isn't fun. But I've found the info to sometimes be too scattered and inconsistent to prevent a newcomer getting massively comfused in the entire process. Causes us low-level newbs to run away, wander aimlessly, or take a few swings at allies before it wears off.
  3. Should SR Update Spellbook component be installed after "Level 1 NPCs" mod? BiG World v11 guide explicitly states it should go after all NPC mods. It indeed leaves this component until after all mods that add new NPCs, but recommends Level 1 NPCs be installed much much later. Since that mod significantly alters the at-joining state joinable NPCs, and I presume their capabilities and spells too, it seems to me that this component should come after. Maybe it's not a problem and I'm being overly cautious, but I'd like to get this done right the first time. I've been staring at the BW guide for well over 20hrs in the course of the last week or two, have re-read readmes for all the mods I'm interested in a half dozen times, and scoured every relevant thread I could find. It haunts me in my dreams. This has been more work than I was counting on, and I'd really like to finish up now and get to playing before I lose interest in BG2 before I even start playing. Advice appreciated. And adding this clarification to the readme/this thread/BW guide wouldn't go amiss I think. Thanks.
  4. Also, if SR has the 1PP flaming swords, IR specifically says to install that component after IR. I was about to do SR then IR, but is that okay? If it must be the other way around it should say somewhere.
  5. Seems like a good place to ask this question: Are 1PP wings actualy included with SR avatar changes? I read "updates...to take advantage of 1PP Attachable Wings" in multiple places. But nowhere have I seen it state that it actually comes WITH the wings. I even checked the acknowledgements to see if Erephine (1PP author?). Everything indicates it is NOT included. Should I install it seperately? Before or after SR? Male version too? Seems like too many unanswered questions that route, so maybe it IS included? Heh. Thanks.
  6. After much poking around I think I found the answer to my concerns from my last post in an obscure place. I'm adding the info here in case someone else is searching for it since I didn't find it elsewhere in these forums. Big World v11 Installer's PDF manual says 25MOVIES.BIF might not get copied over on game installation and may cause a crash when entering Baldur's Gate city. It says to manually copy it from the CD, and indeed I found the file there. I'm guessing it wasn't installed because I chose the recomended install rather than full install, and so I doubt it will actually be a problem with the CD in the drive. I'm guessing this may also the case with the Saradush.mve file, although I didn't find that one in the ToB CD, or at least not unpacked. I don't know for sure yet, but anyone with this same question can probably rest assured or at least have an idea where to start if they have problems. And if these files are left out on a minimal/recommended install of the game, they probably shouldn't be used to check if ToB is installed in future mod updates.
  7. I'm having the same problem. My game is installed in c:\ Since in my case it's not a matter of it "looking in the wrong place", but the files not being where they're actually supposed to be, is it still okay for me to simply edit the tp2 to skip the check? I noticed saradush.mve is not a file inserted by this mod like mel01.cre is. The other ToB mandatory components of this mod installed fine. Also, I get a different error trying to install saying 25MOVIES.BIF cannot be loaded. See attached picture.
  8. This is resolved, it seems. I tried uninstalling mods one by one, checking by creating a new game and seeing how the spellbook reacted. No change even with all WeiDU mods removed. After making sure my home windows were all shut and it wasn't the wind blowing the pages around (I've read in parks enough to have experience with this!), I reinstalled the game. It still happened even without reinstalling mods. So I nuked everything: Uninstalled the game, manually deleted everything in the game folder, then reinstalled, and while I was at it I reinstalled all my drivers for video, sound, mouse, keyboard (not updates as I have old hardware and already had the latest versions for all and had to manually uninstall/reinstall each), defragged and did a disk check, practiced some shadowboxing, vaccummed my case, re-inserted my RAM and cables, and made a delicious toasted tomato sandwich which I had with a glass of milk. Reinstalled the game, ToB, and the patch. It works! I've installed Fixes and Ascension so far but haven't tested with a new game yet. Carefully selecting some other mods I want to have and making sure they are WeiDU, compatible, and installed in order before I start playing. I don't know if it was remnants of broken mods/bad installs left over, or if anything is stored elsewhere than BG2-SoA folder like some games do for custom content and settings, or if it was hardware/driver related afterall. Not the mouse, but maybe the keyboard? Didn't change the equipment, and retained the same version drivers... but maybe some wonky bad install of a driver that never affected anything else I ever did on my computer? Can that even happen without other noticeable effects? Anything is possible I suppose, but the behaviour seemed like a broken script to me. Too many posibilities and impossible to pinpoint now unless it happens again. Sorry if I sounded like a prick before. I wanted to delete half of it a short while later but couldn't edit anymore. I know there's smart people to help here. But I'm a smart person trying to help myself too. Discounting my observations when they nullify someone else's observations simply because I'm the one asking for help and they're a "known" expert, even though I'm the one with his hands in the clay, is aggrevating especially when I'm left with the bill. On the otherhand, you might see it the other way around from where you sit. And maybe I was having a bad day. G'day everyone!
  9. Sorry to necro this. I was confused by a discrepency I think nobody pinpointed or bothered to change yet. The comet spell changes in the two readme pages describing this mod's components are different. Not much more than a typo kind of thing, but the updated damage was never comfirmed in this thread and two different descriptions got me spinning just like Daulmakan a few posts back. The revision was not edited on this page where it still says half cold/half crushing damage: http://www.gibberlings3.net/oversight/index.php# I assume this was implemented, but revised only on this page: http://www.gibberlings3.net/readmes/ReadMe-Oversight.html It confused me. Might confuse others who don't investigate. Changing it would be a quick and positive thing. Also if anyone cares to fix it, the first page I linked here has broken links to the Oversight Forum and Readme (above the Download button).
  10. You are right, of course. Troubleshooting is a process of elimination. I was not rejecting it as a process, only as a solution. I will simply not be changing the mouse I use on my computer. But if it helps find another solution, such as fixing some code, I'm for it. If I had a spare mouse it wouldn't be a problem whatsoever. But I didn't, and that makes it complicated. Spending $30 on it and bus fare, I went out and got a new mouse. Tried it out. Uninstalled my old drivers and installed the ones for the new mouse. No change. Problem still persists. As I mentioned before, it happens automatically after a time delay, with no mouse involvement (that was only an initial reaction without careful observation, and I wish I hadn't mentioned it!). I have more than just basic understanding of computers, scripts, etc, and am observant, logical and discerning. And without making a video of what I'm seeing on screen, giving you full details about my computer and setup, and so on, I have a better understanding of "what" is going on and what is not going on than I can describe to you in a simple post. Even if I don't fully understand "why" it's happening I can make observations and tests. The process of elimination can also be indirect. I felt confident in dismissing the suggestion based on my judgement and knowledge, the expense it would mean to me, and since changing my mouse each time I played the game would never be a solution. I didn't simply blow off advice. I made a calculated judgement call. I don't mean to be rude or uncooperative. You are not my adversaries and you have no obligation to help, yet do so. But I now spent money on something I don't really need. Returning it will cost me even more time and money. I feel justified in being upset about jumping through that tedious hoop, and so yes I'm having a mini-rant to get over it. It's done, over. If $30 and wasted time is the price of continued support, then so be it. It's not inconsequential to me, but it doesn't even twinkle in the same universe as what you guys put into creating this stuff. So what's next? If there's nothing else to try before drastic measures, I will uninstall whatever mods I can via the installers and see if I can narrow things down before reverting back to vanilla. If it still doesn't work then I will reinstall everything fresh this weekend. My interest is in getting my game working, but if you want to positively identify why this happened in interest of others I'll be a lab rat for a bit. I'm of the curious sort. That makes sense. Then WeiDU must be a full mod-manager integrated into the cmd line installer, and included in the BG2 Tweaks too. I thought it was a separate application found on the WeiDU site like some mod-managers are for other games, and that these mods were just "compatible" with it. But when the logfile was updated after reinstalling the Tweaks I started wondering. Thanks for the info. I'll fix it up.
  11. I asked for advice on getting my files to where you want them starting with what I had already, but didn't quite get it I think, so I went ahead with my own judgement. I simply installed the WeiDU Ascension components I wanted over top what I had (which the instructions say I can since I didn't have Ascension itself), then reapplied BG2 Tweaks, including the bonus merchants component to overwrite the GB version. I have attached the WeiDU.log file (changed to .txt for upload) from my BGII-SoA folder. The line in the log that says "The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod" is untrue, as the re-installation of the BG2 Tweaks should come after the WeiDU Ascension stuff. I tested the problem after doing this and it is still happening. As for it having something to do with the mouse - no. My mouse has never presented problems. The game was working fine before applying the fixes/mods/tweaks. I have not changed my drivers or anything else to do with hardware (or anything at all) since before I installed the game. I will not be playing the game with any other mouse. If a mod broke my mouse functionality, then the mod is broken. Thus, not the problem and not a troubleshooting avenue I intend to indulge. Thanks for taking the time to looking into it. WeiDU.txt
  12. I downloaded BG2 Fixes from here, bonus merchants and David Gaider's mods from http://www.gamebansh...i/downloads.php , and BG2 Tweaks from here, installed in that order. I do not see the merchant or Gaider's mods on WeiDU.org except for Ascension with optional Gaider components. Keep in mind I do NOT want the Ascension mod yet as I haven't tasted the vanilla ending yet. If the gamebanshee versions are not up to date, where can I get them? And can I just install those over and be confident the files will overwrite properly and completely without remnants from the gamebanshee versions? Do I need to uninstall Tweaks first and if so is there a simple option to do so in the installer? Or can I just reinstall Tweaks over everything once I've got the new versions of the others? I kind of doubt the bonus merchants or Gaider Improved NPC mods have anything to do with this issue. I will follow any advice required, but of course (at your discretion, not mine. i know nothing) please don't suggest something like reinstalling the game to get rid of a mod that is very unlikely to have anything to do with it.
  13. Greetings. First time here. Played BG ages ago. Got BG2 from a friend when he was getting rid of stuff. Newb to BG2 and all this patching for it. Not newb to modding.in general. I installed SoA and ToB. Patched. Applied BG2 Fixes. Applied bonus merchants. Applied David Gaider's Improved_so_and_so_ mods (except Ascension and Abazigal). Applied BG2 Tweaks. Among possibly applicable BG2 Tweaks components I used are un-nerfed spell progression tables. I think I did apply Easy Spell Learning. Did not apply (95% sure of this) the Cast Spell from Scrolls at Char Level, Save Penalties for Spells at Higher Levels, or Remove Fatigue from Restoration components. If there's a log of installed components I can find i'd be happy to post it. I loaded up my saved SoA game where I just came out of the starting dungeon and saved in the "poor" inn in the Promenade . My main character is a fighter(7)/illusionist(7), and I have Minsc, Jaheira at (7)/(8), and Yoshimo in party. When I go to the spellbooks for either my main character or Jaheira, the spellbook shuffles through to the last page (Level 7 for Jeheira, Level 9 for my main). Once triggered, It does this almost instantly, and with a lot of page-turning swishing sounds. This seems to be triggered by nothing more than moving the mouse around (quickly?) over nothing in particular and/or waiting a few seconds. I have not pinpointed the exact trigger yet if there's one to find, but it does happen very consistently. Once it happens, I cannot view any previous pages, even though trying to go to them does play the page-turning sound. It's like whatever is happening goes into a repeating cycle to keep going to the last page. Exiting the spellbook to another scroll screen or back to the game, then going back to the spellbook seems to always reset this behaviour, until it starts happening again a few seconds later. I can barely use my spellbook. It's completely broken. I could not find anything like this using search on forums, but I'm hoping I'm a blind wombat and the answer is known and out there. Please help. Thanks. EDIT: I've found the trigger. It is simply: having the spellbook open for 5 seconds. hah.
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