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  1. Sorry man i'm not a computer person, I don't know where the fuck is the system's file manager. You're speaking greek to me =)
  2. Is there a way to disable Auto-save ? I'm playing BG II ToB.
  3. The XP Cap i chose ( lv30) through the tweakpack or SCS II, can't remember wich, doesn't seem to apply to Multi classed characters. It seems that they can LV up through lv 40/40 and above. Is there a way around this ? I tried to make something happen using shadowkeeper but since i'm a computer noob I had no success. I like to play things fair so what i'm aiming at is a Lv 15/15 character since i'm playing with the Lv 30 XP Cap. Any help is aprecciated, thanks !
  4. Is there a way to make the change permanent, as oposed to having to use the script again everytime you reload a game ?
  5. Wich version of SCSII fixes this bug ? I'd like to know of the earliest one because the latest ones cause several bugs on my game, thanks a lot.
  6. Just tried the SCSII V28 on non enhanced BG 2 ToB and I can't put individual spell immunities on triggers or contingencies. Anybody knows why this happens, or how to fix it ? Also is it possible to uninstall a particular version of SCSII and install a diferente one without uninstalling / reinstalling the game ?
  7. Well sometimes I can't believe how the people who dedicated their time to this website managed to make a already masterpiece of a game into something twice better so a few issues with the game engine can be excused =P Thanks anyway =)
  8. Hi, is there a mod that allows a char to switch from dual wielding to bow without having to access the inventory to equip / unequip the off hand ?
  9. Hi, i'm currently using SCS II v20 mainly because everytime I try a diferente version there's Always minor bugs here and there, this version seems to work fine for me. I'd like to know if there's any kind of fix I can aplly to resolve the Poison bug wich after na enemy is killed by poison he rises again, untargetable and fights normally until after a time he drops dead again. The other thing would be the Captain Haegan bug wich after the dialogue he stands still and doesn't fight. Any way this can be fixed ?
  10. Yes I play with SCS. I'll do that, thank you. Out of curiosity do you know how exxactly I got killed ? one thing I noticed is that if I pause when enemies Blade barrier is up, on the dialogue shows the message "blade barrier" like 30times in sequence instead of once per round. Maybe I got killed by several hits of it ? Anyway yor suggestion should fix this right ?
  11. I was playing a no reload run and was pretty far in the game, then I went to kill the party in the bridge district wich has a woman on high ground throwing stuff, a fighter, a cleric and a wizard named Decandros. Should be a prett easy battle but as soon as the cleric's blade barrier went up it insantly killed my Lv 12 Cavalier. anybody knows why this happens ? it's the second time it happens to me.
  12. Erhm ?? I thought somebody told me this community had a 12 year filter, at least least you get the prize for least interesting post right lol
  13. It would add a new element to the game, survivability. Having the ability to reload everytime you fail a save makes the game somewhat repetitive and boring, not to mention a trained ape can beat the game like this =P
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