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  1. OK, I think I got it (watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XpnKHJAok8) and distributed SCM sounds at least worth the try. I still have some doubts about it but it would be off topic in this thread. I know that I cannot expect diffs between "current" NI and 1.33 Beta 19 and they are not necessary (as long as new version is at least as stable as Jon's) but when it makes its way into repository, there are means to track and document changes and I believe they should be used. So, let me know when there will be NI sources at git and we'll see how to make them official and whether we make some website or such. As you said, first things first.
  2. No. The way git works is that, while everybody has access to a full repository in read/write mode, one of those is chosen to be the master and thus used for publishing purposes, while the other devs will sync their repository to the master, change the source, and then send their diffs to the master. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_%28software%29 Thanks for explanation, I have experience mainly with subversion approach which has centralized repository, yet all other developers may contribute directly to it and everyone's equal. I guess it is a bit less safe but much better when master developer has no time to approve diffs (or get hit by low flying airplane). Or I may have understood it wrong in which case feel free to ignore this paragraph. I'll look at it again in more depth later. Back to NI though, do I understand correctly that I can look forward to new shiny version of NI that will be placed in repository with diffs and author notes and a lot of fancy buttons etc. And that there will be new official branch (trunk) which will be considered official. And if someone (for example me) would like to add new feature, he would just commit diff to this trunk. Currently developers are not tied to one maintainer as well but it means devSin's, Taimon's, Kung Fu Man's, mine and SourceForge's forks and it *is* a mess. And that's why latest version is probably still 1.33 Beta 19 since there is no official successor - and not necessarily person, one team repository would be even better. I suppose there will always be means to grant access to new developers when someone wants to leave.
  3. But we want to have just one perfect version, don't we? I mean if there is four forks with four devs, it would be complete mess, wouldn't it?
  4. I am sure it would be good idea to contact Kung Fu Man and merge his fixes ... to somewhere. And I think that it should be first decided which version would be the base one (mine definitely not, my changes are rather minor, well documented and easily repeatable) and where it will be placed. However it is not for me to decide because I do not know the current situation.
  5. I really do not care who shall supervise it. However there is no sense in fixing already fixed and maintaining several branches of NI. So it would be perfect if we all just settle to one repository and made it as official as possible. I am not sure what github exactly is but I somewhat hope that it can be accessed via NetBeans and its version control plugins (commit, merge, update, diff, ...) and some sort of ticket system.
  6. OK, it sounds good. I believe that it would be great to have some sort of revision control and (just one) official successor of NI. I try to push Taimon a little. It's really bad idea to to have 4 forks of NI with its own bugfixes and several version numbering. And changelog can be founded as of some "stable" milestone.
  7. Thanks, I missed that one, could you summarize what state of development past official 1.33 Beta 19 it is? (1.33 Beta 19 is latest official source release (never made it to official binary though).)
  8. Hi folks, it's been a some time but recently I needed to mass export some TGA resources from NWN and it turned up that the fastest way was to obtain and modify Near Infinity. And I was thinking ... would it be welcomed to continue development of this tool? I don't mean anything big or time consuming, just fix some bugs, update field according to IESDP etc. I found out that NI sources were released to SourceForge, yet its development was a brief one. So my question is really simple, does somebody still uses NI and if so, would you like to see some new features or bugs fixed? I tried to play with SVN recently and released my own Beta-Beta :-) version at http://infinity.planescape.cz/nearinfinity/ It can mass export TGA files, select charset when editing dialog.tlk (Eastern Europe blocker) and I played a little bit with possibility to save BAM as transparent PNG files.
  9. I've got this version of bgmain.exe as well and build 5.1.13 above still doesn't work. Any ideas how can I help you fix this?
  10. Well, I selected source and target folders but everything else is grayed. Any idea why? Windows XP, Baldur's Gate II: The Collection (26498), JRE 1.6.0 Update 3
  11. I've just tested it - SetCutSceneLite is not implemented in SoA. Even adding action to action.ids doesn't make it work.
  12. Can you send me your saved game, weidu.log, pparan2.dlg and cut41b.bcs? drake127 _at_ sigil.cz
  13. Agreed, works fine. (GUI disappears, save is not possible, it fits situation).
  14. I think block should be splitted to several parts. In first one you stab coffin (gain XP and lose stake), in second one Bodhi is spawned and in third one Bodhi starts to talk. Since script has to be rebuilded, I'd choose to rebuild it completely and avoid modifying dialog file. You cannot simply move that variable at the end because you'd keep gaining XP until you ran out of stakes. I made a new local variable that follows Bodhi's creation progress. Only thing I am not sure of is role of SetInterrupt statement. Can somebody tell me if it has any impact on following code? If somebody wonders why is Wait(3) at the end of second block, it is because of door animation. There is actually no delay between Bodhi's appearance and dialog. IF Global("Coffin3","AR0801",2) GlobalLT("LassalVampires","GLOBAL",3) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) AddexperienceParty(9000) TakePartyItem("misc6w") DestroyItem("misc6w") SetGlobal("LassalVampires","GLOBAL",3) SetGlobal("d_BodhiSpawn","AR0801",1) CreateVisualEffectObject("SPDEATH3","Coffin3") Wait(1) CreateVisualEffectObject("SPFLESH2","Coffin3") SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("d_BodhiSpawn","AR0801",1) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) CreateVisualEffect("SPCLOUD3",[480.1338]) Wait(1) CreateVisualEffect("SPFLESHS",[480.1338]) Wait(1) CreateCreatureDoor("bodhi2",[480.1338],14) SetGlobal("d_BodhiSpawn","AR0801",2) Wait(3) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END IF Global("d_BodhiSpawn","AR0801",2) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) ActionOverride("bodhi2",StartDialogueNoSet(Player1)) SetGlobal("d_BodhiSpawn","AR0801",3) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END
  15. Classic bug when player save and load during script execution. I believe bug is in following code (ar0801.bcs). IF Global("Coffin3","AR0801",2) GlobalLT("LassalVampires","GLOBAL",3) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("LassalVampires","GLOBAL",3) AddexperienceParty(9000) TakePartyItem("misc6w") DestroyItem("misc6w") CreateVisualEffectObject("SPDEATH3","Coffin3") Wait(1) CreateVisualEffectObject("SPFLESH2","Coffin3") CreateVisualEffect("SPCLOUD3",[480.1338]) Wait(1) CreateVisualEffect("SPFLESHS",[480.1338]) Wait(1) // If I save and load here, Bodhi won't appear and game is broken. CreateCreatureDoor("bodhi2",[480.1338],14) Wait(3) ActionOverride("bodhi2",StartDialogueNoSet(Player1)) SetInterrupt(TRUE) END
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