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  1. David Eddings was one of the writers who got me hooked on fantasy. I remember devouring them, avidly waiting for the next one to come in the post. The Elenium and Tamuli especially - I loved all the Pandion Knights.
  2. Sent the PMs out - let me know if you didn't get yours!
  3. No worries, we're hoping beta testing won't take too long, so you'll be able to enjoy v1 of Faren once your exams are over and done with (good luck with them, by the way!). And of course, if you do end up having some free time just get in touch and I can give you access to the workroom.
  4. It's that time again, folks. Faren is nearing completion and we would love your help with playtesting. Laidback and lackadaisical, Faren brings straightforward loyalty, a sense of humour and a touch of moral grey to the party. And for eligible PCs, he can become something more, but don't expect angst or clinginess from him - he is very much his own man. You can find Faren in the Trademeet jail and play with him until the end of Throne of Bhaal. The mod is stable and playable. It includes two encounters with various outcomes, friendly banters with the PC and a full romance. Faren banters with the Bioware NPCs and has extensive flirts, interjections and situational chats. If you're interested, please PM me or post here. Now, I'm off to find some more synonyms for "easygoing", and it ain't gonna be pretty...
  5. Apologies for the ridiculously long Luxley description! I'd also like to say that permission isn't required for Nathaniel, either. Both added!
  6. Miss Sakaki

    ToB flirts

    These sound really lovely. I'm greatly looking forward to seeing more, and best of luck with the rest of the ToB material!
  7. Thank you, but I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I'll wait till it's released - it sounds interesting, though (I'm very fond of Valygar) and the preview was quite tantalising!
  8. How long or in-depth is the Valygar content? Can you specify a number of lovetalks? (I understand if you want to keep it under wraps till the release, though.)
  9. I'm having this problem too. I've got the official patch and Platter's Fixpack installed, then tried the tweakpack - it just crashes when I try to open Torment up.
  10. Torchwood is hilarious, often not for the right reasons, but entertainingly silly nonetheless. My housemates and I have a lot of fun watching and mocking it every week. The sexual content doesn't bother me at all (although seeing more of Owen than I ever wanted to has scarred me somewhat), but the "because no one's had sex with anyone for ten minutes, let's randomly talk about sex" mentality of the writers does get a bit wearing at times.
  11. The audio in the Luxley Family is also pretty good. It's quite helpful to make sure you've got a nicely insulated room to work in. At one point we ended up with an obvious echo, and we had to re-record several lines. It's good to shut the curtains, and record in a small room if possible.
  12. I saw it on Sunday - it was great. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter were actually good singers, which was a nice surprise. The supporting characters were spot on and of course the music was fantastic. My only big complaint was the CG blood at the beginning, which had a remarkable resemblance to paint mixed with cornflour. And there were some gorier bits when I had to look away, but that's to be expected!
  13. Wheee! Huge congratulations, it's lovely to hear such good news!
  14. Hehe, I think you're the first person to get that reference! As for the name, no worries at all. Best of luck with the public release!
  15. Feuille and I would be very happy to work on crossmod stuff with either Nathaniel or the Luxleys - just as soon as we've got some more free time! I know Feuille has various university commitments, and I'm very busy with university at the moment, plus my modding priority right now is sorting out the Nathaniel bugs, which is going to take quite some doing, so it might be a little while. As for the material about how Angelo's takeover took place, it doesn't contradict anything we say in the Nathaniel mod so I think the mods should be able to work together quite nicely.
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