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  1. Obviously super old, but can you (or anyone else)still provide this hotfix? This link seems to be dead. Thank you!!
  2. For all of the Ranger Kits added under the Divine Remix Mod, (wilderness runner, justifier, bowslinger, forest runner, and Feralan), none of the special abilities they are supposed to come with, such as the wilderness runners ability to set snares or charm animals, appear under the special abilities tab. Also, abilities the class should confer, such as the fire and ice resistance of the wilderness, do not appear. I downloaded NearInfinity but had trouble navigating it and didn't quite know what to look for. I'll take a look again though.
  3. I initially posted this in the Divine Remix section, but since it is a ghost town over there, I thought I'd try here. Problem is pretty much in the title. Divine Remix V8 seems to work pretty well for the most part, but special abilities on the new Ranger kits included with it do not appear. Mod is currently installed on Divine Remix V8, on BG: EE, with the tweak pack installed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  4. Anyone have any trouble with the Wilderness and Forest Runner kits? Everything else seems to work, but these won't display the special abilities for me.
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