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  1. @subtledoctor Does this 5e system also apply to Shadow Magic?
  2. From what I've heard, new race entries on the character creation screen are only possible with engine extensions. There are many triggers in the base game and in mods which depend on the character's race. Thus, if some NPC likes to romance humans, they'll romance any human subraces the same way. (Icewind Dale II treats Aasimar and Tieflings as human subraces.) Officially, what is the plural for "Aasimar?" I thought "Aasimar" meant singular and plural, like sheep or moose.
  3. I like half-dragons, gnolls, and ogres as playable PC races, but I more prefer what I messaged you, @tipun. Thankee!
  4. I recall subtledoctor and you talking about some UI patch for LeUI on 2.5 that fixed the contingency/sequencer UI but which was fixed in EE 2.6. What do you recall of this? Where can we get screenshots of LeUI shop UI in action? Thankee!
  5. @tipun In an old subraces mod, half-dragons were made subraces of half-orcs for some reason, probably because there was nothing else that fit mechanically. What about adding full orcs as a 'subrace' to half-orcs?
  6. @lefreut If we're playing EET on EE 2.5, what LeUI mod version should we use? I assume it's 4.3.x. If so, what other UI patch was recommended for contingency/sequencers/other menus and how do we get it and use it? Thankee!
  7. If you're still testing the serious changes, may we get access to an obviously-labeled TEST build for those adventurous enough to use it? (I'm not asking for me at present, but others may want it.) Thankee!
  8. Thankee! We're playing EET on EE 2.5 and want to ensure this mod is compatible.
  9. @tipun To clarify, is this subrace mod EET compatible? If not, may we get that? If it is, may we have that formally stated in the documentation? Thankee!
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