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  1. Endarire


    From what I heard, @tipun was working on converting the IWD games to EET. There was already a set of mods for non-EE BG2 that added IWD content (The Never-Ending Journey). @K4thos was doing a different version that required EEex.
  2. @jastey Does this mean the latest Saradas Magic II mod version can be put on Spellhold Studios GitHub? Thankee!
  3. @morpheus562 Why does each spell added require 16 scripts?
  4. @subtledoctor Are animal companions compatible with your multiclass Rangers and Druids? If not, may we get them? Thankee!
  5. I noticed that after I mentioned it. Oops!
  6. @Mike1072 May we get this as a mod news item? @morpheus562 Thankee again! My next request for scripts is OlvynSpells since it has so many helpful and unique spells. This scripting system seems like it should be easier to automate somehow for scalability.
  7. Thankee for these variable scripts! What mods besides SCS do you support with your scripts?
  8. What if Scar is one person who would commission someone to investigate these disturbances if they haven't done so already? Questgiver: "Hey! Check this out!" PC: "I didn't do that. OK!" OR PC: "Done already. Let's talk!"
  9. I primarily meant Bioware/Beamdog NPC companion quests, but mod-added companion quests also count. For BG city, what about disallowing plot progression with Iron Thorne (or Throne, depending on how I read it) until other events are done, or completing the Iron Guys' BG city tasks to effectively complete the other mines'/chapters' quests?
  10. Would this mod let people enter Baldur's Gate city sooner? If so, when? How would Durlag's Tower and Ulgoth's Beard factor into the plot? What about the Circus, the basilisk garden, and otherwise? NPC companion quests? Thankee!
  11. Baldiur's Gate was made into the game that it was largely due to the influence of Diablo.
  12. @subtledoctor Thankee for validating my choice to wait until this was implemented to ensure Unearthed Arcana mods were compatible with lefreut's UI! Alleluia!
  13. @lefreut What lefreut UI and EEUITweaks aren't compatible?
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