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  1. @jastey Checking in with you if there was a publicly-released fix to the aforementioned bugs related to this mod.
  2. @Mike1072 Since you're in charge of Spell Revisions, what say you regarding the Death Knight spell?
  3. D&D 2e isn't balanced in the modern sense: Death Knights seem focused on killing things. It's in their name. Also, spell resistance is a handy counter to many spells.
  4. @Daeros_Trollkiller How compatible is this mod with other mods that add spells, especially Spell Revisions?
  5. @Caedwyr Having played a D&D 3.5 campaign where some characters were Spheres users and others were the default classes, the Spheres users were normally very specialized in what they did. A Spheres-based mind controller can dominate and charm units from an early level (4ish), but can't do much else.
  6. @subtledoctor Should this Arcanist kit be formally part of T&B as an option?
  7. @temnix I recall some sewer grates being exit only: Thus, if you left the underground and appeared at street level, there was no transition trigger to take you back to where you came via that same grate. I apologize. I was relying on memory from about 2014.
  8. Thankee! What about uploading this to Google Drive or GitHub so you'd have more space? What about fixing the Baldur's Gate City Sewers so party members can enter them from street level? (In BG:EE, the party usually couldn't enter them from street level but could exit the underground areas through them to street level.)
  9. @jastey Is the EET-compatible Auren on G3's Github? If so, where? Thankee!
  10. @DavidW Should we still avoid Wheels of Prophecy in this modern age?
  11. @Splicer_777 Have you seriously considered lowering the difficulty if you've felt stuck? Sometimes, this is all that's needed to succeed.
  12. For 1PP, how important is this mod if I use EET?
  13. @subtledoctor Between the subtledoctor branch of mods and the UnearthedArcana branch of mods, which should we use when and why?
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