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  1. Who knows significantly more about this? @Caedwyr? @bob_veng? @Gwendolyne? @temnix?
  2. @DavidW I also considered the 'warp via dialog' situation, but vastly preferred what I proposed as it seemed like a more elegant solution. In terms of scope, how easily implemented is my solution of changing the map travel times to 0, avoiding all encounters, 'fast traveling' to the location, then returning things to normal post-warp? Plot-wise, I assumed chapters 4 and 5 had ample justification to prevent warping. Spellhold Isle probably has some sort of 'anti warp field' to prevent stray mages from jumping in and out. Chapter 5 is in the Underdark where long-range teleportation effec
  3. @Saphael & @Daeros_Trollkiller May we get the table of recipes for this mod officially added as in the mod's documentation, perhaps as a spoiler?
  4. Today, Austin released an EET-compatible version of Saradas Magic II. I messaged GwendolyneFreddy about updating the SHS version.
  5. @Angel I talked with @Grammarsalad (author of B_Spells) about this and he likely knows more about color changing. Talk with him about spell recoloring.
  6. @Angel Does your "de-greening" also mean the removal of Evard's Green Tentacles in favor of black or dark gray ones?
  7. Greetings! I know certain things have stat prereqs (like the ability to cast level x spells due to requiring certain minimum casting stats), and having higher stats overall is better, but how much do high stats matter compared to mid- or low stats? Low level play makes ability scores matter more than high level play, at least in theory. What say you and why?
  8. Greetings, all! As mentioned here, let's assume I have an EE-compatible mod I want to be made EET compatible. When is running the automatic converter enough? How do I know if it failed, it succeeded, and in what ways? What else should I know about this at present? Thankee!
  9. I might make mods and would like to have the EE prefix for Endarire Elward. i saw it registered about 12 years ago to Emzeror. Google searching revealed Emzeror was only involved as a tester on the Nathaniel NPC mod and seemingly never made any other projects. Searching G3 and SHS revealed he barely posted anything. May I use this EE prefix? Thankee!
  10. @lynx I understand this. That's why I said you'd arrive as if you had walked there. To clarify, I meant walked there from your current pre-teleport location.
  11. @subtledoctor You could call the Mana Arcanist a Netherese Arcanist since that's what they are! The Pathfinder Arcanist on which the T&B Arcanist is based gets extra spell slots from a high INT for extra castings, but not extra variety.
  12. @lynx As mentioned above, you would warp to the same place you would arrive had you walked to that destination. This is very intentionally mimicking the functionality of walking there, but without encounters and with a travel time of 0. Note that the spell is refunded for some purposes, not merely because you were disrupted while casting. The refund is there because simply being told, "You can't use this spell you cast when you don't know why" with no mercy is just not fun. @subtledoctor Tell me your main character's name so that, if the caster is named that, he alone suffers the pai
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