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  1. @JMKarlsson According to this, aye!
  2. @jastey Is Wesley Weimer still around the G3 forum? If so, how can we get him to voice his verdict on the new content for this mod - the stuff that isn't strictly technical fixes & improvements?
  3. @Hellmouse I do want EET compatibility for this mod since that's how our family is playing this. Thankee!
  4. Merry Christmas 2020, everyone! It's only December 24, 2020 in Central Time when I'm posting, but that's been close enough for our family. Enjoy!
  5. @subtledoctor I too am interested in @kaiiak's inquiry since I too want OlvynSpells to be compatible with Tome & Blood, Might & Guile, and Faiths & Pantheons!
  6. Random Magic Resistance: Make it a specific value. I've liked BG's stats system because I could use Control-8 to guarantee 18s in all stats so I can get on with the game and skip this 'rolling' stuff. Duergar: Expect people to use the minimum CHA if they don't already have a good reason to have a high CHA. It's best to fix this so PCs don't accidentally die soon after starting the game for seemingly no good reason!
  7. @tipun Worry not! Thankee again for releasing the content you did! I'm looking forward to this subraces mod expanded!
  8. Greetings, all! Thankee, @jastey, for releasing 4 new mod updates today and a NTotSC Polish translation 5 days ago! I went from "Why didn't I notice these before?" to "Wow! Finally! Alleluia!" That last remark may also apply to others who wanted a formal Ascalon Breagar release in English so we could read and play it. (A similar feeling may have applied to non-native English speakers who finally got a mod they anticipated translated into one of their native tongues!)
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