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  1. Since there's been nothing constructive in this thread, it has been locked until further notice.
  2. You've got to stop posting things like this... *drools*
  3. *Bev fans self* Hopefully this won't lead to another fire...
  4. Oooo... kiss Aklon.... *drools*
  5. Um... OK, I'll let this one slide...
  6. I'd like to amend the Critical Strike a bit. There is a limit on how many times you can select it, but I don't remember right off hand how many. But you can select it at least 15 times.
  7. Loké: What annoys you the most? (apart from your sister ) Keli: Hm... besides Inara... that's a hard one... there are so many things that Inara does that annoy me, it's hard to think of something that someone else might do that annoys me. I mean, after Inara, I've learned to tolerate a lot of things.
  8. Reywind: Say you were, eh, attacking a dragon and, well, all of your friends were mercilessly slain, do you think it would be, you know, okay to raise their corpses to continue fighting. Cause, you know, they wanted to kill the dragon, but, eh, death sorta got 'em first. Keli: Oh, I have no problem with raising the dead - especially under those circumstances. There have been many times when I feared I would have to raise Inara. It's the long dead that I would never bring back... it can only mean trouble.
  9. Monkeyfist: Anyone ever tell you that between the spots and those stubby little horns you look a bit like a giraffe? A sexy giraffe? Rastor: Do you think that Monkeyfist smells like a baboon? Jorge: Aw, bloody hell. Stuff it you lot. Give the lady some space before I start knocking heads. You there! I don't know what the hell a "gerr-affe" is, but I don't like the sound of it so you say yer sorry right quick. Monkeyfist: Luckily, I am a skilled artiste! A giraffe, for your further review. Do you deny the resemblance? Userunfriendly: sigh...everyone knows that k
  10. Rastor: Any chance I could count all the spots on you? Keli:
  11. MrEnnigma: Do you think it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? Keli: I rather fancy myself as the hopelessly romantic type. So I believe that you love someone forever. However, if you never take a chance, then you have lost nothing to begin with. MrEnnigma: If you had the power to banish all pain and darkness in the world would you or do you feel there cannot be joy and light without their counterparts? Keli: Banish all pain and darkness? That would certainly be idyllic. However, without the one, how would you know about the other? So, in effect,
  12. Briannandoah: Where have you got your name from? Does it mean anything special? Keli: As to where I got my name, my mother gave it to me. As for what it means, well, now, if you knew that, you would have power over me, no?
  13. Well, then there's also the voicing...
  14. Consumer: Do you feel the end justifies the means? Keli: No, not always. Like when Inara snatches a pie from a window sill because she wants a sweet. Consumer: Would you put down your life for any cause? Keli: If it's a cause I truly believe in, then yes, I would do it. Consumer: Do you like children? Boiled or fried? Keli: That's just... eww!!!
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