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  1. I can understand that and to be honest I like the new one he did with the war paint. Besides I would of course have to get permission any ways for you to use them and I wasent looking forward to that....I still think that they are neat and could be used for Kivan.....
  2. How about any of these portraits. By Phaere or Also by Phaere or by Liodains over at deviant Art or by Liodains over at Deviant Art
  3. I would never do that.I usually stop before I do anything to silly but you know sometimes you just cant help it... I want to play tag your it with Aklon...Half way is alot better than just started, I am so excited
  4. OOOOPPPPSSSS Sorry My BAD. Eeh Err Eeh Err Umm(oh yea) The Devil um yea made me do it ....
  5. Your Very Welcome.I think that Xan`s romance was done very well.Very much like Xan would be.It so cool
  6. Each time that I played through with Coran(I figured out how to get him to love you)Err I think....He has professed his undying love for me...SO I think it would be a great Idea to have him say something to you or have him there...But I have know Idea how or the whys to do it.But I also think that carrying over Ajantis and Xans(my favorite)into BG2 is a wonderful alternative after all you can`t have everything.But I so want to get back at Coran.Make him good and Jealous LOL or not... I have played BG in the past and BG2.So I always Kill Imoen and Jaheria right off the bat.(Cause aft
  7. SO how come your not going to Mod for BG2 anymore?Are you burnt out on it..... I can understand if you are,I am sure it can get tedious at times.... I for one will be sad to not see any more of your BG2 Mods:argh: I hope you are not quitting all together that would be a real shame.... Whatever your plans, best of luck to you.
  8. That is good news,no wait, thats Fantastic News....I think that one of the reasons that Coran appealed to me so much is that..In RL I like guys who know what they want and arent afraid to go after it......But Xans is really sweet as I have said before.....And love the idea that he will be carried over to BG2. I really dont have much of an opinion on Ajantis(romance)yet because I havent played through it yet.Although he was one of my favorite Characters when I had played BG1 the first time........ As for Kivan I will not play with him until he is finished because HE IS MY Favorite NPC and I
  9. This is GREAT thanks you guys.I have played through Corans and am now playing through with Xans.I absoloutly loved it when Coran was punched in the face by Duryle. Awe..Is there any way to make either Xans or Corans a contiuation of BG1 to BG2... I think it would be Fantastic if there was(Payback for Coran)And Xan is a sweet heart,He definatly should be allowed to Continue his romance with Char name its so sad and sweet.I don`t have much money but I loved it so much I would be willing to pay someone to continue this...PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP. Oh well THANKS GUYS ba
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