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  1. I want to try your mod in a BGT install, and I want to know how it relates with other mods like Galactygon's Spellpack 6, which has many of the IWD priest spells presented here. He changed them to make several spells interact amongst themselves, so I ask if these versions of the same spells interact in some way too. Also, I'd like to know how this mod relates with other G3 mods such as Divine Remix and BG2 Tweaks. Does Divine Remix undo the spellbook changes done here? Can I end up with enemy priests having memorized spells they don't know from the CLAB spells, even if I edit the CLABs to not assign the new spells? And for BG2 Tweaks, which version of "IWD graphics" is better? The same stands for "commoners use drab colors" and "two-handed axes". And last, how does this mod relate with SCS in terms of these spells being detectable? This could bypass the scripts of enemy spellcasters and break the challenge if one resorts to using undetectable spells against them. I'm only asking because I want to know what I should do to make these mods work together. Thanks in advance.
  2. There are mods that change Jaheira's alignment to Neutral Good, based in some hints in BG. The fact that she is a Harper, and Faldorn is a Shadow Druid, can make one think that druids can be good or evil instead of just plain True Neutral. Besides all the discussion about the use of destructive spells to protect and do good deeds, and the use os good spells to cure evil doers (discussion which is more regarded to roleplaying), the fact that in Forgotten Realms there are evil gods of Nature such as Malar, Talos and Umberlee (not to mention demi-human deities) should be enough to make destructive spells of the appropriate spheres available to druids.
  3. So this means all the fixes said in the readme to have made into the Core aren't new ones (they were previously Beta fixes and just moved from the Beta area to the Core), while the ones made into the Beta are all new fixes not present in version 9? Can I assume that the changes from version 9 to 10 are all included as Beta?
  4. Hi! It's great to know you're still working to improve the Fixpack. Many thanks for that. But it would be good to know what is actually new in this release, in order to change to it from the previous version. I mean, the documentation doesn't say which fix was included in this version, and the readme only states that some fixes "were made" into the Core Fixes or Beta Core Fixes, but one could not tell which were only changing from the "grey area" to the Core area (or vice-versa), and which were actually new. So the question is: how much new fixes content are there in the new version?
  5. Sorry about that. After a reinstall things went fine. Maybe I forgot to delete the ToBEX_ini folder, or to remove the ToB disc from the dvd player. But I'd like to warn about undesirable interactions between the "Dudleyfix spells and innate" component and Divine Remix. It messes up the whole sphere systems, actually reverting it to many spells. Maybe it should check for DR installation, as does the "fighter/druid can't use plate armor" component.
  6. It happened to me too. All descriptions (unidentified and identified) of weapons got overwritten by values which point to either a random text or to a non-existing point that gives a blank description. BLUN10.ITM ("Root of the Problem") shows "Suldanesselar", and SW1H01.ITM (plain Long Sword) shows nothing. I think this happened after I tweaked the use of "fighters-only" weapons for multiclassed, and I couldn't roll back to a previous installation because I did some reinstalls to tweak NPCs I forgot to in a previous install.
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