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  1. Thanks for the info. I think I'll just use Notepad ++, to make my life easier as I'm already learning a ton of stuff about coding. No need to add anything new quite yet. I really appreciate the info! Thank you very much.
  2. Am I missing something? I have tried downloading the WeiDU highlighter from here, but nothing happens. I looked for the highlighters in the downloads section, and all I found was this, which doesn't look like the right one (I'm using the Crimson, not Notepad++). When I download the Notepad++ (which doesn't seem to be the right one, since I'm using crimson), it gives me an HTML document which just says "problem loading page" when I open it. I'm interested in writing a mod, and I have read how useful the highlighters are.
  3. LOL!!! I can't wait. This looks like a blast. Butt-licking for goodness! (it's what cats do, don't hate)
  4. So....back on topic. Is the only thing in the Skie romance mod, that is pertinent to this thread, a brief mention of a period and Skie painting men's nails? What are the "other decidedly creepy things" that you're talking about, Tempest?
  5. Thanks, Aryene. A hot dwarf romance mod would rock. I, myself, was sorely disappointed that I couldn't find one. *sniff and tear*
  6. Try Johnny Bravo soundset. It's hilarious! http://www.fileplanet.com/13575/10000/fileinfo/Bioware%27s-Johnny-Bravo-Sound-Set
  7. In one of the flirt options, after the PC squeezes Tyris' behind, she turns around and hits him. Then she giggles, kisses the PC, and says "What's the matter, lover? Never heard of mixing pain and pleasure? Well, you certainly have something to look forward to this evening..." It's not blatantly screaming "break out the whips, honey!", but it does indicate or suggest a sort of S&M thing going on. I figured it was worth mentioning. Seems like a great, well written mod, though. No criticism or offense is intended. I can edit the review to take out the S&M portion if you want. Just say the word.
  8. Updated: Fade, Amber, Tashia, Nalia (de'Arnise romance), and Tyris Flare.
  9. Tyris Flare Final Rating: Adult Arbitrary Rating: Sexuality: Intense Violence: Strong Drugs/Alcohol: Moderate Psychological: Strong Profanity: Moderate Facts: Graphic descriptions of passionate kissing. Several vague references to the PC arousal, and one detailed description of the PC's arousal during sexual activity. Descriptions of touching breasts and male genitalia, and "almost touching" female genitalia, as well as moaning and groaning. The flirts include the ability to bathe with Tyris, which describes Tyris and the PC getting undressed and being naked in private and in public, with accompanying descriptions of touching, kissing, and other sexual activity that implies the remaining not-described content after fading to rest scenes. There are many strong innuendos throughout the Lovetalks and flirts, including references to foreplay and genitalia. There is one scene where Tyris bites the PC's mouth and draws blood, a few scenes where Tyris hits the PC, and references to "pleasure & pain", indicating a sort of S&M relationship. I gave it a Strong in Violence and Psychological because of the S&M references. She also likes to drink and makes references to alcohol, usually accompanied by references to making love. There is cussing such as b**** and ba*****. Comments: Tyris is a horny amazon. She is into sex and has no qualms making it known.
  10. Tashia Final Rating: Mature Arbitrary Rating: Teen Sexuality: Strong Violence: Mild Drugs/Alcohol: N/A Psychological: Mild Profanity: Facts: In the flirts, there is some mildly descriptive touching/groping. There is one vague reference to fellatio. Tashia struggles with overcoming an ex-boyfriend. There are no drugs or alcohol, and the violence is less descriptive than the Viconia Romance, if there's any at all. I could not find any profanity, but did not rate it for such. Comments: There is an option to install "Baldurized" content as opposed to the original content which contains all the descriptions of what's happening in "()". If you install the "Baldurized" content, there are no descriptions in "()", which would eliminate the sexual content mentioned above and give the rating in Sexuality a Moderate instead of a Strong, thus bringing the rating down to Teen.
  11. de'Arnise Romance Final Rating: Mature Arbitrary Rating: Teen Sexuality: Strong Violence:Mild Drugs/Alcohol:N/A Psychological:Mild Profanity: N/A Facts: You can take up the role of "peeping tom" as you read descriptions of you watching Nalia undress without her knowledge. In this scene, there is a description of her breasts. In the flirts you can also bathe with Nalia, which include descriptions of passion while you are both naked in the water. Aside from this, there are one or two innuendos on par with Bioware. I did not find any items of violence, drugs/alcohol, profanity, or psychological content that was beyond the vanilla game. Comments: Without the flirts or the peeping tom scene, this mod would have rating of Moderate in Sexuality.
  12. Amber Final Rating: Mature Arbitrary Rating: Sexuality: Strong Violence: Moderate Drugs/Alcohol:Mild Psychological: Mild Profanity: Mild Facts: There is one scene in the Lovetalks where there is some passionate kissing, groping, and falling onto a bed, after which the scene ends implying that you had sex. The flirts include a some mildly described intimate situations and groping. There is also the ability to "Look down Amber's bodice", with accompanying descriptions of her breasts, and a few flirts briefly describe the PC touching Amber's breasts. Violence is on par with the Vanilla game, as in there are no detailed descriptions of blood or wounds. She has had some people shun her because of her tiefling heritage, much like Viconia. There is little to no cussing, and same with drinking and drugs. Comments: There are innuendos that are on par with the original game.
  13. So I decided to download some of the more popular female mods, as determined by looking through forums. I used Crimson, a text editor, to skim through the .tra and .d files. I know that using a text editor does not amount to the same thing as actually playing the mods, and it won't give me all the content, but it still gives a good idea as to that content which is relevant to this thread. Fade Finale Rating: Adult Arbitrary Rate: Adult Sexuality: Intense Violence: Strong Drugs/Alcohol: Strong Psychological: Strong Profanity: Moderate Facts: There is talk about fade being a sex slave, with non-graphic descriptions and references to her "duties". There is a description of her attacking a corpse in rage. A few Lovetalks discuss her demonic family, which includes siblings killing each other and the apathy of their parents. There are descriptions of Fade and a friend being in severe pain after being tortured, some of which are graphic. Whereas Viconia says she committed violent acts and what those acts were, the Fade mod describes violent acts being committed in greater detail, describing blood, sores, and wounds. There is a scene where she gets drunk, and the following morning has a bad hangover and vomits. Throughout the romance there are innuendos that are descriptive, significantly more so than the Viconia Romance, and scenes of detailed groping and rolling around, including detailed descriptions of passionate kissing, caressing, and being naked. The flirts include a graphic response that is reminiscent of foreplay, and asking Fade to "make love". There is swearing and cussing on par with the vanilla game. Comments: Fade is a half-succubus who tends to tackle/pounce on the PC a lot, reminding me of a cat. There was a scene in the Underdark that I found somewhat disturbing where the PC can try to goad Fade into embracing her more demonic side. She then whips out a knife and "almost" does something (??) to the PC, leaving the rest to your imagination. The flirts include a rather childish conversation that confuses chicken pieces with favorite female body parts. Now that I think of it, most of the innuendos in this mod were childish and reminded me of high school . Although I did not find any single sex-scene pornographic or extremely detailed, I rated this mod Intense in Sexuality because of the high frequency of sexual references and descriptions.
  14. Updated Branwen. Gave it a final rating of mature and rated it Teen in the arbitrary rating according to the readme. Thanks for the review, Brenner.
  15. Updated Aran Whitehand, Sarevok, and Haer'Dalis. Please review and make sure it's accurate. Thanks Aeryn and cmorgan for your feedback.
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