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  1. Black Blade of Disaster Why not allow both like Ras? That'd be quite cool. That would be very cool indeed... Mordy is almost a purely defensive spell: THAC0 2 and 5d4 damage once a round is rather underwhelming in TOB. But make THAC0 and damage slightly better, and add disintegrate... now we're speaking! though you'd better make the summoned sword immune to haste effects If so, would you still keep the 5d6 magical damage on a successful save ? Then it would be a very powerful spell indeed for F/M...
  2. BBoD A very effective and fun spell within SR with a dualled F9/Mx. I played with a party of six, and the combo of Improved Haste + BBoD + TS made the F/M outshine every other party member against dragons in TOB. SCS2 improved Abazigal Lair was almost a breeze Though I guess you didn't want to give additional awesomeness to the already overpowered dualled F/M ? It's true the spell doesn't seem that appealing to multiclass or singleclass Mages. But you know, some players like to play with your wonderful mods, and also like playing with cheese
  3. There are some bugs when you try to post as a guest. No matter.
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