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  1. Sorry that it seems, that my arguments seem totally out of topic, but they aren't. It was my answer to Miloch's post. The other posts havn't been shown at the point when I was writing that. But I get it, nobody here likes my idea of sharing free Portraits, because they do not fit into the games enough -.- And yes, most of the topics here do belong into a different topic.
  2. I havn't seen that pic either oO Maybe it's just a sketch or concept art and not yet finished? But as I allready said: It's up to the player what portrait he or she uses. Someone left a comment on one of the portrait packs which include lot's of Dragon Age fanart, were he states, that using these portraits "doesn't feels right". What should I say about that? I would use them. One of my Baldur's Gate characters has the character portrait of one of the Neverwinter Nights NPC's (I believe it's Artemisia), but I didn't cared, since I never really played NWN and it represented my imagination of the character.
  3. I just try to gather as much portraits as possible In the end, it's up to the player what portrait he uses. Some think, that ccustom portraits have to blend in perfectly with the rest of the game while others think, that they have to look as much as I imagine my character. I for myself, don't really care if all the custom portraits blend in perfectly. My BG is very higly modded anyway, there is a lot of optical parts that don't fit in perfectly. I changed Edwins portrait for example to fit the lore more, but the style of the drawing does not really fit. Same with the Edwina portrait from the romance mod (I scanned a picture from the Forgotten Realms campaign book 3rd edition for that). I also don't really like these photoshoped versions of the original portraits. Not because of the quality, but because they are photoshoped. I don't want my character to wear exactly the same armor as Keldorn It all depends on the personal taste in the end. PS: Even the vanilla Portraits from BG1 and BG2 don't perfectly fit together.
  4. Interesting, if you leave out the alternative npc portraits, all custom portraits I ever found for BG were allways only 110x170 and 38x60. Anyway, fact is, that all the gamers out there get completly legal Portraits for there characters that definetly (in most cases) no one else ever uploaded anywhere.
  5. I'm pretty shure, that the original portraits all have been drawn in a higher resolution, than we see it ingame. And if you remember the character creation screen and the ending seqeunce from throne of bhaal, where is said what happend to each character, you see that the portraits are all 210x330, the same size as the IWD2 portraits. You are even able to extract the big portraits from the gamecode (thanks, shadowkeeper ). Here is the link to the page were Jarl (the one who posted this information on the Kerzenburg Forum) found this information: http://www.reddit.co...sort=confidence
  6. Hello everyone Since "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" has different portrait resolutions than in the original version, I started the InfinityPortraits project on DeviantArt.com. I gather Portraits from various Artists around DeviantArt and formate them into the right solutions for the Enhanced Edition, the original games and also Icewind Dale 1 and 2. - http://infinityportr...deviantart.com/ - If anyone else wishes to add their own artworks there, just send me a pn Love and kisses, TariC ~ <3
  7. Hi Aion That just means, that you are not allowed to sell my picture or to use it for anything else without my permission Greetings, Tari.
  8. Hi, I just wanted to say, that I'm offering to draw NPC portraits for your Mods for free Here are the conditions: - I will be credited in the Mod's readme-file - The mod has to be in beta-status or further - All rights of the picture still belong to me Usually, I would take around 20 - 45 € (26,30 - 58,20 $; price depends on the grade of detail) for a portrait, that's why I want to see the mod in a allready playable state. I just don't want to draw for nothing, you know Here are some portraits, I have drawn recently: Of course, the portraits will be without my autograph in the game. Send a PM or an E-Mail to taric@freenet.de with the subject "Mod Portrait". Please don't send me any spam mails. Love and Kisses, TariC
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