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  1. Hi! I did not get a holy symbol of Red Knight on lvl 25 for my cleric. Moreover through EE keeper I see only the symbols for the original trio (ie priest of Helm, Lathander and Talos). My IWD cleric could rly use the proper symbol. I will cheat through the bug of course. But its sad. Btw our hero near the end.
  2. Well give it a good (useful) ability on hit and it does not matter, if the enchantment progress stops at +2.
  3. I really think, that the second ability (without the sphere system) should be class specific. It would be more balanced when compared with the original trio. Holy Strategist could use a specific party boost ability (throw away the second attack). And give him Glyph of Warding, Slow, Defensive Harmony or Chaotic Commands instead of the Haste. Haste casted two times = fatigue (and rest afterwards). So no need for more than two (ever). The same goes for the Battleguard of Tempus. Skip the weapon specialization. It would make him too strong (compared with the original trio). Rage makes sense
  4. Ok, I looked through the files and all seems to be working. Strange... Is it possible, that the thac0 change is just not appearing on the character sheet? See: http://forum.baldurs...character-sheet P.S. On the other hand it is also entirely possible, that the whole +1 thac0 spell effect is just not working... So... Can I get an expert feedback? Is it "invisibly" working or not?
  5. Hi! It seems to me, that the thac0 bonus for every 6 levels doesn't work (I was testing it and the class got just normal fighter progress). The reason could be in a#fist.2DA which seems a little bit messy.
  6. Oh, sorry for the strange "bug report". It is of course a problem in Crossmod Banter Pack. This one is the second dialogue between them (in SoA). Moreover the third one seems to be only for female charnames, so I didn't miss it. Btw I though, that Xan is the second best among BG2 npc mods (after Angelo). Although I never liked him in BG1 (without NPC project), he was really decent doomed NPC in BG2.
  7. So far Dynaheir was the best (I never tried Coran though). Although I have a huge complaint about her story. However my favorite NPC in the BG saga is without doubt Xzar. He was unbelievably good, funny and well-written. I already think, that everything that "Hendryk" touched must inevitably be great. I also liked, what he did with Khalid/Jaheira. I must try Eldtoh as well!
  8. I had Angelo in my (mostly neutral) party in SoA and he was a fine guy. Not annoying, more-or-less a typical mercenary who always knows who is his boss (/chief). I feel, that many modders have problems to make a normal NPC mod. Often you get a NPC, that knows half of the secrets of the game-plot and your Charname is just serving in their story. Which is I think horrible, though I know, that this is just a problem of an author being in love with his/her mod (which must be therefore all-important). However Angelo didn't have that problem. Instead of having his own "powerful" story, he was just
  9. Yes, that' what I meant! Through dialogues on Ajantis funeral, through dialogues with people in paladins stronghold, through dialogues with Keldorn, Mazzy, Jaheira (!), Minsc (he lost Dynaheir) etc. or even Anomen (who would be trying to start his own romance with charname) you might explore the great guilt of charname - because she killed her fiancée. Charname would probably question her decision to kill the "ogres" (was there really no other way? - or was it a vile decision of Bhaalspawn?). Ajantis family might appear in the game as well (trying to get Charname in front of the court of pa
  10. Thank you very much for the answers! For the first question... I was hoping, that there is also a way to let Ajantis die (sort of a tragic death by mistake without a clear way how to resurrect him) and then let the charname to live with the consequences. I know, that this would need a whole new (hard to make) mod, but it would be somehow refreshing. It could be similar to what Jaheira must go through - with the difference, that charname is directly responsible for the death. I was recently reading some of the Dragonlance books. It is full of tragic deaths (for example ), so that's wher
  11. Hi. I have a few questions about Ajantis BG 2 mod. 1) As far as I know, there is also a possibility to leave Ajantis dead in Windspear hills. Is it a plausible solution for a good charname (possibly even his paladin fiancée)? 2) How much content does Ajantis add to Paladin stronghold (dialogues, quests, alternative way to Spellhold etc.)? 3) And finally - How close is the ToB version to its release? Although I like SoA slightly more than ToB, I generally don't play NPC mods without ToB content - after all it is the end of the story.
  12. Grim Squeaker: Dont worry about it. Im probably too much influenced by the general "rule", that you should dual-class fighter at level 7, 13 etc. She is still a strong NPC and I can always change the levels through Shadow Keeper (if necessary). Her 6/8 levels moreover mean, that she has proximately around 161 000 xp - like charname after TotSC.
  13. Just a quick question (because I noticed, that there will be ToB part soon). She is dual-classed at level 6, right? Although I remember, that she was the most "magic" character in Golden Axe (I loved the game, although it was impossible for me to reach the end with just one character), I could still use one additional level for powergaming reasons. At lvl 7 the fighter gets 1/2 additional attack and weapon proficiency.
  14. Thank you. Btw since I have you here, I asked the same question about Darian on SHS.
  15. What is his alignment? And please write it to his readme file as well.
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