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  1. edit. Started a new topic about the iwd-in-bg2 issues
  2. Worked for me this time also. I'm fairly sure it really was UFB bug. This time Marketh worked perfectly for me. In my first playthrough for some reason the mages didn't appear after Marketh yelled 'guards'. This time they did and Marketh died and fast. I just couldn't make him unkillable no matter what I tried this time. This one I'm still getting everytime I kill it, but can't give much info about it. 1. Kill dragon 2. Watch picture move to show the soul gem 3. Watch picture move back. 4. It has happened. Makes no difference if I kill the sahuagins before the cutscene or no
  3. The pale justice is most likely bug in unfinished business mod. I think that mod does some changes for that. Reinstalling the game now and will leave out ufb and item upgrade this time. Marketh could be ufb issue also (or bg2 engine like Berelinde said) Orc cave crash I couldn't reproduce myself either, so don't think it's anything but weird random crash. Bhaalspawn powers. Start new game, import char for the leader spot and you gain them. Don't think that's how I gained them in the 1st walkthrough, but that seems to always give them.
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