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  1. Hi, I my new game with SR, DR and FnP, the Feywarden of Corellon is only available as a fighter/Feywarden, and no more as a single class feywarden. Is it intentional? Edit : And I noticed the same with most of the Divine Remix kits ; most are no more available as single class, but only multi-class Edit 2 14/10/20 : After testing on a clear install with only DR and FnP, the issue doesn't occur. All DR kits are available as single class kit. It might be another component from another mod. My weidu : // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // Th
  2. Hi, Is it still useful to install a hotfix to SR?If so, where to download the last one? Thanks
  3. Hi Daxtreme, I also have an installation issue. The Readme states that Cowled Menace should be installed after Stratagems, but before EET_end. But in the meantime, most of Stratagems components have to be installed after EET_end. What is the proper order? Thanks Edit : I found your reply on the other topic, sorry
  4. Just the main component. Sorry that's not clearer. Got it! Is it still valid?
  5. I also don't remember, but I read and/or experienced that. Am I wrong? One more thing, I'm facing quite a lot of Bams issues for spells. Example : For the Forest druid : - Cloak of Darkness doesn't have Bam - Command, Enthrall, Dictate, Feral Instinct all have the same bams
  6. Hi Subtledoctor. I have few question for a clean installation : I noticed few warnings and issues on my last game and I want to make sure : I noticed after several trial that the component "FAITHS_AND_POWERS/FAITHS_AND_POWERS.TP2~ #0 #75 // Alter weapon usability and proficiency: 0.79.9" has to be installed after "~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ #0 #17 // Weapon Changes: V4 Beta 10" . If not, all Bastard swords become morningstars. In the meantime, the component "~ITEM_REV/ITEM_REV.TP2~ #0 #1030 // Store Revisions: V4 Beta" 10" is said to be installed after FnP.
  7. Hi Subteldoctor, One question I have. In case I want to dual-class my human Fighter into Fighter/Cleric, he get the unkitted cleric class and can handle nearly all weapons. Without using EEKeeper, is there a way to select the cleric Kit?
  8. I can understand you don't like that sword. In FnP who can use it? Any Champion or Zealot of good alignment? Some specific kits?
  9. That's right, but in the other hand, Keldorn is the mentor of Ajantis and somehow of Anomen, both being followers of Helm, so there is anyway something strange about it. So he can be whatever. Anyway, if a kit of Paladin of Torm is created, nobody will complain about it
  10. One small things I'm noticing just now : I'm planning to recruit Keldorn, and according to the description he is a Paladin of Torm. But I don't see any kit of Torn in the Paladin section. Any suggestion?
  11. Hi Guys, I agreed with all above, but I don't think it wouls means so much work to make more tiers. Anyway, it would greatly enhance the experience to have proper placing for the items. One new example I have, a mage was unable to move because he had a full plate in his inventory, and a strength set at 9...
  12. Hi, I my last game, Web was in the "creation" sphere, and my Priest of Tyr add access to it as a 3rd lvl spell.
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