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  1. I am planning a playthrough with Ajantis in BG2. Are there any party members that have more dialogue than others? I image Keldorn does but I don't want to take him this time so any other recommendations? I am going to do the engaged path. Thanks, playing Baldur's Gate is really helping with being stuck at home so I am extra grateful to modders for adding so much content to the games
  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought that it probably couldn't be helped and really it is such a small thing that it doesn't matter. It is such a great mod that I am playing through it a second time - I meant to bring Mazzy but I couldn't bring myself to drop Keldorn! Also thanks for all your work on this.
  3. I discover a minor oddity. I had a love talk with Keldorn while in the dream at Spellhold. It doesn't really matter but it seemed very strange. An odd time to talk about the needs of other people!
  4. Thanks for replying. I have emailed you my save game and the variables are: X#AjantisLoveTalk is 19, X#AjantisRomanceActive is 3 Also I really liked the dialog about Rasaad, it was really well written and it is great than Ajantis now talks to the EE npcs. I almost always take Ajantis in BG so more content is always good. Thanks
  5. Also another minor thing, when I picked up Rasaad, Ajantis had a conversation about how I shouldn't be distracting Rasaad from his mission. It seemed strange because Rasaad had literally just joined so I'm not sure how I could have distracted him from anything. I think this conversation would make more sense if it happened later.
  6. I have a problem with the Ajantis friendship mod, I did the romance from the BG npc project up to love talk 9 then ended it with the PID option. The friendship talks have now begun but they have started from the first one. So Ajantis is once again asking me why I am hunting bandits and I have to tell him again about Gorion. I thought the friendship talks weren't meant to repeat the romance talks - that they should start later if the part of the romance had been done but it isn't working in my game. Looking at the readme, it seems that the first 10 or so friendship talks are very similar to
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