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    pretty much all i do is play video games, read, write, draw, and generally do nothing. i've noticed that people are really amazed at the idea of sitting at a computer for 3 hours straight. i personally don't see the great feat in this, try 10.
  1. I would suggest releasing them separately. Release SOA first, then while people are playing it, work on TOB with a little less pressure involved. But really, do whatever is easiest! We've all waited a long time, and a little longer isn't going to hurt.
  2. oOo a love triangle would certainly make things more interesting....
  3. omg i love it lol. i think the biggest problem with this mod will be...who's going to have the heart to enslave him!! i know i would just feel horrible. i always have such a problem when playing games when you choose good/evil, like kotor for example, because I just feel bad playing evil....anyway! keep it up BigRob!!!
  4. I think we all get the gist of what you're saying! While you like the characters of Minsc and Tiax (and seriously who doesn't), who are anything but mature, you certainly would never want to romance them! It makes sense that the person the PC would choose to romance would be mature; they are in an adult situation and carry with them more than a little baggage, and their beau would have to be able to help them cope. From what I have seen so far with this mod, I believe Aklon will do just that. First off, he's a little older, late thirties i think?, and that in itself adds to his maturity. And then there is the fact that he is enslaved when you find him, which most certainly hardens a person and takes away any remaining innocence (which is reminiscent of when PC and Imoen are tortured). Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say in an extremely verbose way is that it just makes sense that Aklon would be a more mature character given his background. Now, whether that extends into anything that deserves a "mature rating" is up to BigRob, and I guess all his loyal followers as well.
  5. I suppose my rawr is in order...so...um...*RAWR* keep it up BigRob! I know all of us are impatient and anxious, but i'm sure everyone would rather you take a little extra time to make it that much better.
  6. What, no Minsc!? That's my failing with this game, I can never have a party without Minsc (unless I'm evil of course), so I always limit myself party wise. But back on topic, I like your party idea. The only thing I would do differently is be a pure fighter or paladin or w/e front line fighter. Aerie and Imoen can fill out the mage roll, unless, of course, you prefer being a magic caster. I'm always hesitant to dual/multi class because I feel like I'm not as strong then as I do when I'm a pure w/e. Well I think we're all just a little anxious for Aklon to come out. I keep having to stop myself from playing again, so I can save it all for Aklon. Keep up the awesome work BigRob!!!
  7. I was so happy to get the email saying you updated! This is seriously one of my favorite fanfics, if not my absolute favorite! I'm impressed more and more with your writing with each chapter. I wish I had written some of the things that jumped out at me down. I definatley will next time. One thing I love is how wonderfully unique your Child of Bhaal is. You don't get such an innocent, blatantly young personality very often! It's very refeshing. It contrasts beautifully with what is going on in the story. Here is this young, naive girl being thrust into these incredibly adult situations, and I love reading how she handles them! I usually think of her being strong and experienced, as i'm sure a lot of people do, but it makes so much more sense, her having lived such a sheltered life and everything, to have her the way you portray her. Even as she experiences more things and grows from them, she always has that innocent spark in her that cannot be quelled! Anyway, i'm rambling! Keep up the awesome job, and i'll be looking forward to the next installment!
  8. Just wanted to say I absolutley Loved it! I've read a lot of fanfic and yours is definatley at the top of my list. I'm beyond glad to find out there will be more. I so so SOOO didn't want it to end there! I'll def be checking back for updates. ^_^
  9. holy crap i can't wait for this mod!!! i've done just about every other romance mod there is, and i have a feeling this one is going to surpass them ALL. just a quick question: any closer to releasing a beta? if so, how many beta testers will you need? keep it up!
  10. my vote is either for the CC or the slaver ship. but if thats too hard and takes too long, do w/e you want! ...just dont put him in CI...please ^_^
  11. well this mod looks friggen amazing. nicely done. i haven't played bgII in a while and this is gonna get me hooked on it again! woot. have any idea when you'll be done?
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