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  1. Koson

    Aklon's Portrait

    Nice work - he does look more baldurish now, and those wrinkles make credible the seasoned adventurer aspect of his bio.
  2. Koson

    Aklon's Portrait

    Most likely it won't help with the current portrait, but the BG2 ones are frontal shots or semi-profiles at best. Also, he seems somewhat younger or very "well preserved" at least - I wouldn't give him 37 based on that picture.
  3. Koson

    Aklon's Portrait

    Actually Kelsey has 3 portraits: the default one and two from Karse Soze (hooded and hoodless).
  4. Koson

    Aklon's Portrait

    Well, there is The Portrait Portal - http://www.karwal.dk/portraitportal/ - you could try. As far as I know, they don't ask for money, but patience, since there's lots of requests they get. And since it seems Aklon is not in the "gold" stage yet, time shouldn't be in short supply. The site, beside the high-quality portraits and no remuneration policy, has another thing to recommend it - it's done this kind of job before: JCompton had a custom portrait made for Kelsey there, and the nice Jude Law picture is in fact a custom work for the apparently now retired Neh'taniel mod (involving an u
  5. Koson

    Aklon's Portrait

    Well, I have a comment, although I fear it's not going to be very popular: could you change Aklon's portrait? Don't take me wrong, I like his second portrait a lot, it's really nice, but IMHO not "baldurish" at all - it rather looks like a NWN style portrait to me. And he's supposed to be a BG2 party-member, not a NWN henchman, right?
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