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  1. It's very simple, just tell us if your game is BG1EE, BG2EE or the non-enhanced edition game ? Smart ass ! You didn't actually tell it to us, you might think you did, but actually didn't. Hihihihih. Yes, my revenge, cause you started it. [One of the things that the enhanced edition changes is that you either need to provide additional information during the mod kit installation or you can't select the custom kit during character creation in the BGEE games... it's due to the game externalizing more kit features to files that were not there in the traditional BG games. That's just one... there's more. But I think that you are not actually searching anything related to the enhanced edition, but a certain mod in the non-enhanced edition game... in which case you might do us all a favor and say what that mod was ? We might just be able to tell you exactly what's what. Are you telling me what I am doing, Imp? Do not presume. I really want to know what changes EE brings to the basic BG game. If I am playing a mod, I will say. But for now, it is what it is.
  2. My game will not be including any Enhanced Edtion. Just the (now) vanilla setup. As the OP stated. My only mod will be Tutu, since I should really try that out, considering the effort minus PAY.
  3. Actually you should never use the EE -acronym, as you should either use the BGEE, BG1EE, BG2EE, or BG2: Epic Endeavors, or BG2:EpicE, according to what you actually mean. NOT EE, or ee ! Or Assume that the EE means Elemental Energy. Elemental Evil... etc. Erhm they do most of the time actually, but if the functions are different from the original base game, there's a need for the update.Say you wish to install a 50th level ruleset from a mod. It will most likely work in a BG1EE game, at least partially. As the changes made in BG1EE don't change whole lot from the original BG1 engine. Yes, there's the special rules for special kits, but that won't remove the partial compatibility. k, smartass, so if I don't care about the kits the enhanced edition incorporates but I want to play the original game. WHAT do I need to know if I don't care about the L50 rule set? What does EE change? Or is it not that simple.
  4. I was, and I think the Imp knew I was, but here I am. Thank you all for your kind responses, regardless. Peace, out.
  5. uh, yeah, thanks for that Mike. ee = enhanced edition as opposed to another ee acroynm.
  6. Hey jastey, Sorry my op was a bit scattered. Ultimately I am wondering/curious about EE compatibility with a non-EE game.
  7. Wow. thank you for your timely and kindley response. Not sure what "Ouh, did I write walls of text in two forums ?" meant but .. thanks again. Will let you know how that all works out. Anyne else?
  8. wtf? and ROFL LMAO and where is kaeloree?
  9. I'm looking to start a new BG1 experience. But, since I've already given atari enough money (for now) I will not be buying any EE. I want to install Tutu, finally, and play The Darkest Day and Epic Endeavors, etc. Finding the enhanced NPC intejections and such is tricky -- this site's downloads are hard to navigate. (Links in the forums would be SO helpful.) My question, really, is: What do I need to look out for if a mod says it's now EE compatible? How much did they really have to change?
  10. This was announced and funded and (now, apparently) downloadable before I could donate. Go Planescape! The real unexploited realm.
  11. Well, I was going to volunteer to help with this project but it seems you have moved on to EE. Cheetos. *guess I better download it before it's unrecognizable by Tutu.
  12. ah, kamster99.. is now -e and who knows what he becomes.
  13. here's a funny STEAM development: You have been permanently banned from all Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition discussions. You were banned by a Steam Community Moderator. Reason: "Linking to a piracy site. Bypassing the wordfilter." edit: funninest thing? the word filter bypass wasn't even in that forum. don't know what the piracy site was, for that matter. edit2: even funnier? kamster99 ... nevermind. No one cares, I'm just a troll. Right?
  14. Too bad it's a link to anothers' forum. Thanks the same, Barbarian.
  15. Gosh i'm glad my membership is still intact. I'm wondering how many mods in here are comaptible with the the enhanced edition you, Cam, are so involved with?
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