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  1. I seem to have figured it out. Guided by Jarno's list I did some searching and it appears to be sound related. For the Gibbering Twelve, disabling sound effects (ingame slider all the way to the left) seems to allow the battle to progress smoothly. For the Irenicus's Dungeon + Druid Grove stutter, doing the same thing with ambient sounds takes cae of it, as per Jarno's list. Other than completely turning off the culprit sounds (which seems pretty crude) though, there doesn't seem to be any consistent solution for it yet. So, not script related as I first thought, and probably not SCS-related at all. Likely all the casting/spell effect sounds going off that causes it.. and those issues appear to be installation related as far as I can gather.
  2. Might be that the lagging is caused by something else. I also had some stuttering and slowdowns in Irenicus's dungeon, which I assumed to be due to the goblins->duergar change, but nothing like this. I'll try adjusting settings and see if it makes any difference.
  3. It seems the smarter mages component combined with the Gibbering Twelve encounter in the anniversary mod creates some issues. For one thing this encounter is now very difficult (perhaps more so than intended), but moreover as you fight more or less 12 mages at the same time it seems all the scripts running is causing severe slowdown to the point where you can't do much, even on a quad core with 8gb RAM. This makes the fight frustrating enough that I've started considering removing defensive spells from the twelve to make them die faster (to not have that many onscreen at once), but I think of it as a last resort. Anyone else ran into this problem? It just seems the smarter mages component, though normally solid, just wasn't designed with a 12-mage battle in mind.
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    Ah indeed, that seems to have done the trick - thanks a lot.
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    Mechanics-related question for Demivrgvs: In your revised version of flame arrow, how do you get the arrows to target random enemies? I've looked at the spells involved (spwi303.spl - spwi303e.spl) and think I understand the mechanic (cast chain where each spell will cast a new spell that eventually casts a flame arrow, depending on caster level); but whenever I try to emulate it, all projectiles always go toward the same target. Am I overlooking something? Thankful for some clearing up.
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