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  1. Which one should be used with this for basic usability tweaks?
  2. Has anyone tried this mod with BG:EE? Will it work?
  3. @DavidW - if I understand correctly you do some with BG:EE, do you have any access to the patch they are working on and do you know if it will break the mod?
  4. Thank you for all your responses... I have to say that it looks a bit like making IWD into BG2 (one character and joinable NPCs), I feel this may be out of place in rather barren world of IWD, but at least I see the inherent possibilities. Still a pity it's in IWD2 engine, as this is the only one in all IE series that actually tried to make the gameplay itself better (configurable buttons!) and does allow for talking NPCs
  5. I've been dreaming of IWD1 to IWD2 engine conversion, that was never completed, but I see this conversion is thriving. I don't mean to sound offensive, but I think I'm missing the purpose of this mod. The only benefits I can see are kits and dual weilding... Plus bugs and things from IWD1 that don't work (like some spells). I'm sure there are other things that did not occur to me... so what else I, as a player can get from this conversion?
  6. This is a mod that allows you to change item stacking, enemies HPs, AC, Saves and Thac0 plus some other tweaks. It allows you to set how much you want to change it. Please read the readme before installing, it will work with any IE game, including BGEE. Up to version 5 to used the name Mix Mod Readme: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xsv1adty58gkvry/readme-DiffTweak.html Install: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8212fhmqsuqllr/Diff_Tweak.exe
  7. Could anyone please tell me what exactly is the state of 23? Is it playable or are there any gamebreaking bugs?
  8. What's the BG:EE patch compatibility? should it work with update 7?
  9. Using latest easy tutu and general smarter AI component results in terrible slowdown in Nashkel. It is permanent, not only after entering like in other areas, which BTW also experience slowdowns but not like this. FPS falls to around 3-5 making play almost impossible. Turning off ambient sounds helps a lot but does not solve the problem altogether. I'm using a fairly modern computer (Eeepc 1201T) with 1.8ghz CPU and 2gb of RAM.
  10. Hi, I must say I am very surprised this small and insignificant component caused so big emotions. Out of the love for historical accuracy let me comment on few details: In fact this particular component and especially the sloppy way it has been written in (no testing on Mac etc) are solely my fault. The persons mentioned who helped this way or that (allow me once again to thank Simding0 here for a really useful piece of code) have something to do with other components, mostly the one that allows to raise HP/saves/Thac0 of enemy creatures by a chosen percentage/amount. Yes, the idea was to skip only company logos not the intro movie. Indeed no, but it was just one and never the most important one of the components, so the idea was that it's easier to do it via mod when you're installing it anyway. Should it be a separate install, it does not make much sense, I agree. Though probably there are some who are afraid of manual modifying their installs. PS. For the future - should anyone want for some reason reuse/update/claim as his(her) own any part of the mentioned mod, all such persons are hereby granted an everlasting permission.
  11. If that was at me, then yes! alpha tests is what tigers like best
  12. I'd gladly read a lot of banters if it's still valid
  13. There are some that grab full screen (when using Directx). If a PC is "modern" the slow down in BG should not be too noticable.
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