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  1. I will test that as soon as I have time edit : as expected Thanks
  2. ohh, nice !!, same job but way better written than mine :D, yes settled too with sdl2 -opengl (here I needed opengl to test a particular point compared to just sdl2)
  3. Yes, these too many path come from official ebuild in gentoo (outdated). As you said I thing it has to be "simplified" at the path level. But this is another story..... It's gentoo dev/user problem. Here I think there is a problem with generated install script from subviews branch. In what follow there's no ebuild nor distribution specific. I directly get source, compile and install manually (git, cmake, make) here are the cmake arguments used : cmake .. -DSDL_BACKEND=SDL2 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DOPENGL_BACKEND=OpenGL at 'make install' (system wide, so /usr/local/), '/us
  4. As I should have made it from the start, I check directly from source without ebuild to compare master & subviews and the problem is here too : no 'Shaders' directory with subviews branch at 'make install' in '<somepath>/build/gemrb/cmake_install.cmake', this paragraph is missing in subviews : if("x${CMAKE_INSTALL_COMPONENT}x" STREQUAL "xUnspecifiedx" OR NOT CMAKE_INSTALL_COMPONENT) list(APPEND CMAKE_ABSOLUTE_DESTINATION_FILES "/usr/local/share/gemrb/Shaders") if(CMAKE_WARN_ON_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_DESTINATION) message(WARNING "ABSOLUTE path INSTALL DESTINATION : ${CM
  5. Yes this is an ebuild, but here I think it's more understanding how cmake works with paths than distribution problem nor gemrb. I just find that by not definying some path (-DDATA_DIR=share/gemrb), it's ok (and limit number of path to modify in gemrb.cfg which is good !). I think the problem here is that gentoo automatically prefix path with '/usr' so '/usr' had to be removed from defined path, but at runtime there's not automagically prefixing. So with master all is ok, sdl1, sdl2 (+opengl) On subviews, are the cmake option the same for opengl ? When bui
  6. Hello, When building gemrb (master branch) to use SDL2 and OpenGL on linux, at runtime it doesn't find 'Shaders' directory [SDL 2 GL Driver/FATAL]: Can't build shader program: GLSLProgram error: Can't open file: share/gemrb/Shaders/SDLTextureV.glsl the directory is : /usr/share/gemrb/Shaders and not : share/gemrb/Shaders here are the path listed at building : -- These are the configured paths: -- PREFIX: /usr -- LIB_DIR: lib64 -- PLUGIN_DIR: lib64/plugins -- BIN_DIR: bin -- DATA_DIR: share/gemrb -- MAN_DIR: share/man/man6 -- SYSCONF_DIR: /et
  7. Thanks for the information. It doesn't respawn after 60 seconds so maybe a bug somewhere
  8. Hello, In BG2 in the Mind Flayer Dungeon, a mind flayer is supposed to appear each time you enter in this room as I understand from this walk-through (https://sorcerers.net/Games/BG2/Walkthrough2/SoA/chapter-5/areas/mindflayer-dungeon.php) : But once I killed the first, there's no more. Can it be tied to gemrb ? gemrb : master (28/03/2020) BG2 with Fixpack and Unfinished Business. Thank you by advance and for your hard work
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