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  1. I will test that as soon as I have time edit : as expected Thanks
  2. ohh, nice !!, same job but way better written than mine :D, yes settled too with sdl2 -opengl (here I needed opengl to test a particular point compared to just sdl2)
  3. Yes, these too many path come from official ebuild in gentoo (outdated). As you said I thing it has to be "simplified" at the path level. But this is another story..... It's gentoo dev/user problem. Here I think there is a problem with generated install script from subviews branch. In what follow there's no ebuild nor distribution specific. I directly get source, compile and install manually (git, cmake, make) here are the cmake arguments used : cmake .. -DSDL_BACKEND=SDL2 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DOPENGL_BACKEND=OpenGL at 'make install' (system wide, so /usr/local/), '/usr/local/share/gemrb/Shaders' is not here with subviews branch If I do the same (same cmake args) with master branch, the directory is here. Theses are the lines in master (/build/gemrb/cmake_install.cmake) after build which are not in with subviews branch : If I manually add them before 'make install' in '/build/gemrb/cmake_install.cmake' (subviews branch), 'Shaders' directory get installed. I hope it's more clear ?
  4. As I should have made it from the start, I check directly from source without ebuild to compare master & subviews and the problem is here too : no 'Shaders' directory with subviews branch at 'make install' in '<somepath>/build/gemrb/cmake_install.cmake', this paragraph is missing in subviews : if("x${CMAKE_INSTALL_COMPONENT}x" STREQUAL "xUnspecifiedx" OR NOT CMAKE_INSTALL_COMPONENT) list(APPEND CMAKE_ABSOLUTE_DESTINATION_FILES "/usr/local/share/gemrb/Shaders") if(CMAKE_WARN_ON_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_DESTINATION) message(WARNING "ABSOLUTE path INSTALL DESTINATION : ${CMAKE_ABSOLUTE_DESTINATION_FILES}") endif() if(CMAKE_ERROR_ON_ABSOLUTE_INSTALL_DESTINATION) message(FATAL_ERROR "ABSOLUTE path INSTALL DESTINATION forbidden (by caller): ${CMAKE_ABSOLUTE_DESTINATION_FILES}") endif() file(INSTALL DESTINATION "/usr/local/share/gemrb" TYPE DIRECTORY FILES "/home/myhome/Downloads/gemrb_master/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/SDLVideo/Shaders" REGEX "/[^/]*\\.am$" EXCLUDE) endif() If I add it, 'Shaders' directory get installed. I'm not familiar with cmake and I don't find exactly what must be fixed...
  5. Yes this is an ebuild, but here I think it's more understanding how cmake works with paths than distribution problem nor gemrb. I just find that by not definying some path (-DDATA_DIR=share/gemrb), it's ok (and limit number of path to modify in gemrb.cfg which is good !). I think the problem here is that gentoo automatically prefix path with '/usr' so '/usr' had to be removed from defined path, but at runtime there's not automagically prefixing. So with master all is ok, sdl1, sdl2 (+opengl) On subviews, are the cmake option the same for opengl ? When building with same cmake options with opengl : -DSDL_BACKEND=SDL2 -DOPENGL_BACKEND=OpenGL I have no Shaders directory created so obviously it complain at start : [SDL 2 GL Driver/FATAL]: Can't build shader program: GLSLProgram error: Can't open file: /usr/share/gemrb/Shaders/SDLTextureV.glsl edit : CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE='Debug' or 'Release' doesn't change the result. build : cmake --no-warn-unused-cli -C /var/tmp/portage/games-engines/gemrb-6666/work/gemrb-6666_build/gentoo_common_config.cmake -G Unix Makefiles -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DDOC_DIR=share/doc/gemrb-6666 -DLIB_DIR=lib64 -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON -DDISABLE_WERROR=1 -DSDL_BACKEND=SDL2 -DOPENGL_BACKEND=OpenGL -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Gentoo -DCMAKE_INSTALL_DO_STRIP=OFF -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=/var/tmp/portage/games-engines/gemrb-6666/work/gemrb-6666_build/gentoo_toolchain.cmake /var/tmp/portage/games-engines/gemrb-6666/work/gemrb-6666 -- Options: -- LAYOUT: fhs -- NOCOLOR: disabled -- STATIC_LINK: disabled -- INSOURCEBUILD: disabled -- DISABLE_WERROR: 1 -- WIN32_USE_STDIO: disabled -- SDL_BACKEND: SDL2 -- OPENGL_BACKEND: 1
  6. Hello, When building gemrb (master branch) to use SDL2 and OpenGL on linux, at runtime it doesn't find 'Shaders' directory [SDL 2 GL Driver/FATAL]: Can't build shader program: GLSLProgram error: Can't open file: share/gemrb/Shaders/SDLTextureV.glsl the directory is : /usr/share/gemrb/Shaders and not : share/gemrb/Shaders here are the path listed at building : -- These are the configured paths: -- PREFIX: /usr -- LIB_DIR: lib64 -- PLUGIN_DIR: lib64/plugins -- BIN_DIR: bin -- DATA_DIR: share/gemrb -- MAN_DIR: share/man/man6 -- SYSCONF_DIR: /etc/gemrb -- DOC_DIR: share/doc/gemrb-9999 -- ICON_DIR: share/pixmaps -- SVG_DIR: share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps -- MENU_DIR: share/applications -- -- Options: -- LAYOUT: fhs -- NOCOLOR: disabled -- STATIC_LINK: disabled -- INSOURCEBUILD: disabled -- DISABLE_WERROR: 1 -- WIN32_USE_STDIO: disabled -- SDL_BACKEND: SDL2 -- OPENGL_BACKEND: OpenGL -- -- Build type: Gentoo -- Target bitness: 8*8 -- -- <<< Gentoo configuration >>> Build type Gentoo Install path /usr It seems it's not specific to Shaders as by default it doesn't find other directory like : unhardcoded I had to "force" the good directory by setting : GemRBUnhardcodedPath=/usr/share/gemrb in conf here are cmake options used : -DBIN_DIR=bin -DDATA_DIR=share/gemrb -DDOC_DIR=share/doc/${PF} -DICON_DIR=share/pixmaps -DLIB_DIR=$(get_libdir) -DMAN_DIR=share/man/man6 -DMENU_DIR=share/applications -DSVG_DIR=share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps -DSYSCONF_DIR=/etc/${PN} -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH=ON -DDISABLE_WERROR=1 -DSDL_BACKEND=SDL2 -DOPENGL_BACKEND=OpenGL I must have done some mistake, if someone have an idea ? Thanks by advance
  7. Thanks for the information. It doesn't respawn after 60 seconds so maybe a bug somewhere
  8. Hello, In BG2 in the Mind Flayer Dungeon, a mind flayer is supposed to appear each time you enter in this room as I understand from this walk-through (https://sorcerers.net/Games/BG2/Walkthrough2/SoA/chapter-5/areas/mindflayer-dungeon.php) : But once I killed the first, there's no more. Can it be tied to gemrb ? gemrb : master (28/03/2020) BG2 with Fixpack and Unfinished Business. Thank you by advance and for your hard work
  9. here is the strace config file is in : ./gemrb/GemRB.cfg gemrb_start.txt
  10. ok so this is the expected beheavior so resting is pretty useless for healing but just allow healing spell ? extremly different from 0.7 were resting one or two times restored all heal point. never played original bg before so can't compare but in 'sequel' nwn it was the same : heal point restored after resting
  11. Hello, Since I upgraded from 0.7.2 to 0.8 on linux (gentoo), I encounter different beheavior on two things : - When I launch gemrb, it doesn't find the config file which is stored on .gemrb as it does with the 0.7.2. I have to specify the location. Gemrb or specific gentoo ebuild problem ? - In game when I rest, I recover very low amount of healing point like 2 hen I rest outside and not much in tavern.. what can be the cause ?
  12. surely nothing...just in one case after loading gemrb save, just the impression of appearing on building and not near, so confusion...
  13. in fact, when tried this save windows, every time a least one player can't move, it says player is encumbered...even when no near building...
  14. I tried this save in windows but doesn't seams to be 100% compatible and no way to test properly
  15. EndCutSceneMode() did the trick. What info can I provide ?
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