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  1. @Bartimaeus Speaking from player perspective, I disagree that "a spell description is not the place to point out differences in behavior between the mod and the vanilla experience; that should be in a Readme." If a mod changes some spells mechanic and the description is not updated to reflect that, for me it's a bug. I rather had proper English description explaining altered spell behavior than translated 'vanilla' description. Having to have side-by-side the game and readme to read spell description is nonsense. Even if I read such readme once, the next minor update/bugfix could alter how the spell is working -> I'm noticing the difference vs old behavior -> I'm assuming that it's yet another bug. Please continue to do whatever description updates you want.
  2. Replace 'day' with 'years'
  3. Huh? I'm on vacation and there is yet another 'modding list' project? WoW. @UMNiK I have skeptical views about such kind of project because the success of it depends on the things that you have no control of it. Please look at previous attempt: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/72166/gitlab-megamod-project-all-the-mods/p1 Now, quoting one of your own GH question: You can't. There is ZERO benefits at the cost of double the work. It's how it is. Face it, accept it and make peace with it. Then try to live on. To be more precisely: most of the modders uses 3 main forums for announcing the mods: BD, G3, SHS while some modders use other regional forums: forums.blackwyrmlair.net, baldursgateworld.fr, baldurs-gate.de etc. Some other modders even use their own, personal forum/site. When the new mod is published on those forums, that's where people know about new mod, not by monitoring some unknown to everybody GitHub List. Adding new mod into the extra list means twice the work and no benefits <- this is the reason why this wont happen. It's very simple: 1 actions is less than 2 actions. Relaying only on community contribution is a road to nowhere. IMHO, the only way how such 'mod list' project would success would be to have combined effort of all those forum owners towards this goal and establish automated way to report newly published mods. So individual community contributions could be needed only for some corner cases (mods as attachments etc). And a dedicated webiste with a lot of features for modders that all old websites are lacking. Basically, a nexusmods.com for IE community, without ads and premium. I"m not expecting you to stop doing what you want but I have no intention of contribution to this project or similar ones that lack strong foundations.
  4. @CamDawg Hi, noone except Dabus can be called 'BWS author' as he was the one who wrote 17000+ lines of code, me and everyone else were contributors.
  5. @prowler Thanks, I've added the 8 lines. You know that positing files not gonna work for Ascension so next time please use translation service for such minor updates.
  6. @Ryofu FWIW, Project Infinity will show you correct install order for some of those mods, you can start from there.
  7. I can't reproduce this, please try latest PI version, try to install only the Level 1 NPC mod and report if you still have errors.
  8. This is a problem with xpmod, not with PI. Please post setup-xpmod.debug file.
  9. Ascension 2.0.20 fixed missing 1-8 lines from tougher.tra because of tra.bgforge.net 'only tildes' regex @jasteyAs requested, I'm notifying you about new release.
  10. @heeb You have empty lines and malformed lines (---) inisde install sequence file. P.S. It's not the right topic, next time just create new one for reporting problems with PI.
  11. The internal mod requirements for cross-mod content have higher precedence over native EET compatibility. So you are correct: in order to have those dialogues, White NPC and others covered must be installed before Sirene NPC so the extra checks will trigger and extra content will be added. Then, EET import process will move those extra resources into BG2EE and everything should be fine.
  12. I will say one thing: It seems that you are infinite well of modding ideas
  13. @temnix Just as any other component of a mod: REQUIRE_PREDICTATE MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~TobEx.tp2~ ~100~ ~ToBEx required~ This will check if ToBEx core component is installed and all other components require core component so you can check the single one.
  14. @Graion Dilach But that's the whole point, can't you see it? Do you know how many times tp2 version wasn't updated during new release and the 'I'm installing version x but the wierdu.log gives me version y' ping-pong happen? IAP allows you to spot it after release, "Mod Release" commandline tool will prevents releasing faulty version in the first place (agree that setting it up is painful).
  15. Yep, manually manipulation the tags after release (even the faulty one) is asking for a trouble. Just follow standard release process and everything will be fine.
  16. Or just put OpenAL64.dll directly inside game directory.
  17. 2.0.19 removed duplicated item name from Sarevok sword description removed unicode characters rename ee.tra to items-ee.tra in order to not fall for tra.bgforge.net 'force UTF8' regex Download links in the first post.
  18. @Austin I have reverted Russian setup strings to English version for now. Please keep in mind that it's now possible to have proper support for displaying localized components inside console so someday I will do this.
  19. @Austin Hi, the ee.tra encoding should be fixed, please download master branch, test it and report it back.
  20. @skellytz If you expect out-of-the-box experience then yes, a minimum Windows 10 1903 is required. If someone want to have localized characters displayed properly on Windows 7, he must use Cmder/ConEmu/other advanced terminal with "chcp 65001" command to set console encoding to UTF8. Example:
  21. @grodrigues Sure, take you time, PR created.
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