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  1. Hello, With which game/race/class ? Do you have other mods installed ?
  2. EEUITweaks does not detect Pocket Play UI so sadly this is kind of expected that some components use the wrong assets. The same happens without Pocket Play UI. "Show Proficiency Limits" is not compatible with "Proper Proficiency Selection".
  3. Small update v4.1 to be compatible with EEUITweaks v3.5. Plus the BG1EE version has the new better worldmap screen. If you don't want to reinstall, you only need to get the new MOS4292.PVRZ and MOS4293.PVRZ files from the copy folder and put it into the override folder.
  4. New release ! v3.5 is out \o/ Fix possible infinite loop in Faydark's Autoroller Better compatibility between Mod Options/Hidden Options and LeUI BG1EE/SoD on top of EET Better compatibility between Leveling Progress Bars Options and LeUI BG1EE/SoD New component: Display max proficiency limits https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VtlGxGQqjdngenABW2pOnUYNn-P0Jhiq/view /!\ For those who want to use this component on top of any LeUI mod, please use LeUI v4.1 that has been released to be compatible with EEUITweaks v3.5. /!\
  5. It's better like this ? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PzXZkP5f7Y8LbhEOILhp_lgBTU6-FxsP/view
  6. You mean the look or is there something else broken? If it's the look, it's how it was designed to look like. But yes it looks ugly... I guess I didn't have a lot of inspiration back in the days when I made it.
  7. When two rolls have the same total, the autoroller will keep the one with the best exceptional strength. The bug was that the component uses an hardcoded list of races/classes that can get 18 strength. And it will fall in an infinite loop trying to extract the exceptional strength if a mod (for example Scales of Balance) changes stats requirements. I have removed this list and use a more robust way to get this value (and I also do it only when needed so it should be a tiny bit faster).
  8. This will be fixed in the next version. Now on to the Hidden gameplay options fix...
  9. I was able to reproduce \o/ I have no idea how it can happen but at least now I can debug it. Indeed, my fix only works with BG2EE not EET It's yet another combination I need to test. I will look into this.
  10. Just to be sure, you want to change from this: to this ? You can add this in the second label: enabled "selectOpt[rowNumber][4] == 2"
  11. Small bugfixes release. v3.4.1: Better compatibility between Mod Options/Hidden Options and LeUI BG1EE/SoD Better compatibility between Simple Centered Dialog and LeUI BG1EE/SoD
  12. @4udr4nYeah I realize a few days ago that Simple Centered Dialog does not properly check for LeUI BG1EE/SoD. I have a fix locally but didn't have the time to do a new release To disable it, the only way is to edit the UI.menu file. Search for name 'WORLD_DIALOG' and replace the whole menu section with this one:
  13. Yes the UI can display the proficiency limit. Quick test :
  14. If you only install LeUI and no other mods that modify the UI, you can replace the UI.menu file from override by the one in LeUI/copy.
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