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  1. Is there a way to specify mutually exclusive mods? My UI mods come in different skin flavor. If you choose to install one (LeUI for example), you should not install LeUI-BG1EE or LeUI-SoD or any other UI overwrite mod.
  2. Hello, Does it always reproduce with my UI mod? If yes, I can look to see if I can fix it.
  3. The only changes made by LeUI is to remove the spaces after '(' and before ')'. I had a bad habit of tidying up the code to make is more readable for me when I start working on my UI (back when it was only for me and not designed as a mod that will have to interact with other mods).
  4. By design my UI mods use the same size for UI elements as the default UI so that it works with all screen resolution (at least the same set of resolutions that are supported by the default UI). Do you have example where it does not work well on 1024*768?
  5. You can disable the '+' button once a skill hit a certain value. The only thing is to properly detect which one is the skill you want to limit.
  6. I have released v4.2 with tweaks based on feedback from @Caedwyr Disable cancel in HLA screen as the engine does not handle it Compatibility with SCS Thieves assign skill points in multiples of five Redesign contingency screen
  7. Well v3.5.1 was buggy due to a copy/paste error. I have released v3.6 with the correct fix and with some other fixes based on feedback by @Caedwyr. Fix in Faydark's Autoroller. Fix lefreut's Keep Dialog Box active after death. Make lefreut's Character Creation Screens compatible with SCS Thieves assign skill points in multiples of five. lefreut's Inscribed Arcana: Tweak contingency screen. lefreut's Character Creation Screens: Disable cancel in HLA screen.
  8. @Shin Open the UI.menu file and search for 'name "WORLD_DEATH"'. In this menu section, there are two Infinity_PopMenu() lines. Replace them with Infinity_PopMenu('WORLD_DEATH'), it should fix the issue. Or if you really want to undo the component, remove the onopen block.
  9. Max Known Spells/Level, Highest Learnable Spell Level have been added by one of the previous patches (maybe 2.5?). I don't remember seeing arcane miscast magic % in the default UI (I'm not even sure what it is exactly :p). As a general rule, if something is not shown in the default UI, it's probably not exposed to the UI so UI mods can't display it either. The UI don't have a direct access to the game files to extract any extra information (sadly).
  10. This is a game engine bug/limitation. This is not shown in the default UI either. And the information is not exposed to the UI so it can't be displayed.
  11. The default UI does not let you cancel once you start leveling up. I was able to make it work for basic level up so I re-enable the button. But when you reach levels with HLA, cancelling mess up the engine and afaik there is no bypass this time. I should probably disable then cancel button in these cases.
  12. After all this wait, they finally release a beta for the patch... and it didn't even start on MacOS Good job guys. Considering that they still haven't fixed some regressions that they introduced themselves, I don't know if it's worth your time to beg for new features that they will likely completely ignore. Every single patch since 2.0 has changes that breaks UI mods (in addition of new regressions...).
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