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  1. I remember doing some changes/tweaks to the contingency screen. They are included in v4.3.2.
  2. @Endarirefor EE 2.5 it's v4.3.2 yes. I'm not sure I understand your other question.
  3. Bug report by @Graion Dilach here but as it's a bug in the default EE UI it can be interesting to fix it in EET. The 2.6 patch adds new voices (AoN) and Beamdog uses a custom sorting function (compareCustomSound) in the UI.menu file to put these voices at the end of the list. But this function is buggy (invalid order function for sorting). They didn't notice this as the bug only happens with EET. I reimplement the function in LeUI like this (you can use this in EET if you want): function compareCustomSound(s1, s2) -- DEFAULT, then normal alphabetically, then AoN alphabetically (result must be strictly less than) if (s1.sound == "DEFAULT" and s2.sound ~= "DEFAULT") then return true elseif (s2.sound == "DEFAULT" and s1.sound ~= "DEFAULT") then return false elseif (string.sub(s1.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP" and string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) ~= "BDTP") then return false; elseif (string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP" and string.sub(s1.sound, 1, 4) ~= "BDTP") then return true; end return s1.sound < s2.sound end
  4. New release 4.4.2: Fix rent button no clickable in some situation Fix voice selection order (EET) Fix cut off text in item descriptions and spell descriptions Revert some click sound changes from v4.4.1 BGEE skin SoD skin BG2EE skin
  5. I look at it and in fact the new custom sorting function from the vanilla 2.6 UI that puts AoN sounds at the end is buggy but the bug only happens in EET. So the order is messed up in EET with the default UI and with LeUI. I will fix it for LeUI in the next release.
  6. The order should be DEFAULT, then normal alphabetically, then AoN alphabetically which should be the same as the 2.6 UI.
  7. It should be the same rules as with the default UI for the custom portraits. The only addition is that you can prefix your files with m# or f# so that the portraits are automatically sorted into the male or female listing (instead of appearing in both). M_STYLES.lua is in the copy folder and should be copied into the override folder at install.
  8. Small v4.4.1 update with the fixes from the 2.6.6 beta (Prevented extra button click noises from playing in the UI) and similar fixes in a few other places.
  9. Same compatibility update for 2.6 as my other UI mods. For EE version 2.6, use the v1.9 version of this mod. For EE version 2.5, use the v1.8.1 version of this mod.
  10. I released a new version (v4.4) for all three mods for better compatibility with 2.6. If you encounter any bug, do not hesitate to report it. This new version is no longer compatible with 2.5, you must use the previous version v4.3.2 for that.
  11. Like I said a few posts above, the options have been moved from install to in game. You can change them in the Graphics options screen
  12. For my UI mods, they will only be compatible with one version. The current versions are for 2.5 and the updates will require 2.6.
  13. You can find some documentations here.
  14. It will probably mostly work but from what I have seen so far, there are some minor issues : some new options will not be available in game and double sounds will be played when opening/closing item description for example. I need to check if there are more issues and if I can fix them.
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