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  1. Just to be sure, you want to change from this: to this ? You can add this in the second label: enabled "selectOpt[rowNumber][4] == 2"
  2. Small bugfixes release. v3.4.1: Better compatibility between Mod Options/Hidden Options and LeUI BG1EE/SoD Better compatibility between Simple Centered Dialog and LeUI BG1EE/SoD
  3. @4udr4nYeah I realize a few days ago that Simple Centered Dialog does not properly check for LeUI BG1EE/SoD. I have a fix locally but didn't have the time to do a new release To disable it, the only way is to edit the UI.menu file. Search for name 'WORLD_DIALOG' and replace the whole menu section with this one:
  4. Yes the UI can display the proficiency limit. Quick test :
  5. If you only install LeUI and no other mods that modify the UI, you can replace the UI.menu file from override by the one in LeUI/copy.
  6. EEUITweals 3.4 is out \o/ New component "Add CLUAConsole for mobile". Add the ability to open the console with right click or long tap on the first button of the left sidebar (for @Luke). Fix Mr2150's Portrait Picker component. It will no longer prevent changing option while in game. Leveling Progress Bars component tweaks. When this component is installed, Alternate Portrait, Disable Combat Stats and Bars On Bottom will be enabled by default. Skip Keep Dialog Box active after death component if LeUI is detected. Same fix for BAMs as LeUI. Add metadata.
  7. Small update to 4.0. This adds a better compatibility with mods that adds new spell BAMs. In some cases the UI was trying to display non existent icon.
  8. @kjeron If I install only DUAL_TO_KIT on BG2EE. I get this on character creation when choosing a class: The frame is darkened because the menu CHARGEN_CLASS is changed into 'modal'. And the bottom buttons are not properly displayed because they use GUIBUTMT (which is a SoD only BAM), they should keep using GUIOSTUL/GUIOSTUM. Dual to Kit overwrites a menu that is heavily changed by LeUI. So it reverts the class selection screen to its vanilla look. I don't know if it's easy to fix. I can reproduce with LeUI + EEUITweaks + Scale of Balance + Dual to Kit. I'm looking into this.
  9. What are the mods that add a huge number of class/kit so I can try?
  10. Well it turns out it's not an incompatibility, it's not even related to mod options! It's a bug in the Mr2150's Portrait Picker component. It will be fixed in the next version of EEUITweaks. Thanks a lot for all the time you spend on this @Cahir. For this particular bug, one way to find what was the problem was to launch the game from a console and look at the traces. I should have ask you to try this.
  11. I can reproduce now \o/ It works in game when loading a save but it does not work when creating a new character. I will look at this.
  12. I tried with the same install order and I can change options while in game so I really don't know what is happening
  13. You can change the options: Disable Combat Statistic and Portrait Above Progress Bar.
  14. @Bubb I didn't knew about Infinity_GetFilesOfType! It seems to be exactly what I need, thanks. I'll update my mods so that it no longer tries to display non existing files.
  15. The engine does not expose the internal structure to the UI. There is no way to read the spell ability header or anything from the SPL file (or from any other file). You only get a string with the name of the BAM to display (not even the name of the SPL). My UI only replace the last letter with a 'B'. It's ugly but I don't know of a better way to do this.
  16. Spells have different bams. XXXB.BAM (icon on top of a stone) that is used in the action bar for example and XXXC.BAM (only the spell icon) that is used in spell book. In this screen, the EE UI shows the XXXC.BAM version and I want to display the XXXB.BAM so I replace the C with a B in the name. These spells only have the XXXC.BAM so they appear blank The thing is I don't think I can detect that the BAM does not exist inside the UI. Also the BAMs look like XXXB.BAM version but that's another problem. Left click is for selecting the spell. Right click to see the description.
  17. Can you post a screenshot? You need to click on the portrait to switch to the progress bar view. You can change in the option which panel is displayed by default. Which options are you trying to change?
  18. When AncientCowboy stops working on the mod and I start maintaining it, I couldn't update the first post to keep the information up to date (I can't update it today anyway ). And sadly, I'm too lazy these days to rewrite all the compatibility information in the topic here at G3.
  19. Some tiny details about the UI mods. These components are not necessary. They are already included in my UI mod and EEUITweaks will skip them anyway if it detects LeUI. EEUITweaks:2042:lefreut's Level Up Glow with Click EEUITweaks:2060:lefreut's 1.3-ish Dialog Box EEUITweaks:3050:With Item Comparison EEUITweaks:5000:lefreut's Tooltip Scroll This component will be skipped as it's currently not compatible with LeUI. I don't know if I can make it compatible. EEUITweaks:3042:Pay 25gp to identify items This component will install but do nothing as it changes a texture that is no longer used by LeUI. I should add a check to skip it if LeUI is detected or try to make it works again. EEUITweaks:5020:lefreut's Box 5 (Dialog Box) Override
  20. Maybe it's because I test on BG2EE and not EET but I still can't reproduce a crash Does it happens with a specific race/class or with anything? Any mod that edit UI.menu could cause an incompatibility but there are not a lot of mods that does that and I don't see why it would break this specific component anyway.
  21. I quickly tried with only this component and it seems to work fine. Did you install any other UI tweak?
  22. His provocation and disrespectful posts leads to the bans of people who openly complains about Beamdog. Of course he is still a moderator...
  23. As all the posts have been deleted, you can't know if the warnings/bans were deserved.
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