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  1. pushed things to git about the NPC I have mentioned above. basic info is at there: https://github.com/gungorenu/bg2-npcmod-xerthul/tree/master/Xerthul/Dev
  2. answer to your question: yes and no. https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/30536-where-to-store-and-read-mod-ideas/ I am trying to put what I started to git in case I continue it one day or someone else decides to pick it up. short summary: I started modding him in parallel with Lena but I could/did not finalize it unfortunately. I even wrote crossmod banters with Lena. I had trouble finding some inspiration to continue and eventually lost interest (because factory must grow). now I want to store it at git, I dont want to simply delete or lose the stuff I wrote. Xer'thul (original name in my mind) was supposed to a be an elven necromancer who would join after CHARNAME blackmails him. he was not a romance option, never planned. it had a friendship like thing though. he is evil of course. he has no quest but recruiting is a little different, it was designed as part of another quest. I will put the stuff into git and post here soon. you shall be able to check what it is about, there are some files you can read for details. I had developed some coding and dialogue about him even. sorry for disappointing.
  3. hello fellows. I could not decide where to ask so bear with me about its location. I was going through some of my old files and notes I was keeping for various modding ideas. I had various and different ideas in my mind when I started modding and realized I can mod. I found that even I had started some of them which I dont remember at all. I am not active in modding anymore but also I have done some stuff which are not usable. It would be waste if I delete them from my computer. What do you do with these ideas? Is there a (online) place you keep them for future reference? Do you keep them hidden from others, in your computer, and let them disappear eventually? My main idea is to keep them and prevent their deletion but also store them at somewhere in case they are used by someone else or one day I keep it and complete eventually. Same question can be asked for opposite direction. If I want to grab some ideas in the future for mod ideas, is there a place I can have a look on "abandoned" ideas and use them in my mod (in the future if I come back)? I think the content that could be useful would be dialogues, quest ideas, incomplete scripts etc.. Example: I had a NPC mod I started when I started my first mod. after I worked on this new mod I switched to something else (factorio) and now the effort there is abandoned. I checked the scripts which are elvish to me now but still there is something inside. I am surprised that I have even went ahead and created 3 banters per vanilla NPCs plus some friendship talks designed. I lack inspiration to continue at this point. but as you can guess I dont want to delete these things and make them forgotten in case I need in future. too little to continue, too much to delete. this is the paradox I have. I can put them in a random online place but unless you look for these specific things at specific locations, no one shall be able to find them. also I had problems about finding ideas for friendship talks (I have planned 16 but I have written only a handful). so it is going to be incomplete and dull if I publish it like this. you would not eat raw meat, that is the point. If I read some abandoned ideas of others maybe I can work out some dialogues for the mod and continue with the inspiration. that is the main question above. where to look at?
  4. mod is in git now. it is still not truly tested I put 0.8 as release in git. In v2.5 patched games it might utterly fail or work like a charm, no idea. for EET unfortunately I cannot provide which files you need to update. I do not have access to game files. why not public? my laziness, I have no other answer Anyone wants to take over the mod? Be my guess, it is all yours!
  5. wow, someone wants this mod, suprising... ironically I have developed 0.8 last year but never fully tested so gave up at some point. If you like I can share 0.8 here and you can test it. 0.8 is for EE, EET and TOB parts (tob part is never tested properly) but never had chance to test on BG 2.5 patch. I always waited for EET but it is too late for me now, I lost focus.
  6. I did not know the critical hit protection from helms could be turned off. thanks for the tip, I will try this. cheers
  7. could it be the reason the revisions on vorpal weapons and immunities against them were implemented way before EE games and introduction of opcode 341? perhaps original author of these revisions would use opcode 341 if it was available at that time, who knows. I am not into making a massive game change unless everything works fine and if engine does not support all scenarios then why should I try even and fix such issues. another disadvantage of fixed percentage on hit stuff is the "real" percentage of effects triggering. if a character's hit percentage is ridiculously low (lets say on 18-20 hits target) then the real percentage of vorpal hit is way too lower than %5 actually where as critical hit is always %5 (or even higher with other effects). yes, helms prevent it but it is the limitation of the engine. I believe the engine missed a very good chance of design decision here. if helms did not protect against 341 then the engine would align more with v3 DnD versions. I just checked some random oozes and undead in game and they are open to critical hits (and did a backstab to an undead as well) but our helm wearing character is immune to critical hits this is against DnD rules in core. I dont think it is allowed in 2nd version but I may be wrong on this, it was decades since I played that version. maybe my efforts are towards the change the game to similar to v3 (which I find it more fun and logical) but anyway the engine has limitations and I am fine with it unless there is a way to do stuff properly even with workarounds.
  8. I prefer to use Critical hit effect instead of a fixed percentage. it gives another reason to invest in weapon styles (2handed and single) and use those rare items that improve critical hit chance. I see the increased percentage as a result of the investment on your character. if we think about vanilla gear, probably effects are same but there are a lot of custom items I have seen that provide critical hit chance (which I also did in my mod). it gives a fancy description to your weapon and provide variance to the currently implemented gear pool because such an effect is rare at a gear (even it is considered useless in most cases).
  9. Helmet maybe? Critical Hit protection also blocks extra effects from opcode 341. Because Balor's are clearly wearing them and not just given undeserved immunities to make them arbitrarily harder. yes that balor has helmet. I did not know "protection from crits" would also protect from this opcode. then this opcode is useless against almost half of the enemies. .. and I spent 2 days just trying to implement this there are some balors out there without helm and also many demons do not have helmets. I need a test run to see how useful this weapon will be. cheers
  10. @kjeron, thanks for explanation. btw the weapon I was testing was +5 enchanted (weapon +1 is just a tag). weird behavior is not because of the enchantment. the damage was very small (1d1) AND had opcode 301 [20] to see if the tiefling was seriously triggering the critical hit, she damages balor as I can see but not killing right away on crits. I will ignore the BALOR01 for the moment. @Jarno Mikkola, yeah, back to tp2 then. thanks for reminding this.
  11. thanks for reply. it works fine On Item: as you wrote, Resource: CRIT.SPL CRIT.SPL : opcode 326, Spell Target: Self, Effect Target: Self, Duration: Permanent-1, Resource: VORP.SPL, Values 104-153 (although I think it is supposed to be 268-153 as https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op324 says it is 0x10c for RACE which is 268, 104 works only) VORP.SPL : opcode 55, Spell Target: Creature, Effect Target: Preset Target, Duration: Permanent-1, Race/Value 4-121 for testing I use BALOR01, it did not work. Something is wrong on this creature where as it works on FINBALOR, no idea why as race is correct for IDEMON02 it worked. perhaps BALOR01 had something preventing death, duh... thanks a lot
  12. hello everyone, has anyone tried and managed to make a weapon having an ability like below? I have been trying to do it for some days but could not managed to work and I started to believe it is not possible in IE. weapon +1 Equipped Abilities: - Demon Slayer: kills demons on critical hit (only with Tieflings) So I want a weapon which is a basically +1 weapon in hands of other races than a tiefling but when a tiefling wields it and hits critical, then "demon" targets die. no effect to dragons for example or when wielded by another race even against tieflings. The ability needs two condition to work unfortunately (held by tieflings plus target is demon) which seems to be the problem to implement. I managed to do something like below with 177 [4/153] and 177 [2/0] and 178 [4/121]: weapon +1 Equipped Abilities: - Demon Slayer: gets +3 TH and +6 damage to demons (only with Tieflings) Any ideas? Note: Limiting usability is a solution but I dont want to go with this approach and looking for a fancy solution. Of course solution does not need to use these opcodes only (177 and 341). thanks
  13. Thanks for fast reply. Mod added NPCs are fine, like Sirine/Sandrah (I prefer to stick to them instead of the SOD npcs but there are not many). The new SOD ones are really not interesting, I kill them when I have a chance anyway. I cannot feel committed to the SOD exclusive characters as they will be gone eventually. I hoped for a way to keep or acquire the former companions with EET. Strange thing is, I checked the areas where there are companions which I NEVER talked to. In my game Xzar and Montaron were still waiting for CHARNAME outside candlekeep before Sarevok battle but they are also gone when I check them after I start the march. Then... I will make my own group with blackjack and hookers... cheers
  14. Hello all, I have a question regarding the BG->SOD transition. What happens to companions that are not available in SOD but was with you in the Sarevok battle? Example: Kivan I want to recruit them in SOD actually. Are they sent to their initial locations or somewhere else? Gone forever? Note: I checked Kivan is not at his regular place in High Hedge; neither in elfsong nor in friendly arm. Thanks
  15. thanks a lot for your support Roxanne, problem solved with the lines added next to Fade's component. cheers
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