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  1. One of the things that is on my to do list is to look into this. I'm working on another spell mod that will be partially incorporated into fnp (and maybe tnb) and I'm looking for conceptual incompatibilities. I'll send you a list when I have it. I can tell you now that specific priest spells will not show up if fnp is installed unless they are specifically accounted for. We'll account for MiH if fnp is installed after it and we'll send you a pull request if we figure out an easy easy to install spell mods after fnp. I can't speak as much about tnb.
  2. This, and many other text issues, has been fixed in the most recent version (though, we may not have released it yet). In any case, it is fixed in version 0.80.2
  3. I recall she sent a (useful) pull request for faiths and powers a while ago. It was a long time ago. She has been a valued and valuable member of the community. I know that there were... issues.. but I miss her and wish she would come back.
  4. Okay, it's been a while, but I remember that there is a way to change the mfist item, and I think the fist item, to act like a "normal weapon" (i.e. where it acts like any other weapon re proficiency, specialization, etc.) I don't remember how. I'll check in a bit, but thought I'd throw that out there
  5. I suggest installing the release version of B_Spells (Spells & Magic). I know it's an older version, but it's more stable and should present fewer problems. I upload to the main build just to keep everything in order. I try to only release builds that will be relatively gentle.
  6. I love it! And my pleasure! I love talking about different implementation ideas! I'm working on a tweak that implements pnp high int illusion immunities, which will implement something like this, but require higher Int levels. I'm also going to do a variant that gives wis like bonuses to saves vs illusion (and maybe other spells that make sense), as well. And, I'll also be doing the pnp wis bonuses to saves. I'm interested in hearing more about your implantation. The way I would (and probably will)do it is by using different 326effects based on the Int stat. Let's see... This i
  7. One way to partially check is to check if the scroll icon matches the spell being cast. This should help: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/blob/master/B_Spells/data/components/Setup_Revised_Spells.tpa#L306 The above checks a spell for a specific opcode, and saves the resource as "item"--because then I need to do stuff to the item. But you could do something similar for scrolls to check if the spell matches the icon. Edit2: to be clearer, you would need to check for a resource that matches the spell icon--the first 7characters--ie for the cas
  8. I'm pretty sure you could do a READ_ASCII and then check with a STRING_CONTAINS_REGEXP. I've done something similar here: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/blob/master/B_Spells/data/components/Setup_Priest_Scrolls.tpa .
  9. The whole "pantaloons" set might count as a joke
  10. Completely agree. Lol. My ini is getting crazy, and the number of combinations that I have to consider is getting...out of hand. The whole thing is such that I have to assume nothing for every single spell (to the point where I'm using RES_NUM_OF_SPELL_NAME for known spells like chill touch...lol) That reminds me: I have to peep SRR to ensure compatibility when I get the chance--it's probably not enough if I just ensure compatibility with SR anymore... and then there is IR and IRR. lol Yeah, I have a tweak that changes the spell (mostly as is, but resetting fatigue to 1) to
  11. One idea I had for N. Poison was to combine it with Cure disease and cure paralysis and rename it, "Cure Affliction", or something like that.
  12. Don't undead have d12 HD? Or am I thinking 3ed?
  13. Yeah, if you're not careful, this could easily become a creature revisions mod. Lol
  14. This reminds me of my Cantrip and Orison spells. They each allow the caster to cast from a selection of minor spells (ie priest or mage cantrips, respectively) that are weak for the level but make up for the descrepancy by offering variety (if some version of 1st level cantrips is installed, it is added as a 2nd level spell). The idea of having one version per level also solves a problem introduced by SR. Now, of course, I understand why SR made it a first level spell. It's so weak in anything like it's current form that it is just not worth a second level slot. But, it's not really wort
  15. That's...a good point, as least re C. Crawlers. I'll probably revisit the spell and make "dumb" creatures immune to disbelieve. My plan had been to make exceptionally intelligent creatures automatically disbelieve (e.g. int 19 creatures vs 1st level illusions)
  16. Oh, this is cool. It's been a while so I don't quite remember the details, but I've done similar things with illusory monsters for the Phantasmal Force series of spells. The "real/fake" weapons in particular is a nice touch. I think I just gave them "fake" weapons One thing I did was give them all a contingency effect that killed them if a nearby enemy saved vs spell (the save had higher penalties for higher level versions, I believe). The idea was to simulate the "disbelieve" mechanic. I think I actually increased their hp total to compensate (if you fail to disbelieve, y
  17. Yup, it shouldn't be a sure thing. That's definitely better and overall more useful alternative. I just now checked out your iwd styled spell evasion. Very cool. I'm going to have to use that (lol, I'm always 6 steps behind you). The idea of the spell is to resist alterations to the body, so maybe it would also make sense to have the same effect against poisons and disease (as they alter your body at the cellular level).
  18. These are great. I really like almost all of the changes you made here. Two things, though. I agree that the change to protection from petrification is probably too strong (like the original, the spell is both too strong yet too limited). I also think the change to luck is a bit too much. Personally, I'd rather extend the duration to something like 3 rounds +1/level (which I'll do in my tweak if you don't like the idea). Edit: for some reason, I thought luck was a 1st level spell. As it's a 2nd level spell, I'm fine with the change
  19. Spell levels: You can create unique spell (umm) variations by adding headers with extremely high casting level requirements and then, under certain circumstances, adding the relevant number of casting levels to the character. For example, Pecca's spontaneous casting mod adds cure/inflict/summon effects to all priest spells and gives priests an innate that increases their casting level by the relevant amount. This should be done in 50 level increments to account for spell advancement over 50 levels for mod compatibility. I'm not sure what, if any, the spell level limits are. I know I teste
  20. It isn't coming any time soon, but I'm working on a mod that adds wand crafting, a lot of new wands and (more relevant) will offer wand recharging. Here are the details so far: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/issues/153 I'm doing something similar with potions. I like the idea of adding a potion merchant or two, so I'll see about that as well. You can also check out tome and blood. It has a version of wand recharging
  21. There is also google translate...Yeah, I know, but if it's only one line
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