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  1. Simluacrum is bugged in beta 14 (haven't tested beta 15 yet), so unless its script got fixed, this would replace one problematic clone with another. I posted a fix for the Simulacrum bug, it's somewhere on the Beamdog forums. I imagine you could google subtledoctor and simulacrum and fix, and you would probably find it. And my version of Simulacrum (4 different variants, in the Tome & Blood mod) does not suffer from that bug. It looks like this can be found here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/63139/anyone-has-a-fix-for-disappearing-simulacrums-similar-abilities
  2. Edit Yup.. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/67514/welcome-to-the-2-5-update-beta#1
  3. I have gog versions of all of the games but SoD. I have only checked for bgee, but it was not version 2.5.x...
  4. Oh! I only have BGEE and SoD from beamdog. It looks like those are still at 2.3... If I get the Beamdog version of IWDEE, will I get access to 2.5.x?
  5. Are the beta's available now? We just got a bug report where the user said that they were using IWDEE version 2.5.1(?) "Oh, this probably matters as well, my IWDEE version is 2.5.1 (so the shaman is playable)." https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/43174/faiths-and-powers-gods-of-the-realms-kitpack-and-divine-caster-spell-tweaks/p80 5th post from the top
  6. Eh, didn't expect such a response to a relatively simple function. Is nobody interested in my erase-journal-o-matic for BGT? :-) And yeah, writing variants should not be too hard, if I'd know what makes a monster a shade or shadow. Here's a variant that makes the monster illusionary. Oh, I love all of these! I just have a specific issue that this will help with. Basically, I have some bugs with a couple of summoning spells. I think the issue has something to do with imported animations. I'm just going to convert existing creatures, and this'll help. It's great t
  7. Oh, this is great! Any chance for a 'shawdowed' option (i.e. like shades or shadow monsters in iwdee)?
  8. I think that this is the right place to request this. Even if so, I'm fairly certain that this request isn't even possible, but I'll ask anyway: IWD2: fix the improved initiative feat.
  9. Cam, this is something of a tutorial for using this batch, at least as I plan to use it. It seems relevant and useful, but let me know if this is out of place, of if I am leading others astray with my stupidity, or similar and I'll delete it or change it as necessary. I'm just really excited about this tool! Okay, so I wanted to drop a note about how awesome these macros are for me. Maybe they can be awesome for you, too! I am creating a mod that adds A LOT of new spells to the game via ADD_SPELL (all IWDEE spells to BG(2)EE and SoD for starters). This creates a couple of pr
  10. Just a slight copy/paste typo. "EFINE_PATCH_FUNCTION add_energy_drain" needs to be changed to "DEFINE_PATCH_FUNCTION add_energy_drain"
  11. Cool. (These are EE only. A few adjustments will need to be made to use with non-ee versions. I believe/assume that the string references are the same...) I created this one just for Exaltation (and, possibly, spells like it) The description says that it protects against the effects it cures, but it doesn't protect against berserk. That doesn't really matter in the standard game--there are possible exceptions--but it potentially matters if you have any spells with these effects. So... (edited to remove unnecessary protections from different games) REVISED FOR ALL EE
  12. I have a few questions, if ya don't mind! 1) I assume that "cosmetic" is a variable set by the BG2 Fixpack (is this correct)? Assuming so, is this variable set in any (or all) of the EE's? I assume not, but ya never know! 2) Do you want us to share our custom created batches (i'll call them)? So far, I've created both a rage/berserk removal and immunity batch for a few custom spells. It's not much--I'll be adding quite a few more--but someone might find them useful. 2.1) Also, I notice that these batches seem to be bg2/bg2ee specific, especially string references. For example,
  13. That can be done with this code. I've been fiddling with it for the last few days. Good Fun! I'm rewriting a lot of my spell stuff around this (as i slowly eeify it). I'll upload the results on github when it's in a presentable state Edit: i really like this idea. It seems 'cleaner'. I think I'm going to use it
  14. Cool. Thanks! Edit: Another bonus: that helped me to understand the function a little better. I was messing with the second "same" but it looks like that is for effect location. Edit2: of course, i would have got that had i actually read the second post!
  15. Let us see your code and sort it out ... we can't help you if you don't give us things to see with our eyes. Sure... I'm not sure I completely follow. If it's for the shift into shambling mound, you want cd_spell_transformation_arrays instead. The only thing that should always be done in the shift away from human form is clearing out the abilities from other transformations, and that includes spwi491 and other return-to-human abilities. If you don't clear them out before granting a new one, you'll have them accumulating, like the old bug with the ranger tracking ability. Just make sure
  16. I'm having an issue with cd_spell_transformation_human_arrays. I'm creating a priest spell that polymorphs the caster into a shambling mound. The spell disables casting, but grants an innate that ends the spell, transforming the caster back into their original form and gives them back their casting ability. I'm running the macro as I create the innate from SPIN124. I notice that, helpfully, the macro creates a number of 279 effects. However, when I install it in BG2EE, the resource contains SPWI491. Unaltered, the innate does not re-enable casting for characters using my spell. I notice
  17. This gives me hope: http://planescape.com
  18. ...Can a crit on hit effect affect the attacker? What if one eff or spl, however it works, targets the attacker with a 1 second effect that halves their damage output? Maybe that would effectively negate the extra damage(?)
  19. I think that K4thos has a job where they have to work 14 +/- hours per day. K4thos probably got really busy, burned out, or both. They'll be Bach
  20. I support this as well. Agreed
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