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  1. You da man! I'm going to start a heavily tweaked game...in fact, still installing the mods in my free time...if there is a conflict I should find it. Oh...no npc mods though... Anyway, I should be able to give more feedback. KR is pulling me away from other free time projects!
  2. Cool! Can I make a request? In the next build, could you include the revised Thac0, save tables, and experience tables (say, as optional components)? This should help give a better feel, not just for the classes revised so far, but for how all of them play.
  3. In light of this: Re-posted here: Quick report: I started a single player in BGT (only g3 fix, ascension and KR v 13) with a paladin protagonist. I haven't noticed any oddities with him but I have noticed some oddities with offensive and defensive stance (at least for Khalid and Jaheria) If you go into defensive stance first, you still have your offensive stance in your special ability. If you select it, nothing seems to happen but it appears that you lose your offensive stance permanently (rested and it hasn't reappeared). If you go into offensive stance first, y
  4. Snake style: masters are supposed to be able to kill/stun/paralyze/inflict immense sms long lasting pain with a touch. They can also supposedly treat some of these (not death, obviously) also with a touch. The idea is an extension of acupuncture--certain points on the body are connected to various organs and by manipulating the flow of chi/ki, the master is able to help or hurt. Some ideas: 1. increased "dc" to stunning fist (ie penalty to save--possible?) 2. "Bleeding" or poison effect as his touch disrupts body's harmony turning it on itself 3. piercing fists (they often hit
  5. I was going to mention the stunning fist save. I was thinking it should be death (ie, better vs. mages)
  6. Oooohhhh, I like the idea of styles. I like it a lot! I have oriental adventures somewhere around here. I'll see if I can find it to help give some pnp justification.
  7. I have to agree that a "ki shout" wing buffet-like force effect. as a modified ki arrow it would be pretty cool imo in a ' the force of the blast is so powerful that it knocks opponents back. I can even imagine two different (though not mutual ly exclusive)ways to implement it: 1: the target is nicked back and/or down. 2: opponents surrounding the monk are knocked down and/or back. Imagine it: the monk is surrounded by mooks and the mage is casting a spell that will surely finish him off. He focuses his ki in a devistating yell that kills the mage outright and knocks the mooks
  8. I'm getting a similar issue (same--solo). I started a TOB game (clean install, only fixpack core fixes). My AC seems to shift between 8 and 10. I haven't seen it at 4.
  9. It might be interesting to give a 'set trap' ability to the True Ranger (and possibly the Stalker and/or Beast Master). It fits conceptually. The only oddity is that--this might be different in bgee--is that skill progression won't display.
  10. No worries! I was just installing some "standard mods" before testing kr beta! I have the beta version.thanks!
  11. I'm a little confused. This thread seems to suggest that there is a version 3.1 but in the download section, it says v2. Am I missing something? EDIT: "That being said, the most noticeable additions will be a bunch of new options/components that may have a HUGE impact in terms of gameplay." (emphasis mine) My mistake!
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