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  1. Uhm, since I've been trying to find out how to get those conversations and didn't find anything in the nets, (except for this topic), and eventually found out... I'll just leave the How To in here so other people can find it as well and save some time, I guess... So first, as said above your CHA has to be lower than 13 (in order for you to fail the CHA check, you can cheat your way to it). You get to the corridor right before meeting Hezebel, a Erinyes will talk to you, say either "hey, the other demon guy told me to kill ye all, so that's what I'm gonna do" or "we'll end up killing you all anyways, let's just skip to that part"... the point is you kill the erinyes before entering the room where Hezebel is. Then, when you're all done, blood dripping from the walls and all that, you speak with Hez and she'll be a bit mad, you tell her it was a misunderstanding and you get the infamous "[Charisma] I've heard tales...", fail that and you get the delightful scene. I recomend saving just before entering the Haven, so you can swap easily enough between Cas an Bishop, and quicksaving right before entering Hez's room, after killing the Erinyes, so you can go through the whole possible conversations (it really doesn't change much, but hey). Aaand that's about it. I feel kind of bad posting this uh... Roughly 4 years after the last post's been made, but I dunno... I'd have saved a lot of time if there was already a post telling me what to do.... Hope I'm helping someone instead of just making a fool out of myself... :'D
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