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  1. This. I believe you mean that weapon will at least dispel on hit successfuly with no save penalties. For a Fighter/Thief hit makes the difference rather previously caster level penalties imposed by vanilla version making this class fail dispeling effects on opponents. Thanks CamDawg and Dakk
  2. As per Weimer's Item Upgrade Mod documentation, it fixes Carsomyr +5 and +6 so that they use the same "dispel magic" opcode as the Staff of the Magi. That is, they will actually dispel things. They also increase MR by 50% rather than setting it to 50%. I have also checked G3 fixpack documentation and it states to change the weapon being flaky earlier in its ability to dispel but still confused whether the changes are addressed in the same fashion as the "Item Upgrade". Therefore, I request proper advice whether Bg2fixpack solves Carsomyr Dispel issue completely or Should I install "Item Upgrade" in addition to fixpack to upgrade Carsomyr?
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