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  1. This sounds like a great mod with allot of additions to the game as well as for allot of playability. Any idea when it will be ready for download and play? Thanks DragonMaster
  2. As long as you've bee working on this mod is it ever going to be a reality? I mean after all I've seen post as much as 3 or so years ago DragonMaster
  3. So than if you don't have Cernd or Aerie in your party Deheriana will once again expire and you will lose her and possibly Kivan as well from the group? Well now will have to admit I don't know if I like that idea there. you see I never take a cleric in the party. After playing through it the first time years ago I never seen a reason for a cleric. The reason for which I've not taken a cleric is is for several reason, One such being the fact that there are so many healing potions available throughout the game. not to mention the rings of regeneration, and the rings of gaxx. And if you should n
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