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  1. How is EET available in Polish? Siege of Dragonspear does not have a polish translation.
  2. Um, hi. Maybe now someone has some info regarding "hidden" BG1 music?
  3. Me again. BGT had this inner mod called BGTmusic. What I think it did was making the music play properly for BG1 and BG2 areas but also there was one more cool thing about it. Some tracks that were intended for the original game (but lacking in the vanilla game) were restored! This includes additional tavern and battle music. Is such a feat considered for EET?
  4. I'm currently at work, and quoting doesn't work for some reason... huh... Anyhoo, K4thos, thanks for more info, mate! Wicked, I was so overwhelmed by the beuaty of the map, that I didn't noticed the maze island up there in the Sea of Moving Ice. Well, I will get used to it nevertheless. And maybe I will combine my playthrough with IwD. This whole gaming experience seems so new and exciting to me. I wonder how the Siege of Dragonspear locations will look on Your map (think I already see the Boareskyr Bridge). She'll be right.
  5. The map looks wonderful! I have a question, though: let's say I will want to play just the BG parts of the game, and IwD parts are completely optional as I understand. Will the map look different in such a case? I totally understand your approach with cutting the Faerun parts with Waterdeep, Neverwinter and Luskan, but when playing without the IwD content this northern parts would seem redundant. Cheers! PS. Also, Athkatla and Baldur's Gate look drastically different on the map. Would it be possible for the city of BG to have a similar rectangle for the districts? I think this was
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