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  1. Ah. This mod is the culprit: Mods affecting MEALT01.SPL: 00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~METWEAKS/METWEAKS.TP2~ 0 20 // Increase the visual range and movement speed of all creatures in the game (including party members) significantly Thank you for helping me troubleshoot! I
  2. Thank you for the quick response! I have uploaded the file. BALDUR.BCS
  3. Hello. I tried the hotfix with a save before entering the tent and still cannot trigger Chapter 4 (have tried troubleshooting with spawning the scrolls etc), I still get the "A Hidden Base in Cloakwood" journal entry, but for Chapter 3. On the most recent version of the game, 2.5. 000000165-BEFORE TENT SAVE.zip
  4. As the person above me has said, the website is down and to no avail have I found a place to download the mod. Does anyone have a link as to whereas I could download? Or have a download link to it? Thank you Cirosan for the download link, I couldn't find it anywhere! I can't wait to test it out.
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